Marko Kantele is up for the European Darts Trophy

This year’s last Europe Tour event is taking place today and there are still seats open for the Unitbet European Championship.

It is time for the European Darts Trophy, which is the last tournament of the year on the European Tour. Thus we approach the big European Tour final, the Unibet European Championship. The first 25 participants to the event are settled, but the last seven seats are still open.

Today, as always, we start with the unseeded players and, as always, there are 16 matches on the program.

Today’s first match stands between Luke Humphries and Keegan Brown, both players can still qualify for the European Championship, although Luke Humphries clearly has the best options.

In addition, we will also see John Henderson, Brendan Dolan during the afternoon.

After Brendan Dolan, this weekend’s PDC Nordic and Baltic representative will be on stage. Marko Kantele thus opposes Robert Marijanovic. Marko Kantele can not reach the season finale. In fact, nobody’s from PDCNB, as can. The closest player is Darius Labanauskas. He is ranked number 32 on the European rankings before today’s matches, but as all players today are secured 1000 pounds, he is out of the top 32.
But Marko Kantele can still make a great result of the weekend. He was very much in-form last weekend, when we visited Iceland. If he can bring that level today, then he has a very good chance to promote to the second round.

The afternoon will be closed by Krzysztof Ratajski and Steve West.

The evening session starts with Richard North and Christian Bunse. Richard North is the clear favorite in this match, and he needs a win to start with, if he wants any chance of reaching the European Championship.

People like Martin Schindler, Vincent van der Voort and Jelle Klaasen are also forced to win today if they want a chance to secure a seat at the European Championship.

Kim Huybrecths and Steve Beaton is the most interesting game this evening. Kim Huybrecths has been in the season finale every year since 2011, but should he continue the streak, then he is forced to win tonight, not to mention he has to reach the quarterfinals to be absolutely sure.
Steve Beaton is also not sure, but with a defeat, he can still keep his place in top 32, depending on how the tournament transforms through the weekend.

The last match of the evening is between Danny Noppert and Toni Alcinas.

You can create an overview of today’s matches and the players’ possibilities for the European Championship below. Remember that you can see all matches on PDC.TV from one o’clock.

Schedule of Play
Friday October 12

First Round
Afternoon Session (1pm local time, 12pm BST)
Luke Humphries v Keegan Brown
Matthew Edgar v Jeffrey de Graaf
Mickey Mansell v George Killington
Mark Wilson v John Henderson
Gabriel Clemens v Brendan Dolan
Marko Kantele v Robert Marijanovic
Ryan Joyce v Jermaine Wattimena
Krzysztof Ratajski v Steve West

Evening Session (7.15pm local time, 6.15pm BST)
Richard North v Christian Bunse
Ricky Evans v Andrew Gilding
Luke Woodhouse v Martin Schindler
Simon Stevenson v Vincent van der Voort
Maik Langendorf v Jelle Klaasen
Kim Huybrechts v Steve Beaton
Jeffrey de Zwaan v Steffen Siepmann
Danny Noppert v Toni Alcinas

Table: Burton DeWitt

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Thanks for now Iceland

The last PDCNB-weekend is over and we know now, who will go to the World Championship.

The last weekend of the PDCNB Pro Tour has been held. It was a great weekend for Madars Razma and Daniel Larsson, who secured his first ever place at the World Championships.

The first tournament of the weekend, was the qualifier for the first European Tour-event in 2019. It was won by Madars Razma, who played with a fine average above 90 in both the semi-final and the final, which he won by 6-2 against Ulf Ceder.

Kim Viljanen won the next qualifier. He had a good run through the tournament, and especially his perfomance in the quarter-final was exceptional. With an averrage at 98 he beat Ægir Björnsson by 6-0. In the final he won by 6-2 against Cor Dekker, who also had a good weekend.

At saturday it was time for the first PDCNB Pro Tour-event. Marko Kanteles hope about the top two on the Order of Merit suffered a little crack, because Dennis Nilsson beat him already amongst the last 32. Kantele could then watch Darius Labanauskas and Daniel Larsson, who both got all the way to the quarter-finals.
Darius Labanauskas lost against Madars Razma, who got all the way to the final and ended up winning the whole thing. And impressive run for the latvian, who played with an average at 94,8 in the quarter-final, 97,5 in the semi-final and 93,4 in the final. Magnus Caris wa the man, who got beat by Madars Razma in the final.

Magnus Caris then got some redress in the qualifier for the European Tour 3. By beating Kim Viljanen, Marko Kantele and Daniel Larsson, he got all the way to the final, in which be beat Ulf Ceder by 6-3.

At sunday the excitement was at its highest. Darius Labanuaskas was secured his first ever place in the World Championships, but Marko Kantele still had the opportunity to steal the second place from Daniel Larsson on the Order of Merit. To do so, he had to win the last PDCNB Pro Tour, unless Daniel Larsson got no points in the tournament. But Daniel Larsson got all the way to the quarter-finals before being beat, and therefore Marko Kantele had to win the tournament.
In the semi-final he beat Magnus Caris by 6-1 and then he was ready for the final against Madars Razma, who had shown some magnificent dart through the entire weekend.

Madars Razma quickly got up by 4-1, so it all seemed lost for Marko Kantele. But he did not give up and suddenly the score was 5-4 to Madars Razma. Marko then missed a 130-checkout at the bull. In general, the bull was not his friend in the final, he had also missed a 161- and a 167-checkout on the bull. After the missed bull for the 130-checkout, Marko Kantele missed a whole five darts for a checkout and the Madars Razma could the secure the win with a 14-checkout at Double Two.

The result meant that Daniel Larsson retained the second place at the Order of Merit and therefore, he will join Darius Labanauskas at the World Championships in Ally Pally, London.

You can see the winners of the weekend below:

  • European Tour qualification ET 1 – Madars Razma
  • European Tour qualification ET 2 – Kim Viljanen
  • PDCNB Pro Tour 9 – Madars Razma
  • European Tour qualification ET 3 – Magnus Caris
  • PDCNB Pro Tour 10 – Madars Razma
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Iceland 2018, day 3

Last event of the PDCNB Pro Tour 2018.

In the final Madars Razma played against Marko Kantele who needed a win to secure a spot at PDC World Darts Campionsship. Both players showed great form – a 10-dart leg from Madars and 8 x 180’s – 5 for Madars and 3 for Marko. Marko missed bull for 167, 161 and 130 to win legs and were defeated 6-4

To reach the final Marko Kantele won against Magnus Caris (6-1) in the semifinal and Cor Dekker (6-4) in the quarterfinal. Madars Razma had to defeat Darius Labanauskas (6-3) and Kim Viljanen (6-2) on his way to reach the final.


Jan McIntosh 6-1 Garðar Magnússon
Þórhallur Viðarsson 6-3 Friðrik Jakobsson
Dennis Lindskjold 6-0 Haraldur Pálsson
Karl Helig Jónsson 6-1 Petrea Friðriksdóttir

Darius Labanauskas 6-1 Jan McIntosh
Þorgeir Guðmundsson 3-6 Per Laursen
Ulf Ceder 6-0 Stefan Orlandi
Niels Heinsøe 6-2 Uni Árting
Kim Viljanen 6-0 Þórhallur Viðarsson
Þórólfur Sævar Sæmundsson 1-6 Niels Jørgen Hansen
Madars Razma 6-2 Hallgrimur Egilsson
Dennis Nilsson 6-0 Rodulf Einarsson
Daniel Larsson 6-5 Dennis Lindskjold
Henrik Primdal 6-0 Vitor Charrua
Magnus Caris 6-0 Diljá Tara Helgadóttir
Rúnar þór Árnason 2-6 Ivan Springborg Poulsen
Marko Kantele 6-0 Karl Helgi Jónsson
Bogi Hansen Isaksen 6-1 Sveinn Skorri Höskuldsson
Cor Dekker 6-0 Aegir Björnsson
Matthias Örn Fridriksson 5-6 Roland Lenngren

Darius Labanauskas 6-4 Per Laursen
Ulf Ceder 4-6 Niels Heinsøe
Kim Viljanen 6-2 Niels Jørgen Hansen
Madars Razma 6-3 Dennis Nilsson
Daniel Larsson 6-0 Henrik Primdal
Magnus Caris 6-3 Ivan Springborg Poulsen
Marko Kantele 6-1 Bogi Hansen Isaksen
Cor Dekker 6-5 Roland Lenngren

Darius Labanauskas 6-1 Niels Heinsøe
Kim Viljanen 2-6 Madars Razma
Daniel Larsson 4-6 Magnus Caris
Marko Kantele 6-4 Cor Dekker

Magnus Caris 1-6 Marko Kantele
Darius Labanauskas 3-6 Madars Razma

Madars Razma 6-4 Marko Kantele

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Iceland 2018, day 2

First event of the day was the PDCNB 2018 Pro Tour 9. In the final Madars Razma wins 6-2 against Magnus Caris. The match had 5 x 180 and two 124 checkouts – one for each player.

Before reaching the final Madars Razma won 6-3 against Kim Viljanen in the semi and 6-3 against Darius Labanauskas in the quarterfinal.

Magnus Caris had to beat fellow countrymen Dennis Nilsson (6-2) and Daniel Larsson (6-4) before he reached the final.

Second event of the day was the qualifier for PDC ET 3, Munic, Germany where  Magnus Caris won 6-3 Agains Ulf Ceder in the final.

Magnus had yet again to defeat Daniel Larson (6-5) in the semifinal and Marko Kantele (6-5) in the quarterfinal.

Ulf Ceder reached the final by defeating Darius Labanauskas (6-1) in the semifinal and Cor Dekker in the quarterfinal.


Roland Lenngren 6-1 Garðar Magnússon
Ivan Springborg Poulsen 6-2 Sveinn Skorri Höskuldsson
Alex Daniel Dúason 6-0 Petrea Kr Friðriksdóttir
Eyólfur Agnar Gunnarsson 6-5 Jakob Arnar
Dennis Lindskjold 6-4 Per Laursen
Rodulf Einarsson 6-1 Sindri Rósenkranz
Dennis Nilsson 6-0 Rúnar þór Árnason
Þorgeir Guðmundsson 6-0 Björn Steinar Brynjólfsson

Darius Labanauskas 6-1 Roland Lenngren
Bogi Hansen Isaksen 6-1 Haraldur Pálsson
Madars Razma 6-4 Ivan Springborg Poulsen
Þórhallur Viðarsson 6-0 Diljá Tara Helgadóttir
Kim Viljanen 6-0 Alex Daniel Dúason
Vitor Charrua 6-2 Stefan Orlandi
Cor Dekker 6-0 Eyólfur Agnar Gunnarsson
Aegir Björnsson 6-2 Friðrik Jakobsson
Daniel Larsson 6-2 Dennis Lindskjold
Jan McIntosh 6-5 Henrik Primdal
Magnus Caris 6-1 Rodulf Einarsson
Hallgrimur Egilsson 6-4 Niels Jørgen Hansen
Dennis Nilsson 6-3 Marko Kantele
Joseph Doroon 6-2 Uni Arting
Ulf Ceder 6-5 Þorgeir Guðmundsson
Niels Heinsø 6-1 Matthias Orn Fridriksson

Darius Labanauskas 6-0 Bogi Hansen Isaksen
madars Razma 6-2 Þórhallur Viðarsson
Kim Viljanen 6-1 Vitor Charrua
Aegir Björnsson 6-5 Cor Dekker
Daniel Larsson 6-1 Jan McIntosh
Magnus Caris 6-4 Hallgrimus Egilsson
Dennis Nilsson 6-0 Joseph Doroon
Ulf Ceder 6-2 Niels Heinsø

Madars Razma 6-3 Darius Labanauskas
Kim Viljanen 6-2 Aegir Björnsson
Magnus Caris 6-4 Daniel Larsson
Dennis Nilsson 6-3 Ulf Ceder

Madars Razma 6-3 Kim Viljanen
Magnus Caris 6-2 Dennis Nilsson

Madars Razma 6-2 Magnus Caris

PDC ET3 qualifier

Jan McIntosh 0-6 Dennis Nilsson
Karl Helgi Jonsson 0-6 Magnus Caris
Pétur Guðmundsson 6-5 Hallgrimur Egilsson
Darius Labanauskas 6-2 Niels Heinsøe
Niels Jørgen Hansen 6-2 Ivan Springborg Poulsen
Ulf Ceder 6-2 Dennis Lindskjold
Rúnar þór Árnason 6-4 Alex Daniel Dúason

Roland Lenngren 5-6 Madars Razma
Daniel Larsson 6-1 Dennis Nilsson
Kim Viljanen 5-6 Magnus Caris
Marko Kantele 6-0 Pétur Guðmundsson
Bogi Hansen Isaksen 2-6 Darius Labanauskas
Vitor Charrua 4-6 Niels Jørgen Hansen
Haraldur Pálsson 2-6 Ulf Ceder
Cor Dekker 6-1 Rúnar þór Árnason

Madars Razma 1-6 Daniel Larsson
Magnus Caris 6-5 Marko Kantele
Darius Labanauskas 6-0 Niels Jørgen Hansen
Ulf Ceder 6-3 Cor Dekker

Daniel Larsson 5-6 Magnus Caris
Darius Labanauskas 1-6 Ulf Ceder

Magnus Caris 6-3 Ulf Ceder


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Ally Pally-tickets will be decided today

It’s the last PDCNB Pro Tour today. Three guys can still go to the World Championship, but only two will.

Darius Labanauskas, Daniel Larsson and Marko Kantele are the only three, who still got a chance to qualify for the World Championship at Ally Pally.

Actually it is already secure, that Darius Labanasukas will go to Ally Pally for the first time in his carreer. If Darius should fall out of the top two, then Marko Kantele have to win the final and the opposition has to be Daniel Larsson, but the two of them, are in the same half, so they will, at best, meet each other in the semis.

So it is actually only Marko Kantele and Daniel Larsson who will go up against each other, for a place at Ally Pally.

Daniel has the upper hand, because Marko Kantele has to win the final, to go past Daniel Larsson. Actually he can content on only making it to the final, but then Daniel Larsson has to get his worst result in this years PDCNB Pro Tour.

A victory in the final for Marko Kantele will give him 4850 points. If it actually ends up with Marko Kantele and Daniel Larsson in the semis, then Daniel will only have 4525 points. If Marko loses the final, then he will only have 4250 points. So that will only be enough, if Daniel drops out in the first round, and therefore gets no points.

If you want to follo the drama, then remember, you can follow the matches on DartConnect, at this link:

Let’s hope for some action, right to the last. Game on.

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Iceland 2018, day 1

Madars Razma and Kim Viljanen were the winners of the PDC European Tour qualifiers on Friday evening.

Madars Razman won the qualifier for ET 1, Leverkusen, Germany (22/3 – 24/3 2019). In the final he played Ulf Ceder (FIN) and had a 6-2 win. In the quarterfinal he won against Darius Labanauskas (LIT) who is ranked #1 at the PDCNB Order of Merit. Madars produced his best average of the day (91.3) against Darius .

The qualifier for ET 2, Hildesheim, Germany (29/3 – 31/3 2019) was won by Kim Viljanen (FIN). In the final he won 6-2 against Cor Dekker (NOR) and 6-3 against Darius Labanauskas in the quarterfinal. Kims best average of the day (98.0) was against Aegir Björnsson (ICE)


PDC European Tour 2019 qualifier 1


Ulf Ceder 6-0 Rúnar þór Árnason
Daniel Larsson 6-1 Vitor Charrua


Ivan Springborg Poulsen 6-2 Boge Hansen Isaksen
Cor Dekker 6-0 Sveinn Skorri Höskuldsson
Marko Kantele 6-0 Niels Jørgen Hansen
Ulf Ceder 6-1 Þórhallur Viðarsson
Darius Labanauskas 6-0 Henrik Primdal
Dennis Nilsson 6-4 Jan McIntosh
Madars Razma 6-2 Roland Lenngren
Daniel Larsson 6-0 Uni Árting


Cor Dekker 6-2 Ivan Springborg Poulsen
Ulf Ceder 6-5 Marko Kantele
Darius Labanauskas 6-1 Dennis Nilsson
Madars Razma 6-5 Daniel Larsson


Madars Razma 6-4 Darius Labanauskas
Ulf Ceder 6-4 Cor Dekker


Madars Razma 6-2 Ulf Ceder


PDC European Tour 2019 qualifier 2


Darius Labanauskas 6-4 Madars Razma
Kim Viljanen 6-1 Ivan Springborg Poulsen
Aegir Björnsson 6-0 Jakob Arnar Októsson
Daniel Larsson 6-0 Alex Daniel Dúason
Dennis Nilsson 6-1 Rúnar þór Árnason
Ulf Ceder 6-1 Pétur Guðmundsson
Niels Heinsø 6-1 Uni Árting


Darius Labanauskas 6-1 Henrik Primdal
Marko Kantele 6-0 Vitor Charrua
Kim Viljanen 6-1 Matthias Orn Fridriksson
Aegir Björnsson 6-5 Niels Jørgen Hansen
Daniel Larsson 6-5 Roland Lenngren
Jan McIntosh 6-5 Dennis Nilsson
Ulf Ceder 6-0 Bogi Hansen Isaksen
Cor Dekker 6-5 Niels Heinsø


Darius Labanauskas 6-3 Marko Kantele
Kim Viljanen 6-0 Aegir Björnsson
Jan McIntosh 6-5 Daniel Larsson
Cor Dekker 6-1 Ulf Ceder


Kim Viljanen 6-4 Darius Labanauskas
Jan McIntosh 1-6 Cor Dekker


Kim Viljanen 6-2 Cor Dekker

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Gerwyn Price is the International Darts Open champion

Gerwyn Price has won his first title ever on the European Tour.

There were probably not many who had Gerwyn Price as winner of this year’s International Darts Open, but he has done it.

Gerwyn Price has had a terrible 2018 so far, but this evening have changed that.

The Welsh started the day by beating Daryl Gurney by 6-5. Price came easy ahead by 5-1, but Gurney nevertheless got up 5-5 before Price could pull out of the match with the victory.

In the quarterfinal he beat Ryan Searle, who had otherwise played a good tournament until then. In the semifinal there was again a need for the final and crucial leg when Price won 7-6 against Steve West.

In the final, Price then faced Simon Whitlock. Before the match, the position was 6-3 in Whitlock’s favor, compared to mutual matches, but obviously not something that Gerwyn Price had in mind.

The Australian did not get many chances in the final, as Gerwyn Price won 8-3.

It was otherwise a fairly close start to the game, where Whitlock even came in front by 3-2, but then Gerwyn Price won 6 legs in a row and hence he could be called the International Darts Open 2018 winner.

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Final day of the International Darts Open

Ryan Searle is ready for the final day at the International Darts Open after his victory against Peter Wright.

It is the last day of this year’s International Darts Open and therefore we must have found a winner.

Today’s first match stands between Ian White, who chases his second title in a row. However, he must first pass by James Richardson, to reach the quarterfinals.

Then Simon Whitlock will play Steve Beaton before Joe Cullen takes the fight against Darren Webster.

Mensur Suljovic, who is now the highest seeded, faces Danny Noppert, followed by Jonny Clayton against Steve West.

Adrian Lewis has also reached the third round. Here he faces Stephen Bunting, who moved on to the third round with a 6-3 win. The two players have met nine times and there have been six wins for Adrian Lewis.

Gerwyn Price is, almost surprisingly, also ready for the third round. He won by 6-3 against John Henderson yesterday. He is today opposed to Daryl Gurney, who surely got through to the third round with a 6-2 victory yesterday.

The last match of the afternoon’s program is between Ryan Searle, who sent Peter Wright out of the tournament yesterday, and Martin Schindler.

You can see the full program, as well as the draw to the quarterfinals below. As always, matches can be followed on PDC.TV from one o’clock.

Sunday September 16
Afternoon Session (1pm local time, 12pm BST)
Third Round

Ian White v James Richardson
Simon Whitlock v Steve Beaton
Joe Cullen v Darren Webster
Mensur Suljovic v Danny Noppert
Jonny Clayton v Steve West
Adrian Lewis v Stephen Bunting
Daryl Gurney v Gerwyn Price
Ryan Searle v Martin Schindler

Evening Session (7.15pm local time, 6.15pm BST)

Ian White/James Richardson v Simon Whitlock/Steve Beaton
Joe Cullen/Darren Webster v Mensur Suljovic/Danny Noppert
Jonny Clayton/Steve West v Adrian Lewis/Stephen Bunting
Daryl Gurney/Gerwyn Price v Ryan Searle/Martin Schindler


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Day Two of the International Darts Open

It is time for day number two during this year’s International Darts Open.

The sixteen matches yesterday have been completed and therefore we are ready for day two. Today it will be great, because now the seeded players enters the tournament.

First, Kim Huybrechts will face Martin Schindler, who beat Ron Meulenkamp yesterday. Later, Gerwyn Price will be in action where he will face John Henderson. The Bookmakers consider Price as the favorite, but with the form he has shown in the last six months, nothing is sure.

Dave Chisnall is also on the afternoon program, where he faces James Richardson before Jermaine Wattimena and Danny Noppert close down the first session of the day.

The evening’s session starts with last weeks winner, Ian White, to face Jelle Klaasen. Then Simon Whitlock will battle against James Wilson.

Max Hopp will play against Steve Beaton, who got through to tody after a close match with Vincent van der Voort.

Later, Adrian Lewis, who is once again among the seeded, is facing Terry Jenkins.

Ryan Searle and Robert Marijanovic will try to keep up their good level, but it may be difficult as they meet Peter Wright and Daryl Gurney respectively.

But where is Michael van Gerwen? The world’s number one has decided to go on a small holiday with the family and therefore he is not included this weekend.

You can see all matches below and remember that the matches can be watched on PDC.TV from one o’clock.

Saturday September 15
Second Round

Afternoon Session (1pm local time, 12pm BST)
Kim Huybrechts v Martin Schindler
Darren Webster v Mickey Mansell
Mervyn King v Steve West
Stephen Bunting v Barry Lynn
Gerwyn Price v John Henderson
Jonny Clayton v Steve Lennon
Dave Chisnall v James Richardson
Jermaine Wattimena v Danny Noppert

Evening Session (7.15pm local time, 6.15pm BST)
Ian White v Jelle Klaasen
Simon Whitlock v James Wilson
Max Hopp v Steve Beaton
Joe Cullen v Ross Smith
Adrian Lewis v Terry Jenkins
Mensur Suljovic v Ryan Joyce
Peter Wright v Ryan Searle
Daryl Gurney v Robert Marijanovic

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Magnus Caris will chase some european success

For the third weekend in a row, it is been time for darts from the European Tour.

It is Friday and so it’s time again for darts. This time it is the International Darts Open, which takes place in the SACHSENarena in Germany.

The first match is between Steve Lennon and Patrik Kovacs. The Hungarian is too many a somewhat unknown name and there is also no doubt that Steve Lennon is the favorite in this match.

A little later on the day, Ron Meulenkamp will go up against Martin Schindler. This match must be the most interesting in the afternoon session. Especially if both players can hit something that resembles of their top level.

The afternoon will be closed by Jelle Klaasen, who will face Jose Justicia.

In the evening, the represent from the PDC Nordic and Baltics enters the stage, and for once it is not Darius Labanauskas, but Swedish Magnus Caris. However, Caris has not got the best draw, because he will face John Henderson.

After that, Robert Thornton faces Danny Noppert before Ross Smith faces young Kyle Anderson.

Late in the evening, Robert Marijanovic is heading for Jan Dekker. Marijanovic played magnificcent two weeks ago, but a week ago in Holland, there were far up to the top level. Jan Dekker can not know how strong an opponent he is facing.

The evening ends with the biggest match of today. Here, Steve Beaton faces Vincent van der Voort. On paper this could be a very good match, especially the psychic can play a major factor.

And then it may have occured to people that Adrian Lewis has not been mentioned at all. He has otherwise been a safe name during this year’s European Tour.
And he is once again. The Englishman has performed so well that he has advanced in the rankings so far so he has been seeded. That’s why we first get to see Jackpot tomorrow.

Otherwise, as always, you can watch the whole day’s program below and as always, the games appear on PDC.TV from one o’clock.

Friday September 14
First Round
Afternoon Session (1pm local time, 12pm BST)    

Steve Lennon v Patrik Kovacs
Terry Temple v James Richardson
Dirk van Duijvenbode v Mickey Mansell
Ron Meulenkamp v Martin Schindler
Ricardo Pietreczko v Ryan Searle
Barry Lynn v Dawson Murschell
Michael Plooy v Steve West
Jose Justicia v Jelle Klaasen

Evening Session (7.15pm local time, 6.15pm BST)
Magnus Caris v John Henderson
Robert Thornton v Danny Noppert
Ross Smith v Kyle Anderson
Terry Jenkins v Matthew Dennant
Ryan Joyce v Gabriel Clemens
James Wilson v Adam Huckvale
Robert Marijanovic v Jan Dekker
Steve Beaton v Vincent van der Voort

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