European Tour Qualification

PDC Nordic & Baltic players have the oportunity to qualify for PDC European Tour Events (ET).
PDCNB will hold qualification tournaments during the weekends that it holds PDCNB Pro Tour events.

Each qualification winner will be invited to compete in the corresponding ET event in Europe.
The playing format is the same as the PDCNB Pro Tour events – best of 11 legs.

Further information regarding the PDC Europe Tour events

See registration page

about entry fee and registration information

See registration page
  • Format is best of 11 legs, single elimination, straight knock-out
  • Loser marks on each board
  • DRA rules and dress code enforced – especially regarding alcohol in the playing area
  • Players MUST pay in advance of the deadline for their entry to be valid
  • Qualifying players must pay a €15 supplement to the PDPA to become Day Members per event