World Cup of Darts

For the World Cup of Darts 2024 Denmark, Latvia and Sweden are already secured nations due to their Tour Cards, meaning Madars Razma, Benjamin Drue Reus and Jeffrey de Graaf are already qualified.

The Tour Card holders will be joined by the best placed players from each nation respectively on the PDC Order of Merit.

The Cut-off date for 2024 has been set as the 2nd June.

If no other player from these nations has a PDC Order of Merit ranking, then the highest ranked player on PDC Nordic & Baltic Order of Merit after PDCNB Finland on June 2 will be selected based on previous 12-month PDCNB OOM and minimum six events played*.

In addition the Nordic & Baltic region will be represented by a further three nations:

These nations will be selected primarily through being represented by a player or players on PDC Order of Merit as of May 27. Selection will be based on lowest cumulative ranking of the top two players (if there is only one player on PDC Order of Merit, then the second player will be selected by being the nation’s highest placed on the PDC Nordic & Baltic Order of Merit player after PDCNB Finland. A minimum 6 PRO Tours over previous 12 months applies here also*)

The remaining spots, if any, will be chosen from PDC Nordic & Baltic Order of Merit after PDCNB Finland, the nation or nations will be selected based on lowest cumulative ranking of each nation’s top two players that have participated in a minimum of 6 PDCNB Pro Tour events prior to cut off date.*

*Any player that was unable to participate on the PDCNB Tour due to their Top 64 ranking as a PDC Tour Card holder during 2023 will be exempt from the minimum 6 PRO Tour event ruling.