Daniel Larsson is up for the second round at the World Championship

The first round is far from over. Today, James Wade and Daniel Larsson is in action.

Today we are so ready for another double session. There are several major names in action, including James Wade, who plays the last match of the evening. Before that, we also get Joe Cullen, Kim Huybrechts, Simon Whitlock and Michael Smith in action.


Nathan Aspinall v Geert Nentjes
It has been a pretty nice season for 27-year-old Nathan Aspinall. He has participated in all the Players Championships this season, where he has won one of them. In addition, he has been among the last 32 several times. His Dutch opponent has primarily participated on the Challenge Tour and the Development Tour. Especially the Development Tour has been quite good for Geert Nentjes, where it has become a handful of finals and semifinals. However, Nathan Aspinall is an opponent of a slightly different caliber than those Nentjes have met most of the season.

Jeffrey de Graaf v Noel Malicdem
It has not been a season with great results for Jeffrey de Graaf. Despite participating in Players Championships and a few times on the European Tour, it has not become more than a single semi-final along the way. He has, however, gotten all the options to move on to the second round as he meets Noel Malicdem from the Phillipines. Malicdem has participated on this year’s Asian Tour, qualifying for the World Cup when he finished fourth on the Asian Order of Merit. However, there is no doubt that the Dutchman is the favorite in this match.

Joe Cullen v Brendan Dolan
Joe Cullen has had one of his best seasons this year. He has not won anything but he finished in the quarter-finals at the World Matchplay, a semi-fianl at the European Championship and ‘Last 16’ at the Players Championship Finals. Today he is up against Brendan Dolan, who progressed with a 3-0 victory from the first round. Here he met Chinese Yuanjun Liu. However, Brendan Dolan did not play at a particularly high level, as the Chinese did not challenge him much. Dolan will therefore have to go for a gear or two up if he is to beat Joe Cullen, who has generally started playing at a very nice level.

Kim Huybrechts v Daniel Larsson
Kim Huybrecths has not had the best season. The Belgian, which has previously been significantly higher at the world rankings, can thus boast that he was among the last 16 at this year’s World Matchplay as the best individual achievement. At the World Cup he reached the semi-final with Dimitri van den Bergh. In addition, it has not been more than a handful of quarter-finals and a few semi-finals at Players Championship-events and on the European Tour. He will meet Daniel Larsson, who surprised yesterday when he beat Robert Thornton. The Swede therefore comes with a huge amount of self-confidence and a good performance in the backpack. If it’s enough to beat Belgium, time must show. But it is nok unlikely.


James Wilson v William O’Connor
It has been a fairly good season for James Wilson, who has had a couple of good performances at the major tournaments. The best was temporary when he reached the quarter-finals at this year’s World Grand Prix. He will meet William O’Connor today. Wilson have met him twice before. In these two matches, in which it has been a victory for each. Unlike James Wilson, William O’Connor was in action in the first round. Here he met Yordi Meeuwisse, who he beat 3-0 without performing that great. However, it could look like one of the more even matches of today’s program.

Simon Whitlock v Ryan Joyce
It has been a mixed season for Simon Whitlock. First in the season he attended in the Premier League, in spite of a good start, he ended at an eighth place. After that he has managed to compete in the final at the Danish Darts Open, the International Darts Open and the European Championship. He is of course a favorite in today’s match, where he meets some more inexperienced Ryan Joyce. The Englishman continued from the first round where he beat Anastasia Dobromyslova, but he will have a hard this evening.

Michael Smith v Ron Meulenkamp
Michael Smith has played a really great season. He has been doing well on the European Tour, but he has not won a tournament on the tour. But he has won a Players Championship-event and Shanghai Masters. In addition, he also reached the final at the World Series of Darts Finals, where he made good resistance to James Wade, who won the final by 11-10. He must secure a place in the third round today by beating Ron Meulenkamp. The two have previously met each other six times, where Michael Smith has won four times. On the other hand, Ron Meulenkamp’s two wins have been collected in the last two matches.

James Wade v Seigo Asada
It was probably not many who had seen it coming, that Seigo Asada would beat Krzysztof Ratajski, who otherwise has had a nice season. But the Japanese made it with a victory by 3-2, where he was down by 0-2 when it looked the worst. The Japanese will meet James Wade today, who has been playing his best season for a very long time. James Wade has impressed by winning the European Championship and the World Series of Darts Finals. In addition, he also reached among the last 16 at both the Grand Slam and the Players Championship Finals. It is thus a James Wade in good form who will go into the tournament today.

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Daniel Larsson to pdc-nordic.tv: “I’m feeling confident”

Daniel Larsson is confident and ready to meet Robert Thornton today.

Daniel Larsson will play today at the World Championship, where he meets Robert Thornton in the first round. Robert Thornton is a player with much routine, but that does not scare Daniel Larsson.

“Robert is a very good player with a lot of experience. I need til play my best to beat him, and if I play my top game I can beat him,” says Daniel Larsson to pdc-nordic.tv.

“I have practiced a lot on the board and also some extra exercise. I have played as many tournaments as possible. So I feel confident.”

Daniel Larsson also tells, that he is probably in the best form of his life, and he still feels, like he is getting better and better.

If the wins against Robert Thornton, he will have to meet Kim Huybrechts in the second round. Daniel Larsson is feeling confident about beating him as well.

“If I win the first two games, I will probably go home to my family for a couple of days and then fly back for the third game, but I have full focus on the game today.”

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Daniel Larsson in action today at the World Championship

Yet another day with two sessions is in front of us. Daryl Gurney and Dimitri van den Bergh will be playing.

Raymond van Barneveld was the second of the big names that had to be send out of this year’s tournament. Today, more favorites will take on the stage, where it will be interesting to see if they can live up to that, or follow Barneveld and Peter Wright out of the tournament.


Robert Thornton v Daniel Larsson
Daniel Larsson qualified via his second place on the PDC Nordic & Baltics rankings for 2018. Although he has had a good season on the Nordic and Baltic tour, he has not had much experience with the big stage this season as he managed to qualify for a single European Tour-event. It is therefore a completely different routine that he has to face when he meets Robert Thornton. However, the scots have not had the best season where a quarterfinal at Players Championship 20 is his best result.

Ricky Evans v Rowby-John Rodriguez
Ricky Evans has been noticed this season by using ‘Baby Shark’ as a walk-on song, but in addition, there has also been some good results for the young Englishman. He has thus achieved four quarter-finals during the Players Championship Tour, as well as a final at this year’s Dutch Darts Championship. Rowby-John Rodriguez has played a sensible season. He has participated in several Players Championship events, where he has played some nice tournaments, but the best results are on the Development Tour, where he has won a single tournament, reaching a final and a semi-final.

Krzysztof Ratajski v Seigo Asada
The last Asian, in the form of Seigo Asada, is also on stage today. Seigo Asada has qualified by winning the Japanese qualifying tournament. In addition, he also finished second in the Asian Order of Merit. A place he has achieved by winning three tournaments on the Asian Tour, as well as a final and a handful of quarter-finals. Krzystof Ratajski comes with his best season in the back. He especially impressed by becoming among the last 16 in the UK Open, winning both the Players Championship 21 and 22. Only Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson have performed the same in this season.

Darren Webster v Vincent van der Voort
Darren Webster has not won any silverware this season, yet it has become a fairly season for the Englishman. He has thus achieved the quarter-finals at both World Matchplay and European Championship. In addition, the season has also offered a semi-final at the Players Championship. Vincent van der Voort played a pretty nice match yesterday in the first round. With a average of 94.06 he won 3-1 against Lourene Ilagan. Darren Webster and Vincent van der Voort have met each other ten times, where there have been six wins for Vincent van der Voort.


Steve Lennon v James Bailey
James Bailey attended the first four Challenge Tour-events this season, but it did not turn out to be great results. On the other hand, the Australian has done quite well on DPA’s Australian tour, which has led to two tournament wins. In addition, he also won Oceanic Masters, which at the same time secured him the ticket for the World Championship. Steve Lennon has also had a regular season. The young Irish reached the final at the Dutch Dart Masters, and the quarter-finals at the Players Championship Finals. Steve Lennon has much more experience from the big stage than James Bailey, but several games in this tournament have shown that it does not necessarily mean you will win.

Ron Meulenkamp v Diogo Portela
Dutch Ron Meulenkamp has reached two quarter-finals at the European Tour this season, he also reached a quarter-final and a semi-final at the Players Championship. He is going up against Diogo Portela, which many remember from this year’s World Cup, where Portela and Bruno Rangel beat Per Laursen and Henrik Primdahl from Denmark. Diogo Portela, who has mostly competed at the Challenge Tour and at the Players Championship-events, has not had that great a season, but he won the second Challenge Tour of the year.

Dimitri van den Bergh v Chuck Puleo
Dimitri van den Bergh has played a beautiful season in which he regained the Youth World Championship-title and reached the quarter-finals of this year’s Grand Slam. In addition, he also reached the semi-final at this year’s World Cup together with Kim Huybrechts. Chuck Puleo, alongside Darin Young, has dominated the CDC Tour in North America. However, Chuck Puleo drew the longest straw when it came to ensuring the first place on their rankings, as well as the World Championship ticket.

Daryl Gurney v Ross Smith
Daryl Gurney goes into this tournament with lots of confidence. Gurney won the Players Championship Finals less than a month ago. A victory that fell at a dry spot, as the rest of the season has not been impressive for Daryl Gurney. He is heading up against Ross Smith, who beat Paul Lim in the first round. He did so with a fine average of 91.89, but the average pobably has to be raised a bit if he is going to have a chance against Daryl Gurney this evening.

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Darius Labanaukas in action again at the World Championship

Today there is only one session, but Darius Labanauskas is once again in action.

It has become Monday and the fifth day of the World Championship. Today there is only one session on the program consisting of four matches.

Darius Labanauskas will face Raymond van Barneveld, and in addition, Anastasia Dobromyslova will also be on stage tonight.


Vincent van der Voort v Lourence Ilagan
The first match looks like an immediate walkover for Vincent van der Voort. Lourence Ilagan is not the most famous player, and for a good reason. He is from the Philippines and has rarely been on the big PDC-stage. He has previously represented his home country at the World Cup, and was also part of this year’s Shanghai Masters, where it became a clear defeat of 6-1 against Daryl Gurney.

Wayne Jones v Devon Petersen
The second match of the evening is a fight without glamor. Wayne Jones has previously participated in a semi-final at the World Championships, but it was back in 2006. Since then, it has not grown to a great deal for the Englishman, and this season has also not offered anything memorable. However, it does not have either for Devon Petersen this season, so it’s hard to say what to expect from this match. If you want to follow the bookmakers, Wayne Jones is the favorite in this match.

Ryan Joyce v Anastasia Dobromyslova
Tonight, Anastasia Dobromyslova must try to do what Lisa Ashton could not do, get a place in the second round. She has to play against Ryan Joyce, who, according to the bookmakers, is a great favorite in this match. However, Ryan Joyce has not had the best season. In addition to a semi-final and a quarterfinal in this year’s two first Players Championship events, the season has not offered much for the Englishman. It will be exciting to see if Anastasia can handle the pressure and move on for the next round.

Raymond van Barneveld v Darius Labanauskas
Raymond van Barneveld is the big name of the day. The Dutchman will meet Darius Labanauskas, who played a fairly sensible match yesterday against Matthew Edgar. During the season, Barney has shown that he still knows where triple 20 is, but there are gradually longer and longer between the good performances. Therefore, the Dutchman must be ready from the start, because Darius Labanauskas is certainly not without chances in this match. He started off a bit slowly yesterday, but when he first got going, he proved why he dominated the PDC Nordic & Baltic Tour this season. In addition, he has now tried to stand on the Ally Pally-stage, so Raymond van Barneveld should not believe this just being a walkover.

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Darius Labanauskas in action at the World Championship

Darius Labanauskas will play Matthew Edgar in the evening.

The World Championship is now entering its fourth day. The tournament has so far offered some exciting matches, although it has primarily been matches from the first round. But when you look at the program for today, you may well expect something good. There are at least some interesting favorites amongst, as well as some very even matches.


Gabriel Clemens v Aden Kirk
The last couple of years, a smaller litter of German players has stormed out on the international stage, of course with Max Hopp, as the most successful. But Gabriel Clemens is also among and he can also play some very good darts. He has participated in all the Players Championship events this year, including a quarter-final, a semifinal and a final. At the same time he played among the last 16 at the Players Championship Finals. Aden Kirk has also played some Players Championships, but without great success. The young Englishman, however, is not a bad player, so he has some opportunities today.

William O’Connor v Yordi Meeuwisse
Yordi Meeuwisse has primarily played on the Challenge Tour this season, where his best results are a semi-final and a final. However, in the second half of 2018 he has participated in a handful of Players Championship-events, where his best result was ‘last 16’. However, he is up against Irish William O’Connor, who is the favorite in this match. TheĀ  Irishman has had a nice season in which he achieved the final at the European Matchplay. He debuted last year at the World Championship, so he has a little more experience to draw on than Yordi Meeuwisse.

Brendan Dolan v Yuanjin Liu
Brendan Dolan has some routine when it comes to attending at the World Championship. However, he has never come any further than the second round. He is, however, the clear favorite in this match, even though he has not had the most flashy season, for a man of his caliber. It has become a handful quarter-finals and a single semifinal at the Players Championship Tour. His Chinese opponent participates for the first time at the World Championship. However, he has previously become acquainted with the somewhat bigger stages when he twice represented China at the World Cup, and in addition he also played at the Shanghai Masters during this year’s World Series. However, it will be very difficult for Yuanjin Liu.

Dave Chisnall v Josh Payne
Dave Chisnall will be the last on stage this afternoon. He will meet Josh Payne, who after some difficulty beat Jeff Smith by 3-2 in yesterday’s match. However, it is not easy to know what to expect from this match, as Dave Chisnall has had an incredibly unstable season. He has not won any tournaments, on the other hand, he has played a number of quarter-finals on the European Tour and at some Players Championships. In addition, he made a new record on the European Tour when he averaged 118.66 in a match against Mark Webster. However, it must be assumed that Chizzy would like to prove that his defeat in the first round of the World Championship last year was a one-time thing.


Luke Humphries v Adam Hunt
An English youth match. Adam Hunt has previously performed very well on the Development Tour, but due to his age, he has not participated on it this year. But so has Luke Humphries in return, and he has done so well that he became number one at the rankinglist. In addition, he has also participated in a number of Players Championship events, where a semi-final is the best result, and he has also participated in a few tournaments on the European Tour. Luke Humphries debuted at the World Championship last year, but already lost in the preliminary. Adam Hunt has never participated before at the World Championship.

Matthew Edgar v Darius Labanauskas
The first of the two representatives from PDC Nordic & Baltic Darius Labanauskas has got an honorable draw. Matthew Edgar is not a bad player, but he is certainly not part of the world’s top. He managed to get among the last 32 at this year’s UK Open, but otherwise it has been a season without the big results. Darius Labanauskas is also relatively new when it comes to the big PDC-tournaments. However, he has been the strongest man on the PDCNB Tour throughout the year. That’s why he also secured first place on our rankings. In addition, he also played very well during the Danish Darts Open, where he came amongst the last 16.

Ross Smith v Paul Lim
Paul Lim has almost become a cult-figure over the last couple of years. Many people especially remember his great attempt at the 9-darter against Gary Anderson during last year’s World Championship. Today he faces English Ross Smith. Smith once participated at the World Championship. It was back in 2014. Bookmakers have Ross Smith as a favorite in this match, but Paul Lim has been in this game for many years, so he is not without chances.

Peter Wright v Toni Alcinas
Peter Wright’s season has not been characterized by as much silverware as it was last year. Nevertheless, he has played in a lot of semi-finals and finals, so it has not been all bad, and in addition he won two Players Championship-events and the Melbourne Masters. He will meet Toni Alcinas, who progressed with a 3-0 victory yesterday. It was, however, not that brilliant, because his opponent Craig Ross only averaged 71.47.

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Third day of the World Championship

It’s Saturday, but it does not mean that the dart has the weekend off. Eight matches are on today’s program.

With Gary Anderson’s victory yesterday, none of the big names have yet been eliminated from the tournament. Tonight Michael van Gerwen will try to follow up with a victory.

Before going on stage, however, there are seven other matches.


Richard North v Robert Marijanovic
The first match stands between two guys who both have tried it before. Richard debuted at the World Championship last year, where Robert Marijanovic’s only participation is be back in 2015. The two players have participated at the Players Championship-events and on the European Tour this season. However, there have not been any tournament wins for the two, but they have been amongst the last 16 a couple of times.

Mickey Mansell v Jim Long
The first man from the other side of the Atlantic is in action today. Jim Long has thus qualified as the best Canadian on the CDC rankings. He is heading for Mickey Mansell, who has previously attended at the World Championship twice. Mickey Mansell, like many of the others in the first round, has primarily made it on the Players Championship and the European Tour this season. However, Mickey Mansell has not had the greatest success this season, but he did win a Players Championship-event, so it has not been all bad.

Josh Payne v Jeff Smith
Josh Payne goes into this first round with one of his best results in his luggage. The Englishman managed to reach the quarter-finals at the Grand Slam of Darts just over a month ago. The Englishman is opposed to Canadian Jeff Smith, who qualified through the North American qualification. Jeff Smith has previously been in the final at Lakeside, and in addition, he has also won the WDF World Cup. However, he does not have the great results in PDC, where he has been on the Challenge Tour this season as he did not secure a Tour Card during this year’s Q-school.

Max Hopp v Danny Noppert
The afternoon will be shot down by this second round match, where German Max Hopp will face Dutch Danny Noppert. The Dutchman played quite well in his 3-0 victory against Royden Lam yesterday, where the man from Hong Kong only got one leg in the whole match. Noppert impressed with a average of just over 96, so he must go into this matcch with a lot of confidence. Max Hopp goes into this World Championship with his best season ever in the back. The German has thus won the German Open and Players Championship 19. In addition, he also reached the semi-final at this year’s European Championship. But if Danny Noppert hits the same level as yesterday, Max Hopp must be ready from start.


Toni Alcinas v Craig Ross
Spanish Toni Alcinas starts the eveningsession when he is heading for New Zealand’s Craig Ross. Craig Ross was originally not qualified for the tournament because he lost the final aagainst Tahuna Irwin in the New Zealand qualification. Irwin, however, has had to withdraw from the tournament and therefore Craig Ross has got the seat. Toni Alcinas is the clear favorite in this amtch, but in the past there have been bigger surprises.

Ryan Searle v Stephen Burton
This could easily be one of the more even matches. Ryan Searle is a name that, from time to time, has appeared this season, including a final and a semifinal at two Players Championship events. He has also participated in a few tournaments on the European Tour, and at the same time he also participated in the Grand Slam of Darts and Players Championship Finals, but without great success. Stephen Burton had a little more success at the Players Championship Finals, where he ended up amongst the last 16.

Keegan Brown v Karel Sedlacek
Keegan Brown will then go up against Czech Karel Sedlacek. Karel Sedlacek qualified for the tournament through the Eastern European qualification. The Czech has participated in the World Cup and two tournaments on the European Tour this season. In addition, he won the Czech Open this year. Keegan Brown was amongst the last 32 at both the Players Championship Finals and the UK Open in this season. Some of the best results of his career. The young Englishman therefore has some more experience on the big stage, and that could probably be an advantage tonight.

Michael van Gerwen v Alan Tabern
Michael van Gerwen shots down the day when he meets Alan Tabern. Alan Tabern secured a place in the scound round beating Raymond Smith in yesterday’s match by 3-2. Alan Tabern played with a fine average of just over 91, but he’ll probably has to get even higher if he’s going to have a chance here. Michael van Gerwen is of course a huge favorite in this match. Although the Dutchman has seemed a bit more human this season, he has still won 19 individual tournaments, so there is no doubt that he is among the favorites, if not the favorite, to win the World Championship.

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Second day at the World Championships

Gary Anderson begins the hunt for his third world championship today.

The World Championship started well yesterday, and now we are ready for the second day, and there are even more matches on the program. Thus there is both an afternoon session and an evening session.

Therefore, there are already matches from 01.30 pm.

Afternoon Session

Michael Barnard v Jose De Sousa
And the first match is between Michael Barnard and Jose de Sousa. Not the two most famous names in the dart world. Michael Barnard has won three Challenge Tours this season. In addition, he qualified for the Players Championship Finals, where he lost already in the first round. Jose de Sousa qualified through the southwest European qualification. Jose De Sousa’s biggest achievement in PDC was when he qualified for the World Championship back in 2012. It’s therefore hard to say what to expect from the match, but maybe Michael Barnard can, after all, pull on his routine from his many participations at Players Championship-events.

Alan Tabern v Raymond Smith
According to the bookmakers, English Alan Tabern is underdog in this match. Alan Tabern has primarily performed on the Players Championship Tour this year, where he, like Michael Barnard, qualified for the final event. However, he lost against Gary Anderson in the first round by 6-2. Australian Raymond Smith has not played in a PDC-tournamentĀ  since the World Series Finals, but the Australian has dominated in his home country, where he secured the first place on DPA’s Pro Tour Ranking.

Paul Nicholson v Kevin Burness
Australian Paul Nicholson is slowly moving up on the Order of Merit. The Australian have thus been on the European Tour and Players Championships this season. He will meet Northern Ireland’s Kevin Burness, who has only been on the Players Championship stage, although he has repeatedly attempted to qualify for various events on the European Tour. There is no doubt that Paul Nicholson is favorite in this match.

Jamie Lewis v Cody Harris
Jamie Lewis was the big surprise at last year’s World Championships, where he reached the semi-final. Here it was Phil Taylor, who became overman. Along the way he won against Peter Wright and Darren Webster. However, he has been struggling to continue the great style this season, where he has been participating mostly at the Players Championship events. However, he secured a seat at the World Series Finals, where he beat Dimitri van den Bergh and Rob Cross before James Wade got in the way. Cody Harris played a very strange and exciting match against Martin Schindler yesterday. Several times, the margins did not go Cody Harris’s way, so he must hope that the luck on that point turns a little today.

Evening Session

Danny Noppert v Royden Lam
Danny Noppert is going into this tournament with a pretty nice amount of self-confidence in his luggage. Thus he reached the semi-final at Players Championship Finals, where the later winner Daryl Gurney became too much. On paper, Royden Lam should not be a challenge, but Royden Lam has previously surprised the dart world. Thus he beat Gary Anderson by 6-5 during this year’s Shanghai Masters. One should hardly put too much in that victory, so it will most likely be win for Danny Noppert.

Simon Stevenson v Ted Evetts
World number 84 against world number 118. What to expect from the match is hard to say. However, Ted Evetts has some confidence after he won an event on the Challenge Tour last month, followed by a semifinal at the U23 World Championship. If the self-confidence is enough to win the match, time must show.

Chris Dobey v Boris Koltsov
Chris Dobey is the bookmaker’s clear favorite in this match. The Englishman has participated in the Players Championship Tour for most of the season, and has also qualified for a couple of European Tours along the way. He’s Russian opponent Boris Koltsov has primarily played on the Challenge Tour this season, but without great success. The bookmaker’s feeling about this match is probably right.

Gary Anderson v Nicholson / Burness
Gary Anderson enters the tournament in this second round match. Here he is likely to meet Paul Nicholson. Gary Anderson is coming to this World Championship with a lot of self-esteem, following a successful season, including victories at the UK Open and World Matchplay. Whether the opponent is Paul Nicholson or Kevin Burness, Gary Anderson is the favorite in the match.

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The wait is over – The World Championships starts tonight

Tonight Rob Cross starts his defense of the World Championship he won almost a year ago.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, because it is time for The World Championships.

And what a World Championship that starts today. Never before has the field been as big as it is this year. Full 96 players, two of whom are women, play for the great trophy and the big cash prize of no less than 500.000 pounds.

Evening Session

Jeffrey de Zwaan v Nitin Kumar

Jeffrey de Zwaan is not among the topplayers yet, but several times this season he has shown that he definitely has the talent to go up there. Among other things, during this year’s World Matchplay, he showed how high a top level he has when he reached the semi-final, in which a in-form Gary Anderson became too big of a mouthful. Twice this year, however, he defeated Michael van Gerwen, respectively, the UK Open and World Matchplay, and Jeffrey de Zwaan could therefore be a positive surprise during this year’s tournament, and the first step is against Nitin Kumar who qualified via the Indian qualification.

Martin Schindler v Cody Harris

It’s only the second time that young Martin Schindler will play at the World Championships. Last year he lost 3-1 against Simon Whitlock in the first round. This year, his opportunity to reach the second round is significantly better than last year. He will meet Cody Harris. Harris has primarily performed on this year’s Challenge Tour, but has participated in Players Championships a couple of times, latest in September. On the paper Martin Schindler is a better player, but his form has been descending for a long time. It’s a match where Cody Harris is not without chances.

Jan Dekker v Lisa Ashton

There is no doubt. Lisa Ashton is among the best female dart players. She has thus won the World Championship for Women four times. Now she is temporarily facing a man. More specifically, Jan Dekker. Certainly not the worst opponent for Lisa Ashton, who undoubtedly wants to prove that women can also play at the highest level. The question is then whether it is actually the case. We might get a good indication of this tonight. One thing is for sure, it will be a mathc that many will follow with focused eyes.

Rob Cross v The Swan / Kumar

Rob Cross is not predicted the greatest chances of defending his World Championship-title. But if he is going to make an attempt, he must start winning this evening. Without it being decided, it is almost already certain that the opponent will be named Jeffrey de Zwaan, as Nitin Kumar should not have a chance in their match. The young Dutchman will not be any easy opponent for Rob Cross, so if the Englishman wants to promote to to the third round, he has to find his top level already this evening.

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Daryl Gurney just won the Players Championship Finals

Daryl Gurney has just secured the victory at the Players Championship Finals with a 11-9 win.

Daryl Gurney can now write his second big title on his resume. He has just won the final at Players Championship Finals on the bull.

Daryl Gurney did not have the big difficulty in reaching the final. He started the day by winning 10-2 against Chris Dobey in the quarter-final. In the semi-final he won 11-3 against Danny Noppert, and thus he was ready for the final.

It was subsequently decided that the opponent became Michael van Gerwen. After an easy win by 10-3 in the quarter-final against Steve Lennon, Michael van Gerwen had to fight something more with it in the semi-final where Gary Anderson was the opponent. However, he eventually got a 11-9 victory home.

In the final, the match had to reach 6-6 before one of the two was broken. It was Michael van Gerwen who broke Daryl Gurney, and then came in front by 7-6.
Gurney broke back immediately and equaled to 7-7. Shortly after, the Dutchman broke again and came in front by 9-8, but Gurney refused to lay down, and with two won legs in a row, Daryl Gurney was suddenly ahead by 10-9.
With 85 back in the 20th leg, Gurney first hit a 19, followed by a 16, before he calmly put the arrow in the bull, followed by a wild jubilation spurt across the scene.


Another final also took place this evening in Minehead. The U23 World Cup had to be decided, and Dimitri van den Bergh won 6-3 over Martin Schindler, winning the title for the second year in a row.

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Final day of the Players Championship Finals

Michael van Gerwen still has the opportunity to win the Champions Championship Finals for the fourth year in a row.

It is Sunday and so it is time to find the winner of this year’s Players Championship Finals. Both second and third round were settled yesterday, and therefore it is on for the quarter-finals today.

In the first match, Daryl Gurney faces Chris Dobey. Not many had expected that English Dobey would be in the tournament at this stage, especially when he has been opposed to Dave Chisnall and James Wade.
However, it should be said that neither Chisnall nor Wade hit their best days, whereas Daryl Gurney played quite good in yesterday’s two matches. If Gurney continues with it, Chris Dobey has to find a different level.

In the second quarter-final, Danny Noppert faces Stephen Bunting. After a few nice victories against Gerwyn Price and Adrian Lewis, Krzyssztof Ratajski had to admit that Danny Noppert became too much when the Dutchman won by 10-4.
Stephen Bunting is coming into this match with a 10-9 win in the luggage. The victory came against Peter Wright, where Bunting was only ahead by two legs one time. It was when he was up by 6-4.

Gary Anderson will then go on stage to meet Jonny Clayton. Both players seem to be in brilliant form, although Gary Anderson has played this tournament with a somewhat higher level than Clayton. Thus, Anderson has not averaged below 100 in all his three matches. At the same time, it can be mentioned that Clayton has not averaged over 100 in just one of his matches.
The two have met seven times before and here it has only been a single victory for Jonny Clayton. However, it was back in 2016.

In today’s last quarter-final, Steve Lennon faces Michael van Gerwen. Steve Lennon has had a pretty easy way towards this quarter-final, as he has not met one from the top 20 in the world. The best placed he has met was Cristo Reyes, ranked number 31 on the Order of Merit.
Michael van Gerwen has also not met one from the top 20 yet. And nor will he do in this match, as Steve Lennon is number 39.
In addition, Michael van Gerwen also has the statistics on his side. The two players have met six times, and Steve Lennon has not yet managed to win.
Should Michael van Gerwen win this match, and should Gary Anderson beat Jonny Clayton, then the draw has turned out to be a repeat of last weekend’s semifinal from the Grand Slam of Darts.

In the evening, it will be on for semi-finals and the final, but between the semi-finals and the final, there will be another final taking place. Because we have to find the new World Youth Champion.

The match is between Dimitri van den Bergh and Martin Schindler. Thus, Dimitri van den Bergh can win the tournament for the second time in a row, or Martin Schindler can win it for the first time.

As always, you can get an overview below. In addition, all matches can be seen on PDC.TV.

Sunday November 25
Afternoon Session

Daryl Gurney v Chris Dobey
Danny Noppert v Stephen Bunting
Gary Anderson v Jonny Clayton
Steve Lennon v Michael van Gerwen

Evening Session (1900 GMT)

Gurney/Dobey v Noppert/Bunting
Anderson/Clayton v Lennon/Van Gerwen


Plus PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship Final:
Martin Schindler v Dimitri Van den Bergh
Best of 11 legs. To be played between semi-finals and final of Players Championship Finals.

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