PDCNB Pro Tour 2019

The program of the Pro Tour for 2019 is ready.

It is a new year, and therefor it is also a new season. As always the Pro Tour will consist of five weekends, with ten Pro Tour-events, two at each weekend.

The qualifications for the European Tour will also, as always, be a part of the five weekends.

The first weekend will be held in Götenburgh in Sweden, from February 1st to the 3rd. After this the Pro Tour will visit Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Latvia.

Danish Darts Open will also be back in June, but more info about that, and the qualification-event will come later.

Take a look below, to see the venues and dates for the five weekends.

PDC-Nordic & Baltic Pro Tour


February 1st / 3rd
Apple Hotel in Götenburgh

March 8th / 10th
Slangerup Dart Club/Near by Copenhagen

August 23th /25th
Reykjavik, Venue TAB

October 11th / 13th
Hotel Talluka, Vääksy

November 1st / 3rd
Bellevue Park Hotel, Riga

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2018 Review – Fantastic Darius, Danish Darts Open and a 9-darter

It is 2019 and therefore we take a look back at the season in 2018.

It was quite a year for the PDC Nordic & Baltic in 2018. Several players made some good efforts at all kinds of stages throughout Europe, and then the first ever PDC event i Denmark became a reality.

On the PDC Nordic & Baltic Pro Tour, there were several players who played some astonishing darts. The ten Pro Tour-events produced six different winners. Daniel Larsson won two Pro Tours. So did Darius Labanauskas, Marko Kantele and Madars Razma. Kim Viljanen and Cor Dekker both won one Pro Tour-event.

At the end of the season it was Darius Labanauskas who had secured most points, and therefore the position of number one in the PDCNB Ranking. Daniel Larsson came in second with only 425 points less.

Out in Europe

As usual the PDC Nordic & Baltic had one spot at each European Tour-event. Names such as Marko Kantele, Darius Labanauskas, Johan Engström, Daniel Larsson, Dennis Nilsson and Magnus Caris thus competed against the very best. The best PDCNB-result however, was at the Danish Darts Open.

The tournament, which was one of the biggest highlights in Nordic darts. As home-nation, the PDC Nordic & Baltic had five spots at the event. The five spots were filled by Darius Labanauskas, Madars Razma, Dennis Nilsson, Per Laursen and Brian Løkken.

Dennis, Per and Brian unfortunately all lost in their first matches, but Madars Razma reached the last 32 and Darius Labanauskas made it all the way to the last 16. Thus he made the best result on the European Tour by an PDC Nordic & Baltic-player.

Finland the best in the World Cup of Darts

Three PDCNB-countries participated at the World Cup of Darts. The three countries were Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

The Danish team consisted of Per Laursen and Henrik Primdahl. Unfortunately they lost again Brazil in the first round.

The Finnish team consisted of Kim Viljanen and Marko Kantele. The two of them started of beating Greece in the first round. In the second round they met Belgium and lost to the later Semi Finalist’s.

The Swedish team consisted of Daniel Larsson and Dennis Nilsson. Just as the Danes, they lost in the first round, in which they met Germany.

Madars Razma beat Michael van Gerwen

As the only PDCNB player with a full PDC Tour Card Madars Razma played at all Players Championship events,

In most of the events, Madars reached the rounds of the last 64 or 32, before he got knocked out. But at Players Championship 19 he reached the final.
On his route to the final, he did beat Gerwyn Price by 6-3 in the round of the last 32. But more impressive he beat Michael van Gerwen by 6-5 in the Quarter Final.
Unfortunately he lost by 6-3 against Max Hopp in the final.

At the Players Championship Finals Madars met Mickey Mansell in the first match and won by 6-4. In the second round he met Stephen Bunting and lost by the same numbers.

9-darter at the Challenge Tour

Throughout the season three PDCNB-players have played on the Challenge Tour. Those three were Dennis Nilsson, Kim Viljanen and Marko Kantele. Our very own Pro Tour 1 & 2 in Denmark clashed with the first Challenge tour weekend so there were no representatives from PDCNB in attendance.

Kim Viljanen participated at four events, in which his best result was being among the last 16.

Marko Kantele participated at twelve events, in which his best result was a Quarter Final. He also was among the last 32 three times.

Dennis Nilsson however participated in remaining sixteen events. And there were some really good results along the way. He won Challenge Tour 7, and besides that, he also reached two Semi Finals and a Quarter Final.
And if that wasn’t impressive enough, Dennis also hit a 9-darter at the Challenge Tour 10 against Kevin Dowling. Dennis won the match by 5-4.

Ranked 3rd going into the final Challenge Tour weekend, Dennis had every chance of securing a Tour Card and World Championship place. Unfortunately the little luck he needed to back up his excellent scoring did not surface. He did however secure an invitation to the 2019 UK Open by finishing 8th.

Dennis Nilsson also played in 10 of the PDC Players Championships, due to his Challenge Tour top 10 ranking position he was invited to “top-up” the main tour tournaments.

Danish and Swedish participation at the Development Tour

Daniel Jensen and Nicolai Rasmussen participated in sixteen and fifteen Development Tour-events throughout the season. Hampus Norrström participated in four.

The two best results were the two times Daniel Jensen got amongst the last 32 in Development Tour 15 and 17.

The Youth World Championship was great experience for qualifiers Nicolai and Hampus. Neither of them made it through the round robin section but both were very close to winning matches that would have made it more interesting, Hampus Norrström missed doubles in all most his legs, scoring heavily to give himself chances.

Fantastic results at the World Championship

The last event of the year was, as always, the World Championship. Darius Labanauskas and Daniel Larsson were the two PDCNB representatives, because of their top two positions in the PDC Nordic & Baltic Ranking.

Daniel Larsson started the tournament by beating Robert Thornton 3-1. In the second round however he lost 3-0 against Kim Huybrechts. The Belgian played with an average at 103,26.

Darius Labanauskas got a little longer than Daniel Larsson. In the first round he beat Matthew Edgar by 3-1. In the second round he probably won the biggest match of his carreer, when he did beat Raymond van Barneveld by 3-2. The fairytale was on, but Adrian Lewis ended it in the third round, in which he won by 4-0 against Darius.


Now we are up for 2019, and we can’t wait to see, what it brings. But one thing is certain, Darius Labanauskas and Madars Razma have already secured a Tour Card each at European Q-School. Darius won his Card by winning the final tournament of the weekend. Madars secured his by playing consistently well over all 4 days, accumulating 16 points to top the ranking table. Marko Kantele came second on the same table, and barring 2000+ entries in the UK Q-School later this month, he too has secured a 2 year Tour Card.

Sweden will be sending 4 youngsters on the 2019 Unicorn Development Tour.

The Challenge Tour will be attended by 8 Nordic & Baltic players.

Madars, Darius, Marko & Dennis will all be at the UK Open in Minehead in March

All of the above shows a significant expansion of Nordic & Baltic participation around Europe. The investments made by the PDC and the PDCNB are truly paying dividends but there is still a lot more to do ……….Happy New Year


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Who will progress to the final?

Tonight, it is on for the semi-finals, where Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson take the headlines.

We are closer to the ending of the tournament. So it is on for the semi-finals tonight, where the biggest match is undoubtedly Michael van Gerwen against Gary Anderson.

However, before that match, the second semi-final must be settled and it stands between Michael Smith and Nathan Aspinall.

Since there are only these two matches on today’s program, it is thus only tonight the matches will be played.


Michael Smith v Nathan Aspinall
Neither Michael Smith nor Nathan Aspinall had the big difficulty in reaching this semi-final, as in yesterday’s matches they both won 5-1 against Luke Humphries and Brendan Dolan respectively. Nathan Aspinall impressed by averaging 99.72, which is also the highest average that he has ever made on television. Michael Smith, in turn, averaged ​​103 in his match against Luke Humphries.
The two players have met each other four times in their career, and here it has become 3 victories for Michael Smith. Nathan Aspinall’s one victory was back in 2016, during a Players Championship-event, in which he won by the numbers 6-5. It may be a difficult match for Aspinall tonight, but that has been said about most of his matches so far, and now he has reached the semi-final after all.
However, one thing is certain, and that is the fact that there will be an English player in the final.

Michael van Gerwen v Gary Anderson
The match, which almost everyone have been waiting for since the draw that decided, that the two would run into each other in the semi-final. Michael van Gerwen played yesterday against Ryan Joyce, where he did not have any trouble winning. He thus won 5-1, and at the same time he averaged 101,12, which means he still has not averaged below 100 in this tournament. Gary Anderson also averaged above 100 in yesterday’s match when, with an average of 103.03, he beat Dave Chisnall by 5-2. It was the first time Anderson averaged above 100 in this tournament, but it is after all two players who go into this match with great form.
Previously, they have met each other 56 times in their careers. Here, Michael van Gerwen is in the lead by 36-18, while two draws have been played. However, in the last two matches it has become a victory for each of them. Gary Anderson won 16-12 in the semi-final at the Grand Slam of Darts. In the semi-final at the Players Championship Finals, it was an 11-9 win for Gerwen. So it is impossible to know, what will happen in this match.

Both games will be played best by 11 sets. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the darts takes a break tomorrow, as it is New Year’s Eve. In return, the final is played the day after tomorrow.

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It is time for the quarter-finals

We are approaching the end of the World Championship. Today it is on for the quarter-finals.

We have entered the last half of this year’s World Championship. After some new shocks yesterday, it is time for the quarter-finals.

Of the eight names to be played today, there are probably at least four, as no one before the tournament, had predicted a place in the quarter-finals. However, they have managed to get it so far, now the question is just who is to pass on to the two semifinals.


Nathan Aspinall v Brendan Dolan
It was something of a roller coaster ride Nathan Aspinall was through yesterday, when he reached today’s quarter-final. In his match against Devon Petersen, he was behind by 2-0 before he came back and even ahead by 3-2. After that, Devon Petersen equalized before Aspinall could win the match by winning the seventh set by 4-2. Brendan Dolan had it something easier, when he beat Benito van de Pas by 4-1 in their match. Brendan Dolan and Nathan Aspinall have met each other once. It was during this year’s Players Championship 11, where Brendan Dolan won with the numbers 6-4.

Gary Anderson v Dave Chisnall
If you look at names and merits, this must be the biggest battle of the day. Gary Anderson has been involved in some long and exciting matches along the way in the tournament. He thus won 4-3 against both Jermaine Wattimena and Chris Dobey. Dave Chisnall has played a fewer legs since he has won his last two matches by 4-0 against Kim Huybrechts and Jamie Lewis. Today, the two will meet each other, and it is thus the 24th time the two meet. In the previous 23 appearances, it has turned 17 wins for Gary Anderson, five for Dave Chisnall, and one draw. However, Dave Chisnall won the last time they met, when he won with the numbers 6-5 in the World Series Finals.


Luke Humphries v Michael Smith
Luke Humphries has been a real pleasure to follow during this World Championship, but today he will probably have a hard time. Michael Smith has looked incredibly strong so far. However, one must not take anything from Luke Humphries, who yesterday beat Rob Cross by 4-2, even though the defending world champion was ahead by 2-0. Michael Smith, on the other hand, did not have the big problems against Ryan Searle, which he beat 4-1. Luke Humphries has previously faced Michael Smith twice. Both times, however, it has become a victory for the world’s number 10.

Michael van Gerwen v Ryan Joyce
Ryan Joyce has impressed everyone by reaching this quarter-final. Yesterday he won his biggest biggest victory of his career when he beat James Wade 4-3 to reach todays match. It will be incredibly difficult in today’s match, as he will face Michael van Gerwen, who has not yet averaged below 100 in this tournament. Most recently, Adrian Lewis felt it, when the Dutchman averaged an incredible 108.08 in their match, winning 4-1. Ryan Joyce’s highest average in this tournament is at 90.40. An average he delivered against Simon Whitlock in the second round. So there are far up to the 108. So if Joyce shall have a real chance in this match, he has to play his best game ever, and at the same time hope that Michael van Gerwen doesn’t show up with his standard level.

Because it is the quarter-finals, the matches will be played best of nine sets.

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Who will join Gary Anderson and MvG in the quarter-finals?

The fourth round ends today when six matches are to be settled.

The fourth round will end today so we can find out who will be joining Gary Anderson and Michael van Gerwen for the quarter-finals.

If we can expect equally great dramas today, as Gary Anderson once again gave us yesterday, is not to say, but there are some interesting matches in between.


Nathan Aspinall v Devon Petersen
This fourth round match, no one had predicted before the tournament started. Both players have far exceeded expectations, and one of them will perform even better, in that it will be a quarter-final for the winner. Nathan Aspinall’s level has only improved during the tournament, with his average rising by about four for each match. In those games, it has, among other things, become victories against Gerwyn Price and Kyle Anderson. Devon Petersen was not left many chances in his first game against Wayne Jones. He won that fight as we know, and since then he has also won against Ian White and Steve West. It is not at all to say who wins this match.

Benito van de Pas v Brendan Dolan
Brendan Dolan has had a somewhat difficult road to this fourth round than today’s opponent has. He has thus had to go up against Joe Cullen and Mervyn King along the way. Joe Cullen never hit the level, however, but Mervyn King made a vigorous attempt. Benito van de Pas won as late as yesterday against Toni Alcinas in a match where the level never became quite impressive. However, Benito van de Pas showed glimpses of the talent that he has not shown much of in recent years. He thus impressed with a 160-checkout, a 149-checkout and a 151-checkout along the way. The bookmakers have Brendan Dolan as their favorite, the question is then whether he can live up to this later today? At least he has shown fine level so far.

Ryan Joyce v James Wade
Ryan Joyce started the tournament by beating Anastasia Dobromyslova, then it became a victory against Simon Whitlock, and most recently it became a victory against Alan Norris. So it’s not some bad players he has beaten through the tournament. Today he is up against James Wade, who had a hard time against Keegan Brown, perhaps especially because the audience had turned against him. They will probably do that again today, but no matter how much the crowd are against Wade, he should be a better player than Ryan Joyce at any time. If Wade wins the match, he can look forward to a quarter-final against Michael van Gerwen.


Ryan Searle v Michael Smith
Ryan Searle was not predicted many chances for a place in the fourth round, but it has not stopped the Englishman, who has beaten Mensur Suljovic and William O’Connor, among others, to reach it. Today he will meet Michael Smith, who goes into this match with a solid performance in the back. He averaged just over 100 in yesterday’s victory against John Henderson. A level that Ryan Searle has not yet met in this tournament. It was only Mensur Suljovic who initially averaged ​​so high in the first set of their match. Ryan Searle and Michael Smith have never played against each other, but Michael Smith should have the upper hand as he should be a better player.

Jamie Lewis v Dave Chisnall
If there is something that both players have in common in this match, then it is the fact that they make many 180’s when they play. Jamie Lewis made, among other things, 12 when he beat Daryl Gurney by 4-3 in the previous round. Here, Dave Chisnall only made six. However, part of this can be attributed to the fact that he won 4-0 against Kim Huybrechts, a somewhat shorter match. The two players have previously met each other six times, and here it has become victories for Dave Chisnall every time. However, it is far from certain that this will be the case today, because Jamie Lewis has played really well so far in this tournament. This fight could easily become one of the high-dramatic.

Rob Cross v Luke Humphries
Luke Humphries hardly gave Dimitri van den Bergh a chance when he yesterday beat the Belgian by 4-1. However, the match was not played with the highest averages, so if Luke Humphries is to make a similar performance today, he probably needs to rise the average a bit. Rob Cross has not yet played with an average below 100 in this tournament. Most recently Cristo Reyes felt it, when Rob Cross won by 4-0. Rob Cross looks like the big favorite for this match, but Luke Humphries may be able to tease the defending world champion if he can find the level from the match against Stephen Bunting.

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Third round ends today at the World Championship

After a small Christmas-break, the third round will resume today.

It has been about Christmas, gifts and good food the last couple of days. Now it is once again abput the darts, and there are six games on today’s program.
The first four are matches are from the third round, and the last two, involving Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson, are the first two games of the fourth round.


Devon Petersen v Steve West
Not many had thought that Devon Petersen would beat Ian White in the second round. Especially not when the Englishman was ahead by 2-0. Devon Petersen won the next two sets by 3-1, before winning the fifth and crucial set 5-3. On paper, Steve West is probably not as good a player as Ian White, but he is a player who should be better than Devon Petersen. Despite the fact that Richard North played with a somewhat higher average, Steve West still got a 3-1 win in the second round. So it is a player with rutine, who knows to how to take advantages of his opportunities.

Dimitri van den Bergh v Luke Humphries
The biggest youth match you will be able to find this season. It is the Youth World Champion against number one on the Development Order of Merit. Dimitri van den Bergh won by 3-1 against Jonny Clayton in the second round, where he impressed with an average of 104.45. An average that Humphries was a bit away from when he beat Stephen Bunting by 3-1 in the second round. Here the Englishman thus averaged 95.91. The two have never met before on the big stage, but have met each other seven times. Six times on the Development Tour, and in the semifinal at the Youth World Championship in 2017. Dimitri van den Bergh has won four of the seven matches.

Michael Smith v John Henderson
Michael Smith won relatively easy against Ron Meulenkamp in the second round. He thus won 3-1, while at the same time playing with an average of 94.07. He has to meet John Henderson today, who had a hard time in the second round. He thus won 3-2 against Gabriel Clemens, despite the fact that Clemens was ahead by 2-1 along the way in the match. Michael Smith and John Henderson have met each other ten times over time, however, Michael Smith has won the last five meetings. We have to go back to 2016 to find the latest victory for Henderson.


Toni Alcinas v Benito van de Pas
Toni Alcinas surprised the whole dart world when he beat Peter Wright by 3-1 in the second round. Although Wright never really found the rhythm, the Englishman played with an average higher than Alcinas. The Spaniard thus proved that under pressure he can keep his head cool and take advantage of the opportunities he gets. He is to meet Benito van de Pas today, who did not impress very much in the second round, beating Jim Long by 3-2. Toni Alcinas has thus got a really good opportunity to reach the fourth round.

Gary Anderson v Chris Dobey
Gary Anderson found it difficult to find his top level in the third round, even though he won 4-3 in what is so far called the best match of the tournament, against Jermaine Wattimena. He is today up against Chris Dobey, who has played a really nice tournament so far. His match in the third round also offered a 4-3 victory. It was against Vincent van der Voort. Here Chris Dobey played with a nice average of 97.87. The two have met five times before, and Chris Dobey has only won one single time. It will be a great challenge for the Englishman tonight.

Michael van Gerwen v Adrian Lewis
The absolute headline match of today’s program. Two former world champions, both of whom have played a really nice season when you look at the starting point for each of them. Michael van Gerwen has not yet played with an average below 100 in the tournament. Most recently Max Hopp felt it in the third round, where the Dutchman won by 4-1. Thus, it becomes a very difficult match for Adrian Lewis, who, however, averaged impressing 97.43 in his match against Darius Labanauskas. They have met each other 55 times, and it is clear that the Dutchman has the upper hand. He has thus won 38 of the matches, where three of them have also ended in a draw. Adrian Lewis’ latest victory was back in 2017.

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Darius Labanuskas continues his run today

The third round has started well. Today, six more matches will be played before a little christmas-break.

Another favorite had to leave the tournament yesterday when Daryl Gurney, the fifth of the world’s top ten, had to leave the tournament. Thus, Jamie Lewis still lives in the tournament, where he also impressed last year.

Today two more from the world’s top ten will be on stage in the form of James Wade and world champion Rob Cross. After the matches of today, there will be a little christmas-break from the darts. Thus the darts will be back again at the 27th of December.


Vincent van der Voort v Chris Dobey
Both players entered the first round of the tournament and have therefore both played two matches so far. So, it is two players who bring on momentum to this match. Chris Dobey has in both of his games played with a average above 92, where the Dutchman “only” averaged 87.81 against Darren Webster when, after all, he won 3-0. The two have only met once before, they did back in May at Players Championship 11, where Vincent van der Voort won by 6-4.

Brendan Dolan v Mervyn King
Brendan Dolan comes with a massive victory in his back, because he won against Joe Cullen by 3-0 in the second round. Not only did Cullen not get a single set, he only got one single leg throughout the match. Joe Cullen’s level, however, was not flashy, but a brilliant performance by Brendal Dolan who averaged just above 92 in the match. Mervyn King, on the other hand, played a really nice match against Jan Dekker. Even thoguh he only won by 3-2, where he even had been ahead by 2-0, the Englishman did nothing less than nine 180’s and played at the same time with an average of 97,76.

James Wade v Keegan Brown
James Wade’s match against Seigo Asada has had a completely different focus afterwards, than the match itself. It may have disturbed James Wade a bit in his prelude, but he’s probably professional enough to shut it out. He’s up against Keegan Brown, who easily got through to the the third round without impressing. He thus beat Jelle Klaasen 3-1, but this must be seen most in the light of the fact that Jelle Klaasen only averaged ​79.24 in a really bad game from his side.


Adrian Lewis v Darius Labanauskas
Adrian Lewis looked pretty sharp in his first game against Ted Evetts. He averaged a little over 97 in the match, which he won by 3-0. He will face one of the tournament’s great surprises, Darius Labanauskas, who beat Raymond van Barneveld in a very close match. The Dutchman did not hit the level that he had previously been able to, so Darius Labanauskas can easily have a tough time today. He has to average something higher against Lewis than he did against Raymond van Barneveld.

Nathan Aspinall v Kyle Anderson
Nathan Aspinall was probably not the opponent Kyle Anderson had expected to meet in this third round. Nathan Aspinall thus beat Gerwyn Price 3-2 two days ago, where the Welshman was up by 2-0. Kyle Anderson had it something easier securing his seat in the third round when he beat Noel Malicdem by 3-1, in a game where he averaged 96,41. Nathan Aspinall on the paper is a worse player than Kyle Anderson, but with the victory against Gerwyn Price, it must be a very confident Englishman who will be on stage for the third time in this tournament.

Rob Cross v Cristo Reyes
Rob Cross has not played since December 13, when he beat Jeffrey de Zwaan after a nice match. On the other hand, Cristo Reyes played as late as Friday, so it might give him a little advantage when it comes to keeping momentum. The Spaniard beat Rowby-John Rodriguez by 3-2, even though he was down by 0-2. The Spaniard, however, showed  routine, and turned the fight completely upside down. However, his average must be a higher than 88.76 if he wants to challenge Rob Cross tonight.

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The third round starts today – MvG and Anderson in action

It is time for the third round and many favorites have already left the tournament.

The second round is finished and it has offered a handfull of surprises. As recently as yesterday, Ian White and Gerwyn Price had to leave the tournament after two defeats.

Thus, there are only six left from the world’s top ten, now that the third round starts. Three of them are already in action today.


Ryan Joyce v Allan Norris
Allan Norris is ready for the third round after a nerve-racking match against Steve Lennon in the second round. The match had to be decided in an 11th and decisive leg in the fifth set before the Englishman could withdraw victoriously from the match. He meets Ryan Joyce today, who surprised most by beating Simon Whitlock by 3-0 in the second round. Simon Whitlock never hit his best the level in that match, so Ryan Joyce must almost expect more resistance today.

Dave Chisnall v Kim Huybrechts
Dave Chisnall had to pull on the routine in his second round showdown when he turned 0-2 to a 3-2 win against Josh Payne. The Englishman found it very difficult to find the rhythm against his somewhat younger compatriot. If Kim Huybrechts hits the same level as he showed in the second round, then Dave Chisnall has to find a completely different gear today. The Belgian thus beat Daniel Larsson by 3-0 with an impressive 103.26 average.

Daryl Gurney v Jamie Lewis
Daryl Gurney and Jamie Lewis have met each other seven times before. Daryl Gurney has won five of them, and it could easily indicate another one for Gurney today. He thus impressed in his second round match against Ross Smith, in which he averaged ​​100.30 in the 3-0 victory. Jamie Lewis struggled somewhat more in his match against Cody Harris, where he was almost throwing a 2-0 lead away. The Welsh won the match by 3-2.


Ryan Searle v William O’Connor
Ryan Searle shocked the dart world when he sent Mensur Suljovic out of the tournament. Otherwise, Suljovic started fantastic in the match, but Ryan Searle managed to exploit his opportunities in the match. He is today up against William O’Connor who played quite good in the second round, beating James Wilson by 3-0. This could easily become one of the more even matches of today’s program.

Gary Anderson v Jermaine Wattimena
Gary Anderson has never lost to Jermaine Wattimena, but with the development of the tournament one cannot gradually use that kind of statistics. Gary Anderson played a sensible match in the second round, though without impressing. However, Jermaine Wattimena did not impress in his second round when he averaged ​below 90. But he won 3-0 against Michael Barnard. However, Gary Anderson is a much better opponent, so the Dutchman may be having a hard time tonight.

Michael van Gerwen v Max Hopp
Despite a average that was a bit lower than Danny Noppert, Max Hopp still won their match by 3-0. He will be up against Michael van Gerwen, who, despite beer throws, impressed with an average of 102.59 in the second round. Here he won with 3-1 against Alan Tabern, who otherwise did a vigorous attempt to follow the Dutchman. Michael van Gerwen and Max Hopp have previously met each other five times, and it has become a victory for the Dutchman every time.

All matches in the third round will be played best of seven sets.

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Last matches from the second round will be played today

The last eight matches of the second round will be played today.

Another favorite got knocked out yesterday, as Mensur Suljovic lost to Ryan Searle. Today, the last eight matches of the second round must be decided and no one can feel safe at all.


Benito de Pas de Jim Long
Benito van de Pas is seeded as number 30, and is therefore only just ending among the seeded. It’s been a long time since the Dutchman managed to make very big achievements. Benito van de Pas has not done anything big this season either. Not a single quarter-final for the Dutchman. He will meet Jim Long, who progressed with a 3-1 win from the first round against Mickey Mansell. However, it was not because he played very well, it was more about Mansell being extremely poor. Jim Long managed to win by a average of 75.33.

John Henderson v Gabriel Clemens
John Henderson is a man who at times shows a really nice level, and sometimes he completely falls through. It’s not always  easy to know what to expect from him. However, he has improved somewhat lately, and in this season he has achieved three quarter-finals on the Players Championship Tour. He meets Gabriel Clemens, who got through from the first round without impressing. Despite a victory of 3-0, the average was not much higher than 83.

Steve West v Richard North
Richard North delivered one of the better comebacks in the first round, in which he won 3-2 against Robert Marijanovic, despite being down by 2-0. He has to face Steve West, who has played a really good season. West, who has previously looked like a kind of “fill” on the Pro Tour, has begun to mingle more in the top than before. Thus he reached the quarter-finals at both the UK Open and the European Championship.

Kyle Anderson v Noel Malicdem
Noel Malicdem surprised most when he won his first round match against Jeffrey de Graaf. However, Jeffrey de Graaf did not perform on the day, but nevertheless, it is still a great achievement for the Filipino. However, it will be a lot more difficult today when he meets Kyle Anderson. Unlike 2017, where Kyle Anderson performed quite well, 2018 has not been the year the Australian. His best result is thus a semi-final at Players Championship 22. However, there is no doubt who is favorite in this showdown.


Ian White v Devon Petersen
Ian White has had a pretty good season. The Englishman thus started the season by reaching a quarter-final and a semi-final at the first two Players Championship-events. Later in the season there were also three distinguished victories at Players Championship 6 and 16, and at the Dutch Darts Championship. In the evening he is up against Devon Petersen, who won his first match by 3-2. It seemed that the South African threw it all away when Wayne Jones got up at 2-2 after he was down by 0-2. Devon Peterson pulled the longest straw, but it will be difficult for him tonight.

Jelle Klaasen v Keegan Brown
Jelle Klaasen is no longer one of the world’s top players, although several had predicted differently. The Dutchman has also not shown anything exceptional this season, where it has only been one quarter-final, which was at the European Darts Trophy. He has to face Keegan Brown, who played quite well in the first round. He thus averraged 95.78 when he beat Karel Sedlacek by 3-0.

Gerwyn Price v Nathan Aspinall
Gerwyn Price has had his best season this year, despite a terrible course during this year’s Premier League. Not only did he reach the quarter-finals at  the World Matchplay and the European Championship, he also won the Grand Slam of Darts after a good final against Gary Anderson. He will play against Nathan Aspinall this evening, which averaged 88.42 against Geert Nentjes in the first round, in which he won 3-0. 88.42 is still too low, if he is to beat the Welsh player this evening.

Jonny Clayton v Dimitri van den Bergh
Jonny Clayton has had a pretty good season, where he won the Austrian Darts Open. In addition, he reached the quarter-final at Grand Slam of Darts, where he lost against Michael van Gerwen, which he had otherwise beaten by 5-4 in the group stage after a nice average of 103.60. Today he is meeting Dimitri van den Bergh, who won the first round by 3-0 against Chuck Puleo. However, it was not due to high grade games, but a first round match can often be characterized by nerves. Therefore, one might expect a better level from the Belgian this evening.

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Adrian Lewis in action at the World Championship today

First round is finished, therefore there is only matches from the second round today.

When yesterday’s first two matches were played, it meant that the first round was finished. Thus, today there will only be matches from the second round, as it also will tomorrow, before the third round starts on Saturday.

More and more of the seeded players leaves the tournament, and it will be interesting to see if names like Stephen Bunting, Steve Beaton, Adrian Lewis and Mensur Suljovic accompany them.

In addition Daniel Larsson was also being send out of the tournament yesterday, when he met a really well-playing Kim Huybrechts.


Jermaine Wattimena v Michael Barnard
Jermaine Wattimena has played a pretty good season. He was among the last 16 at this year’s UK Open and the World Grand Prix. In addition, the season has also offered two semi-finals and a quarter-final on the Players Championship Tour. He will meet Michael Barnard today, who got through to the second round by beating Jose de Sousa 3-2 in the first round, in an extremely even match. Jermaine Wattimena is not the worst to run into, in the second round, but the level from the first round may just have to be slightly raised.

Alan Norris v Steve Lennon
It has not been a season with great results for Alan Norris. Not when you look at what he has previously accomplished in his career. However, it may appear that he meets Steve Lennon at a good time. Lennon won well with secure 3-0 in the first round, but it was without being impressive. If Lennon does not find a different level today, it looks very easy for Allan Norris.

Stephen Bunting v Luke Humphries
Stephen Bunting’s transition to PDC has not yet resulted in silverware, and this season has not been an exception. However, there have been a lot of quarter-finals and a few semi-finals when looking at his performances at the Players Championships and the European Tour. It is thus a man who applies in the sub-top. He meets Luke Humphries today, who, surprisingly, got so easily through the first round, winning 3-0 against Adam Hunt. Adam Hunt did not hit the level on the day when Humphries impressed with a average just above 97.

Steve Beaton v Chris Dobey
It’s been a long time since Steve Beaton really has impressed on the big stage. This season, too, did not bid for the big results, other than some semi-finals and quarter-finals at Players Championshi-events. He meets Chris Dobey, who got through from the first round with a 3-0 victory against Boris Koltsov, who averaged under 80.


Cristo Reyes v Rowby-John Rodriguez
Rowby-John Rodriguez surprised most when he won by 3-1 against Ricky Evans in the first round. Now he faces Spanish Cristo Reyes, who has not had a good season. He has thus not come any further than the last 16, at all the tournaments he has attended in this year. If the Austrian can surprise again is not to say, but he certainly could have gotten a worse opponent here in the second round.

Mervyn King v Jan Dekker
Many might have hoped that it was Lisa Ashton who would stand here. But that did not happen. Although she impressed in the first set, Jan Dekker got his focus back, and from there, there was no doubt about the outcome, where the Dutchman won the match by 3-1. He has to face Mervyn King today, which has shown quite nice play this season, especially when he won the Players Championship 15 in Barnsley earlier this year. The two have met each other twice, where it has been a victory for each in 2012 and 2017 respectively.

Adrian Lewis v Ted Evetts
Last season was a horrible season for Adrian Lewis, crowned with a defeat against Kevin Munch in the first round at last year’s World Championships. This year, the Englishman has shown that he is on his way back to the level he is known for. It has thus become a handful of finals at the Players Championships and on the Europeam Tour. He will face young Ted Evetts, whom he has never lost against. The two have thus met three times and the last two victories have was in this season.

Mensur Suljovic v Ryan Searle
Mensur Suljovic plays today’s final match. He thus faces Ryan Searle. Mensur Suljovic has played a good season, where he has won twice at the German Darts Master World Series and Danish Darts Open. In addition, he also played in the final at World Matchplay. As mentioned, he will play against Ryan Searle, who got through the first round 3-0 win against Stephen Burton. However, the level was not flashy, so he has to find another gear today if he wants to make hopes against the big Austrian.

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