Daryl Gurney just won the Players Championship Finals

Daryl Gurney has just secured the victory at the Players Championship Finals with a 11-9 win.

Daryl Gurney can now write his second big title on his resume. He has just won the final at Players Championship Finals on the bull.

Daryl Gurney did not have the big difficulty in reaching the final. He started the day by winning 10-2 against Chris Dobey in the quarter-final. In the semi-final he won 11-3 against Danny Noppert, and thus he was ready for the final.

It was subsequently decided that the opponent became Michael van Gerwen. After an easy win by 10-3 in the quarter-final against Steve Lennon, Michael van Gerwen had to fight something more with it in the semi-final where Gary Anderson was the opponent. However, he eventually got a 11-9 victory home.

In the final, the match had to reach 6-6 before one of the two was broken. It was Michael van Gerwen who broke Daryl Gurney, and then came in front by 7-6.
Gurney broke back immediately and equaled to 7-7. Shortly after, the Dutchman broke again and came in front by 9-8, but Gurney refused to lay down, and with two won legs in a row, Daryl Gurney was suddenly ahead by 10-9.
With 85 back in the 20th leg, Gurney first hit a 19, followed by a 16, before he calmly put the arrow in the bull, followed by a wild jubilation spurt across the scene.


Another final also took place this evening in Minehead. The U23 World Cup had to be decided, and Dimitri van den Bergh won 6-3 over Martin Schindler, winning the title for the second year in a row.

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