PDC Nordic & Baltic representative in PDPA

Joakim Kulan is the PDC Nordic & Baltic representative in PDPA. His task is to help players to go to with any issues or problems related the darts.

Contact information:
E-mail: donjoko@gmail.com
Twitter: @PdpaNordic

Read more information on the PDPA website


Sep 08 2022 Free entry to Q School for five players from the PDCNB

Photo: Mikal Schlosser/PDC Do to the latest agreement with the PDC, we can now confirm, that five of the players in

Aug 14 2022 Darius Labanauskas won three out of four events, as the Lithuanian and Daniel Larsson qualified for Ally Pally

Photo: PDC Nordic & Baltic/Brian Odsgaard The last four PDC Nordic & Baltic Pro Tour events has been held, meaning we

Aug 12 2022 Registrations for Latvia

This will be the last events of the 2022 PDCNB Pro Tour. We are playing at Bellevue Park Hotel in Riga, Latvia. This weekend will

Jul 21 2022 CORRECTION: Qualification criterias for the World Youth Championship

Photo: PDC The annual PDC World Youth Championship will be held in October, and here is the criterias for qualifying. Last

Jul 17 2022 Important information about Pro Tour in Denmark

If you are going to Denmark for the Pro Tour weekend in Slangerup, then you have to read this. Booking and reservation of hotel in

Jul 04 2022 Madars Razma reached his first ever Euro Tour semifinal in Trier

Photo: PDC/Mikal Schlosser Throughout the season of 2022, Madars Razma has shown, that he can beat the best players regulary. At

Jun 23 2022 Pro Tour to be held at Slangerup Dartclub again

Once again we will see yet another Pro Tour weekend to be held in Denmark, and once again the venue will be Slangerup Dartclub. From

Jun 09 2022 World Cup draw – Lithuania up against seeded Australia

Photo: Taka Wu/PDC As we wait for the Nordic Darts Masters, the draw for the World Cup has been maid. Lithuania

Jun 09 2022 The qualifcation of Matthías Örn Friðriksson for the Nordic Darts Masters is the culmination of all the hard work in Iceland

Recent years have seen a big qrowth for darts in Iceland, which has also been seen on the Nordic & Baltic Pro Tour and now

Jun 08 2022 Løkken and Reus to debutate at the Nordic Darts Masters

Photo: PDC Europe/Kelly Deckers Nordic Darts Masters starts this friday. Even though it will be the second time the tournament takes