Will Michael van Gerwen put an end to the bad streak?

It’s thursday and that means, it is time for another round of the Premier League.

Michael van Gerwen, sensationally, lost both his matches last week. After that he took a break and did not compete in Austria, so maybe he will come back with a refound top level. He will have to show that level against Daryl Gurney and Michael Smith.

Michael Smith will also meet Peter Wright. Peter Wright have to win the match, if he should have any chance to reach the top four. A defeat and Peter Wright can’t reach it.

Gary Anderson and Rob Cross can secure their place in the top four, if they win against Simon Whitlock and Raymond van Barneveld.

See the full program and the league table below:

Unibet Premier League
Night 13 – April 26
The Manchester Arena, Manchester

Peter Wright v Michael Smith
Daryl Gurney v Michael van Gerwen
Simon Whitlock v Gary Anderson
Raymond van Barneveld v Rob Cross
Michael Smith v Michael van Gerwen

Premier League Darts table

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Second night of this weeks Premier League is upon us

Peter Wright beated Michael van Gerwen last night. Tonight MvG faces Raymond van Barneveld.

Peter Wright looks like a man back in form. Last night he beated Michael van Gerwen with the score 7-5.

Gary Anderson was also flying with not one, but two victories last night. First he almost demolished Michael Smith and then he beated Rob Cross.

Tonight Gary Anderson will face Daryl Gurney. Gary Anderson seems like the favorite in this match.

But the biggest game of the night is, without a doubt, the dutch classic between Michael van Gerwen and Raymond van Barneveld. The worlds number one rarely loose to matches in a row, so it seems like a tough night for Barney.

See the results from yesterday, todays program and the league table below:

Premier League
Night 11 – April 18
Rotterdam Ahoy

Michael Smith 2-7 Gary Anderson
Rob Cross 7-4 Daryl Gurney
Raymond van Barneveld 7-3 Simon Whitlock
Peter Wright 7-5 Michael van Gerwen
Rob Cross 3-7 Gary Anderson

Night 12 – April 19
Rotterdam Ahoy

Simon Whitlock v Michael Smith
Daryl Gurney v Gary Anderson
Rob Cross v Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen v Raymond van Barneveld
Daryl Gurney v Simon Whitlock

Premier League

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Sensation in German Darts Open – Max Hopp is the new champion

The unseeded Max ‘Maximiser’ Hopp is 2018 German Darts Open champion.

Almost no one would have guessed this result. An absolutely fantastic day of darts all wrapped up with a sensation of a champion.

When the day started people had Michael van Gerwen as the favourite, but sensationally lost to Ian White. His first loss in 27 matches in the European Tour.

Swedish Daniel Larsson also competed today, but unfortunately he never reached his top level against Joe Cullen and lost 6-2.

And then there was Max Hopp. No one could have written it any better. The young German won at home in Germany.

His first match of the day against Benito van de Pas was not that good. Both players had averages under 85. But Max won 6-4. The same result he got in the quarter-final against Joe Cullen.

In the semi-final he met the world champion Rob Cross and with a average at 100,23 and a 121-checkout in the decisive leg, he suddenly was in the final.

Michael Smith was up with 3-0 and 6-3, nobody figured that Max Hopp would have any chance to win the match. But suddenly he started to make high scores and Michael Smith could not hit the doubles. At position 6-6 Max had an opportunity for a 170-checkout, but he missed the bull and Michael made it 7-6.

But Max did not give up and after equalising to 7-7 he made yet another 121-checkout in the decisive leg. What a day and what a tournament for the young German.

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Last day of the German Darts Open

It’s the last day of the German Darts Open and Daniel Larsson will play against Joe Cullen.

Peter Wright is out and therefor we will see a new champion of the German Darts Open. But who will it be? Can Michael van Gerwen win his third European Tour in a row?

The Dutchman will have to beat Alan Tabern here at 1pm firstly. And then we will have to see, which players he will meet later on.

Besides the Dutchman, we still have Daniel Larsson in the tournament. He got a bye yesterday, because of Simon Whitlocks withdraw. Daniel will have to play Joe Cullen today. Joe Cullen won a 6-5 match against Luke Humphries yesterday and his average was about the same as Daniel’s was against Jan Dekker in the first round.

It will be interesting to see, how far Daniel can go in the tournament. But we can also look forward to see a match between the two eliminated Premier League players, Mensur Suljovic and Gerwyn Price.

Max Hopp will have to beat Benito van de Pas, if he want to keep playing in front of his home-crowd.

See the full program for the day below:

2018 German Darts Open
Sunday April 15
Afternoon Session (1pm local time, 12pm GMT)

Third Round
Michael van Gerwen v Alan Tabern
Dave Chisnall v Ian White
Daryl Gurney v Mervyn King
Michael Smith v Jelle Klaasen
Max Hopp v Benito van de Pas
Joe Cullen v Daniel Larsson
Mensur Suljovic v Gerwyn Price
Rob Cross v Darren Webster

Evening Session (7.15pm local time, 6.15pm GMT)
Van Gerwen/Tabern v Chisnall/White
Gurney/King v Smith/Klaasen
Hopp/Van de Pas v Cullen/Larsson
Suljovic/Price v Cross/Webster



All games up to and including the quarter-finals are the best of 11 legs, with the semi-finals the best of 13 legs and the final the best of 15 legs.
Sunday’s games played in Draw Bracket order.

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Second day of German Darts Open – Daniel Larsson already through

We are ready for the second day of the German Darts Open, time to bring the big names.

Some great games were played yesterday, and one of them was a great 6-2 win for Daniel Larsson against Jan Dekker. Daniel should have met Simon Whitlock today, but do to illnes the Australian has withdrawn himself. Therefor Daniel gets a bye into round three.

But there will still be some fantastic matches today. The most interesting will be the last match of the day between Rob Cross and Dimitri van den Bergh.

But we will also see Michael Smith against Paul Nicholson, Michael van Gerwen against Danny Noppert and Peter Wright wil face Max Hopp.

See the full program for today below:

2018 German Darts Open
Saturday April 14

Second Round
Afternoon Session (1pm local time, 12pm GMT)
Darren Webster v Steve West
Ian White v Cameron Menzies
BYE v Daniel Larsson
Gerwyn Price v Kirk Shepherd
Jelle Klaasen v Maik Kuivenhoven
Steve Beaton v Alan Tabern
Dave Chisnall v Jose Justicia
Michael Smith v Steve Lennon

Evening Session (7.15pm local time, 6.15pm GMT)
Mervyn King v James Wade
Daryl Gurney v Rene Eidams
Benito van de Pas v Paul Nicholson
Michael van Gerwen v Danny Noppert
Peter Wright v Max Hopp
Joe Cullen v Luke Humphries
Rob Cross v Dimitri van den Bergh

First Round – Best of 11 legs

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German Darts Open starts today – Can Daniel Larsson move on to the next round?

European Tour 3, or German Darts Open starts today.

It’s time for third European Tour. This time in Saarbrucken, Germany. Will we see a new final on sunday or will it be MvG against Snakebite once again?

First we have to complete the first round, and there is some interesting names already here in the first round.

Of course it will be very interesting to see, if Daniel Larsson can make a great result against Jan Dekker and move on to the next round. Daniel could have had a draw very much worse, but Dekker is a great player.

Besides those two, we will also see Dimitri van den Bergh trying to get his 2018 going. It has been a slow start for the Belgian. He will start against William O’Connor.

It will also be exciting to follow names such as Terry Jenkins, Danny Noppert, Max Hopp, James Wade, Keegan Brown and a lot of other great players.

See the full program for today below:

2018 German Darts Open
Friday April 13

First Round
Afternoon Session (1pm local time, 12pm GMT)
Simon Stevenson v Kirk Shepherd
Matthew Edgar v Steve West
Terry Jenkins v Cameron Menzies
Maik Kuivenhoven v Tobias Muller
Jan Dekker v Daniel Larsson
Rene Eidams v Ricky Williams
Richard North v Danny Noppert
Jose Justicia v Luke Woodhouse

Evening Session (7.15pm local time, 6.15pm GMT)
Dragutin Horvat v Alan Tabern
Luke Humphries v Ronny Huybrechts
Steve Lennon v Robert Thornton
Zoran Lerchbacher v Max Hopp
Dimitri Van den Bergh v William O’Connor
Paul Nicholson v Nathan Aspinall
James Wade v Tytus Kanik
Keegan Brown v Jermaine Wattimena

First Round – Best of 11 legs

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Second Stage of the Premier League starts tonight

With two players out, we are ready for second stage of the Premier League.

Night Ten will take off in Sheffield tonight. Last week we saw Gerwyn Price and Mensur Suljovic playing thier last matches of this year’s Premier League.

Now there are only eight players left and they will fight for the top four.

Tonight we have som great matches. The most interesting most be the scottish showdown between Gary Anderson and Peter Wright, but before that we will see Raymond van Barneveld against Daryl Gurney.

Raymond really has something to show to himself after that 7-0 defeat against Michael Smith last week.

We will also see Simon Whitlock take on Michael van Gerwen and Michael Smith against Rob Cross.

To finish of the night, we have Raymond van Barneveld playing again. He will play Peter Wright. Wright really needs some points, if he want to make into the top four. PDC have given him a great opportunity for that with two matches at the first night of the second stage.

See the full program and league table below:

Unibet Premier League
Night Ten – April 12
The FlyDSA Arena, Sheffield

Raymond van Barneveld v Daryl Gurney
Gary Anderson v Peter Wright
Simon Whitlock v Michael van Gerwen
Michael Smith v Rob Cross
Raymond van Barneveld v Peter Wright

Unibet Premier League

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Price and Suljovic got eliminated

The 9th round has been played, and the Premier League is two men short.

Elimination Night was played last night in Liverpool.

It was already for sure, that Gerwyn Price was eliminated, but Mensur Suljovic still had a chance.

Unfortunately, that chance was against Michael van Gerwen, who is unstoppable at the time. MvG won the match 7-4 and therefore Peter Wright could not be reached.

Despite of the good darts, the night will be remembered for something else. The big legend Eric Bristow passed away. And it was clear for everyone, that Peter Wright and Daryl Gurney had a rough time in their match, because of it.

But they managed to play the match and it all ended 6-6.

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Michael van Gerwen won German Darts Grand Prix

Michael van Gerwen won once again tonight. He won 8-5 against Peter Wright.

Michael van Gerwen has now won both opening European Tour events. Beating Peter Wright in both finals.

MvG started the final well, going ahead 2-0, Peter Wright was always behind with at least one leg until he hit a fantastic 161-checkout to level the score 5-5.

With MvG stepping up his game, and Peter not finding the treble 20 consistently  the tournament ended with a 8-5 victory for Mighty Mike.

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Final day of the German Darts Grand Prix

Today we will find the winner of the German Darts Grand Prix.

A couple of surprises went through yesterday, simultaneously we saw a great match between Rob Cross and Jonny Clayton with averages over 100 from both players.

Today the tournament will be decided.

It all starts with a full-English showdown as Micahel Smith will take on James Wade. After that, we will see if Max Hopp can continue winning in front of his home crowd.

We will also see players such as Joe Cullen, Peter Wright, Rob Cross, Daryl Gurney and Michael van Gerwen in action today.

If they can win their third round matches and their semifinals, we can get a repetition of the final in the European Darts Open between Peter Wright and Michael van Gerwen. That is for sure, because the draw has split the two players until the final.

See the full program below:

Monday April 2
Afternoon Session (1pm local time, 12pm BST)
Third Round

Michael Smith v James Wade
Mensur Suljovic v Max Hopp
Joe Cullen v Steve West
Peter Wright v Alan Tabern
Rob Cross v Luke Humphries
Daryl Gurney v Ian White
Keegan Brown v Darren Webster
Michael van Gerwen v Alan Norris

Evening Session (7.15pm local time, 6.15pm BST)

Smith/Wade v Suljovic/Hopp
Cullen/West v Wright/Tabern
Cross/Humphries v Gurney/White
Brown/Webster v Van Gerwen/Norris



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