Our thoughts go to Tommy Cox and his family

It is with deep sorrow we learn, that founder and former Tournament Director, Tommy Cox has passed away. Tommy helped to establish what we know as PDC today, and when the Scandinavian countries became interested in being a part of the PDC, it was Tommy Cox and then CEO Tim Derby, who came to Copenhagen, so we could get things in order. We have always been Tommy Cox very grateful for what he has done for us, in the making of PDC Nordic & Baltic. Our thoughts go to the family of Tommy in this difficult time.

Rest in peace Tommy

PDC Nordic & Baltic

Michael Frydendahl

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The 2019 Season


PDC Nordic & Baltic Incentives and developments for the 2019 Season.

We are pleased to announce the following for the 2019 season:

PDCNB players that enter the 2019 PDC Q-School will receive free entry to all PDCNB Euro tour Qualifying events during the 2019 season.

Note: PDCNB players that enter Q School, but do not secure a tour card will be eligible to compete on the Unicorn Challenge Tour. Fees for entry to be announced at a later date. Info PDPA website

PDCNB will be introducing the Dart Connect scoring system for the 2019 season. Info about the system can be found on the PDPA website

Any 9 Dart finish during PDCNB tournaments will now be recognized with a Trophy commemorating the achievement. The player will also be eligible for free entry to ALL PDCNB events (including PDC European Tour Qualifiers) during the 12 months following the perfect leg.

Trophies will now also be awarded to the Winner and Runner-up of PDCNB Pro Tour Events.

Invitations to the PDC World Championship for the top 2 of the final 2019 Order of Merit will continue as will the offer of free Q-School entry to the top 5 players. However should Full Tour Card holders finish in the top 5 then their place will be offered to the next highest player/s on PDCNB final OoM. Should a non-tour card holder decline entry to Q School then that invite will not pass to the next highest ranked player.

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James Wade is the new European champion









The European Championship has reached its end of this year, but the final never became that much of a firework.

James Wade is the new European Championship champion. Thus, James Wade has won his first Major since 2014.

The road to the final was secured by beating Gerwyn Price by 10-9 in the quarter-finals and by winning 11-10 in the semi-finals against Max Hopp.

In the final, he beat Simon Whitlock, who had won 10-7 in the quarter-finals against Steve West, followed up by a victory against Joe Cullen by 11-10 in the semi-final.

However, the final was never quite the final that most had hoped for. James Wade who won, played with an average of just over 91, whereas Simon Whitlock played with an average just under 89.

Simon Whitlock had a nice start to the game and without the big problems, the Australian was ahead by 3-1. Then James Wade came in front by 4-3 before Whitlcok would win a leg again. Then the two followed each other, and we had to go to the eighteenth leg before Wade broke Whitlock and came in front by 10-8. Then there was not much left in Whitlock and therefore Wade could secure victory and the 100,000 pounds without the hassle.

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It is the final day of the European Championship

The winner of this year’s European Championship will be found today and it will not be one from the world’s top two.

It is time for the last day of this year’s European Championship and what a tournament it has been. Several of the favorites have been knocked out and for the first time, a German has reached the quarterfinal at a televised PDC tournament.

He, Max Hopp, made it by knocking James Wilson out with a 10-7 victory in a very exciting game, in which the crowd once again showed their sympathy. In addition, James Wade and Darren Webster won their respective matches. Most surprisingly, Gerwyn Price, won his match against Dave Chisnall by impressive 10-5.

Today it is on for the quarter-finals in the afternoon, followed by semi-finals and the final this evening.

First, we have Steve West in action. He faces Simon Whitlock. The two players rarely meet each other, but it is Simon Whitlock, who has the most mutual wins. Steve West, however, is not the man who listens to statistics. As we saw the other day, you can easily beat Michael van Gerwen, even though you’ve never beaten him before. However, Simon Whitlock is coming to this match with a victory against Peter Wright, where the level was not good at all. So if you have to derive something, Steve West has good opportunities in this match.

The afternoon’s second match is between Rob Cross and Joe Cullen. Rob Cross is the big favorite of the tournament with Michael van Gerwen and Peter Wright out of the tournament. However, he faces Joe Cullen, who has shown a really nice level during the tournament, including a nice 10-4 win against Michael Smith. Rob Cross has had it something easier against Danny Noppert and Richard North. It will be the first big opposition for Rob Cross this evening, and with the swinging season he has had, nothing is certain in this showdown.

Darren Webster then faces Max Hopp. Darren Webster can sometimes be an angry man, despite his big smile. However, the temper must be left completely in the evening if he wants a chance against Max Hopp. The German will once again have the German audience on his side and it can easily be uncomfortable for Darren Webster. At the same time, Max Hopp’s level is lifted by the audience, so this battle’s outcome will depend very much on whether Webster can keep his head cool.

The last game this afternoon is between James Wade and Gerwyn Price. Both players have had a long 2018, but they seem to have found good level once again. So this is been a match that could easily be a long and close affair. The two players are also very equal when looking at mutual matches, James Wade has won four, against Gerwyn Prices three. Time will show, if Gerwyn Price can settle the statistics.

All quarter-finals are played best of 19 legs. Semi-finals and the final are being played best of 21 legs.

All matches can be seen on PDC.TV from 13.45 and again at 20.00. Get the full overview below:

Sunday October 28
Afternoon Session
 (1345 local time, 1245 UK time)
Steve West v Simon Whitlock
Joe Cullen v Rob Cross
Darren Webster v Max Hopp
James Wade v Gerwyn Price
Best of 19 legs

Evening Session (2000 local time, 1900 UK time)
West/Whitlock v Cullen/Cross
Webster/Hopp v Wade/Price
Best of 21 legs

Best of 21 legs

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Third day of the European Championship

The second round will be finished today after two insane surprises yesterday.

Today it is only four matches, unlike yesterday’s twelve matches from both the first and second round.

No matter what, today can hardly be as sensational as yesterday.

The second round’s first match was between Joe Cullen and Michael Smith. Here, Joe Cullen was superior and won the game in safe style by 10-4.
In the next match, Simon Whitlock was opposed to Peter Wright. Both players had shown very nice games in the first round, but it was not something they had taken on to the second round. But something sensational, Simon Whitlock won by 10-6.
Rob Cross then showed no mercy towards Richard North. Despite the fact that Rob Cross has certainly played with a higher average in his career, it became impressive 10-2 in the world champions favor.

But no one had expected the result from the nights last match. The match, probably among 2018’s biggest sensations, between Michael van Gerwen and Steve West was won by 10-7. However, it was Steve West who had won. Thus, Steve West won against Michael van Gerwen in his twelfth attempt. That’s why we also know that the European Championship will find a new winner for the first time in five years.

Today, as stated before, it is in four matches and the first is between Gerwyn Price and Dave Chisnall. Chisnall played well in the first round, where he beat Adrian Lewis by 6-5. At the same time, he also averaged almost 98, which is a pretty fine average. Tonight he meets Gerwyn Price, who beat Kyle Anderson by 6-4 to reach the second round. The Welsh has only won once against Dave Chisnall in the four matches that the two have played against each other. The victory was back in 2016.

Then Cristo Reyes, who sensationally beat Mensur Suljovic in the first round, is up against Darren Webster. The two have met twice before and here there have been two victories for the little Englishman. The one time was during this year’s Danish Darts Open, where Darren Webster won by 6-5. On the paper, Webster should win again, but after yesterday’s matches there is nothing safe in this tournament.

James Wade will then try to win against Ricky Evans. Ricky Evans comes with confidence as he beat Daryl Gurney in yesterday’s match, winning by 6-4. James Wade won by 6-3 agianst Martin Schindler in the first round. Ricky Evans and James Wade have met three times before, and there have been two wins for Ricky Evans, who has a small upper hand against James Wade.

The last match of the evening is between Max Hopp and James Wilson. Max Hopp experienced a massive backing from the crowd yesterday when he beat William O’Connor without much hassle. The Irishman had major problems facing the massive pressure, a pressure that James Wilson will face today. However, it must be assumed that Wilson has some more routine and can look beyond this. That’s why Max Hopp will have to find an extra gear today, because Wilson comes with a good experience. Thus he surely won against Jonny Clayton in yesterday’s match, where he played with an average just below 104.

This evenings matches can be seen on PDC.TV and from eight o’clock.

Saturday October 28 (2000 local time, 1900 UK time)
Second Round
Gerwyn Price v Dave Chisnall
Cristo Reyes v Darren Webster
James Wade v Ricky Evans
Max Hopp v James Wilson

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It’s the second day of the European Championship

The European Championship is ongoing and especially one match stands out of todays program.

The European Championship was launched in good style. Virtually all favorites passed on from yesterday’s matches. However, Ian White have already left the tournament, because he lost 6-1 against Richard North.
Paul Nicholson also started very well against Michael van Gerwen. After two legs, the Australian was ahead by 2-0, and at the same time both players had an average above 120 at that time. However, Paul Nicholson fell a level or two, thus Michael van Gerwen could secure the 6-2 win with a 170-checkout alon the way.

Peter Wright also showed good form by beating Jermaine Wattimena by 6-0. Thus the Scottsman got the biggest victory yesterday.

Today it is again on for the first round and it already starts at 01.45 pm. Here, Jonny Clayton is up against James Wilson. The match is followed by Darren Webster and Stephen Bunting before Gerwyn Price and Kyle Anderson face each other.

Mensur Suljovic, who comes with one European Tour title, will meet Spanish Cristo Reyes. Mensur Suljovic goes into this fight with the statistics in his hand. The last three matches between the two has ended with a total of three 6-3 wins to the Austrian.

Then Daryl Gurney faces Ricky Evans. Even though it did not become a title defense at the World Grand Prix for Daryl Gurney, after all, he reached the semifinals and he looks like a man in great shape.

Max Hopp then faces William O’Connor before James Wade and Martin Schindler takes the stage.

The afternoon is shut down with a bang of a fight. Here, former world champion Adrian Lewis faces Dave Chisnall. The two players usually plays some outright exciting matches when they finally meet. However, the two last met each other over one year ago, and there it was a victory of 6-3 to Chisnall. However, it was in the middle of Lewis’ worst period, so it can easily be a close match tonight. One thing is certainly sure, it will not be a struggle without 180’s.

In the evening, it’s on for the second round.

First, Joe Cullen will face Michael Smith. None of the two had major problems in advancing yesterday, but tonight the competition is sharpened a lot. They have met each other thirteen times, and Joe Cullen leads by 7-6, so everything indicates another tight match tonight.

Then Simon Whitlock is heading for Peter Wright. Peter Wright impressed yesterday when he beat Jermaine Wattimena by 6-0, and at the same time had an average of just over 101. He may not win by the same figures tonight, because Whitlock played with the same average yesterday when he beat Steve Beaton by 6-3. The only difference was that Beaton played something better than Wattimena. However, Peter Wright has won the last six mutual matches, so Whitlock will have to hit the same level as yesterday if he wants to breake the streak.

Richard North then faces Rob Cross. The two have only met twice and, in fact, Rob Cross has never won. Should he change it, it will help significantly if he at least lands a 97-average as in his match against Danny Noppert yesterday.

Michael van Gerwen is the last man on stage tonight when he meets Steve West. The Englishman has never won against Michael van Gerwen, although he has had 11 attempts. It will hardly be this evening that he changes the statistics, but as you say – never say never.

All matches can be watched on PDC.TV from 01.45 and again from 008.00. As always, you can get an overview of the matches below:

Friday October 26
Afternoon Session (1345 local time, 1245 UK time)

First Round
Jonny Clayton v James Wilson
Darren Webster v Stephen Bunting
Gerwyn Price v Kyle Anderson
Mensur Suljovic v Cristo Reyes
Daryl Gurney v Ricky Evans
Max Hopp v William O’Connor
James Wade v Martin Schindler
Adrian Lewis v Dave Chisnall

Evening Session (2000 local time, 1900 UK time)
Second Round
Joe Cullen v Michael Smith
Simon Whitlock v Peter Wright
Richard North v Rob Cross
Michael van Gerwen v Steve West

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Unibet European Championship starts today

Unibet European Championship starts today and there will be some pretty good matches.

It is time for the European season finale. Thus the European Tour will reach its end for this season, and it has been a memorable season. Especially Michael van Gerwen has impressed with no less than eight tournament wins out of 13 possible. The remaining five have been distributed to Mensur Suljovic, who won in Denmark, Max Hopp, Ian White, Johnny Clayton and Gerwyn Price.

Today, we have two of the season’s tournament winners on the program, but before Ian White is on stage, Steve West starts playing against Mervyn King. A showdown, which can easily be a very well-played affair. Both players have shown examples of very nice level throughout the season.

Then it is Ian White on the stage. Here he will meet Richard North.

Subsequently, Simon Whitlock will play against Steve Beaton, followed by Michael Smith against Steve Lennon.

Among the last four matches of the day we find no less than three past or present world champions. First, Jelle Klaasen will play against Joe Cullen. It’s been a long time since we have seen a good level from Jelle Klaasen, but today would be a great time to get back on track.

Then Paul Nicholson faces a difficult task when he meets Michael van Gerwen. The Australian have previously beat the dutchman, but the statistics are still 13-3 in Michael van Gerwen’s favor.

Rob Cross takes the scene in the evening’s second-last match, where he meets Danny Noppert. Rob Cross is undoubtedly the favorite in this showdown, but the season has been something of a roller coaster ride for the world champion. So it becomes interesting to see what level he finds today.

The last match is between Peter Wright and Jermaine Wattimena. The last time the young Dutchman won against Peter Wright, was back in 2016.

All the matches can be seen on PDC.TV from eight o’clock tonight. In addition, you can get an overview of the entire tournament below:

Unibet European Championship
Schedule of Play
Thursday October 25 (2000 local time, 1900 UK time)

First Round x8
Steve West v Mervyn King
Ian White v Richard North
Simon Whitlock v Steve Beaton
Michael Smith v Steve Lennon
Joe Cullen v Jelle Klaasen
Michael van Gerwen v Paul Nicholson
Rob Cross v Danny Noppert
Peter Wright v Jermaine Wattimena

Friday October 26
Afternoon Session (1345 local time, 1245 UK time)

First Round x8
Jonny Clayton v James Wilson
Darren Webster v Stephen Bunting
Gerwyn Price v Kyle Anderson
Mensur Suljovic v Cristo Reyes
Daryl Gurney v Ricky Evans
Max Hopp v William O’Connor
James Wade v Martin Schindler
Adrian Lewis v Dave Chisnall

Evening Session (2000 local time, 1900 UK time)
Second Round x4
Cullen/Klaasen v Smith/Lennon
Whitlock/Beaton v Wright/Wattimena
White/North v Cross/Noppert
Van Gerwen/Nicholson v West/King

Saturday October 27 (2000 local time, 1900 UK time)
Second Round x4
Price/Anderson v Lewis/Chisnall
Suljovic/Reyes v Webster/Bunting
Wade/Schindler v Gurney/Evans
Hopp/O’Connor v Clayton/Wilson

Sunday October 28
Afternoon Session (1345 local time, 1245 UK time)

Evening Session (2000 local time, 1900 UK time)

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Michael van Gerwen won the European Darts Trophy

Michael van Gerwen won another European Tour event this evening.

The season’s last Europe Tour event is over. The winner became Michael van Gerwen, who has won eight of the total 13 events this season.

Michael van Gerwen beat Stephen Bunting, Daryl Gurney and Michael Smith to reach the final of the day. The opponent was James Wade, who had beat Darren Webster, Rob Cross and Richard North to reach the final.

Despite a close start of the match, there was never the big doubt about the outcome. At 4-3, Michael van Gerwen did not lose any legs and ended up winning the match by 8-3, with an impressive average at 111.27. Along the way, Michael van Gerwen checked out 119 by hitting bull, 19 and bull.

At the same time it is now clear how the field will look like at the European Championship. Below you can see how the first round will take out.

European Championship takes place from 25 October to 28 October.

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Final day of the European Darts Trophy

It is the last day of the European Darts Trophy and therefore we are ready to find the winner.

It has become time for the European Darts Trophy last day and it is a strong field that will fight for the victory. Many of the favorites went on from yesterday’s matches, but there were disappointments amongst them. Joe Cullen, Simon Whitlock and, most surprisingly, Peter Wright got sent out yesterday.

Today it time for the third round, quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final.

Michaen van Gerwen starts against Stephen Bunting, followed by Matthew Edgar against Daryl Gurney. After a close match against Joe Cullen yesterday, Matthew Edgar could won by 6-5. In spite of Joe Cullen being the favorite yesterday, Daryl Gurney is a hard opponent, so Matthew Edgar will probably have a hard time today.

Michael Smith then faces Steve Beaton before John Henderson goes on stage to play against Dave Chisnall. John Henderson can still reach the season finale if he reaches the final today.

Jelle Klaasen, who sent Peter Wright out of the tournament, is facing Martin Schindler, before Jonny Clayton will try to end the tournament for Richard North. However, Richard North can still secure a seat at the season finale. Unlike John Henderson, he only needs to win this match to be sure.

The last two matches are between James Wade and Darren Webster, and Rob Cross and Max Hopp.

After the break, it is time for the quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final.

All matches can be watched on PDC.TV from one o’clock and you can get an overview below.

2018 European Darts Trophy (ET13)
Schedule of Play
Sunday October 14
Afternoon Session (1pm local time, 12pm BST)

Third Round
Michael van Gerwen v Stephen Bunting
Matthew Edgar v Daryl Gurney
Michael Smith v Steve Beaton
John Henderson v Dave Chisnall
Jelle Klaasen v Martin Schindler
Jonny Clayton v Richard North
James Wade v Darren Webster
Rob Cross v Max Hopp

Evening Session (7.15pm local time, 6.15pm BST)

Van Gerwen/Bunting v Edgar/Gurney
Smith/Beaton v Henderson/Chisnall
Klaasen/Schindler v Clayton/North
Wade/Webster v Cross/Hopp


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Day two of the European Darts Trophy

The first day is over and now it is time for the Saturday matches, in which the favorites enter.

It’s Saturday and so it’s time for the second round. The first round without the biggest surprises, but if you have to mention some, it may be Gabriel Clemens’ 6-3 victory against Brendan Dolan, Marko Kanteles 6-3 victory against Robert Marijanovic and Krzyzstof Ratajski’s 6-5 victory against Steve West.

Otherwise, it was almost only victories for the favorites yesterday and it also meant that Martin Schindler and Steve Beaton secured their seats at the European Championship.

It’s time for the second round, and the first game on today’s program is Joe Cullen against Matthew Edgar. The two met each other some weeks ago at the Players Championship, where Joe Cullen won by 6-3.

Then Michael Smith will meat Marko Kantele. Marko Kantele played a great game yesterday, with a lot of maxis, but maybe Michael Smith will be too big of a challenge for Marko Kantele.

The afternoon will also see the likes of Dave Chisnall, Stephen Bunting, Daryl Gurney and Simon Whitlock. The afternoon ends with Jonny Clayton, who will face Brendan Dolan’s superior, Gabriel Clemens.

The evening session is being started by Mervyn King, which will go up against young Martin Schindler. Then Gerwyn Price comes on stage when he go up against Steve Beaton.

Later in the evening we will see a match between two really good friends, Michael van Gerwen and Vincent van der Voort. A Dutch showdown, which can be really interesting, especially if Vincent van der Voort can find some of his best level.

Peter Wright will meet Jelle Klaasen before James Wade faces Toni Alcinas.

The evening will end when Rob Cross gets up against Jeffrey de Zwaan. The young Dutchman has been on the lips of many this season, but if he shall reach the season finale, he have to reach the final this weekend. But he have to beat the world champion first. In fact, they have never met before, so who knows what is waiting.

Remember, as always, you can see the matches on PDC.TV from one o’clock, and in addition you can see all of the matches below:

Saturday October 13
Second Round
Afternoon Session (1pm local time, 12pm BST)
Joe Cullen v Matthew Edgar
Michael Smith v Marko Kantele
Dave Chisnall v Ryan Joyce
Stephen Bunting v Mickey Mansell
Daryl Gurney v Luke Humphries
Simon Whitlock v Richard North
Ian White v John Henderson
Jonny Clayton v Gabriel Clemens

Evening Session (7.15pm local time, 6.15pm BST)
Mervyn King v Martin Schindler
Gerwyn Price v Steve Beaton
Darren Webster v Ricky Evans
Michael van Gerwen v Vincent van der Voort
Peter Wright v Jelle Klaasen
James Wade v Toni Alcinas
Max Hopp v Krzysztof Ratajski
Rob Cross v Jeffrey de Zwaan

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