Darius Labanauskas had a good PC-weekend as James Wade dominated

Photo: PDC

Darius Labanauskas had a good weekend with the Players Championship 11 and 12.

One more Players Championship weekend has been held. One player stood out, as he won both events. That player was James Wade.

With a 95,97 average at Saturday and a 98,19 average at Sunday, James Wade played some really good dart throughout the weekend.

As it has been the case in the last ten Players Championship events, Madars Razma, Marko Kantele and Darius Labanauskas also participated this weekend.

Marko Kantele had a tough weekend, as he lost in the first round both days. At Players Championship 11 he lost 6-2 against Dave Prins. Marko Kantele averaged 82 in that match. At Sunday he lost 6-1 against Vincent van der Voort, even though he averaged 92,8 in that match. Unfortunately Vincent van der Voort averaged 98,7.

Madars Razma had a little more success at Saturday, as he reached the second round. In the first round he had beaten Michael Barnard by 6-3, before losing 6-1 against Steve West in the second round.

At Sunday Madars Razma lost in the first round, as he faced Glen Durrant. The Englishman won the match by 6-3.

Glen Durrant also became a problem for Darius Labanauskas. Both Saturday and Sunday.

At Saturday Darius Labanauskas won 6-5 against Ted Evetts in the first round and won by the same numbers against Steve Beaton in the second round.
Unfortunately he had to go up against Glen Durrant in the third round, and despite averaging 93,3, the Lithuanian still lost 6-1 as Glen Durrant averaged 103,6.

At Sunday Darius Labanauskas once again lost against Glen Durrant in the third round. And even by 6-1 once again.
Before losing against the Englishman, Darius Labanauskas had beaten Michael Barnard and Ross Smith by 6-1 and 6-3 respectively.

The results of the weekend means Darius Labanauskas now has got himself £5000 for the Order of Merit, only from his results at Player Championship events. Madars Razma have secured himself £4000 and Marko Kantele have secured the very same.

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