Good weekend for Niels-Jørgen Hansen at the Challenge Tour

Photo: Mads Magnussen/PDC Nordic & Baltic

The Challenge Tour was back on the program this weekend and Sunday was a really good day for Niels-Jørgen Hansen.

At Saturday the Challenge Tour 9 started the weekend. The PDC Nordic & Baltic region was represented by Dennis Nilsson, Mindaugas Barauskas, Niels Heinsøe, Niels-Jørgen Hansen and Ivan Springborg.

Dennis Nilsson ended up as the only one of the five to gain some prize money in the Challenge Tour 9, as he got to the round of 64.
He won the round of 128 by 5-2 against John Bowles before losing 5-4 in a close match against Wessel Nijman in the round of 64.

The event was won by Cody Harris, who impressed with a 103.4 average in the final.

At the Challenge Tour 10 it was time for Ivan Springborg to get some prize money, as he also got himself into the round of 64.
In the round of 128 he won by 5-1 against Stefan Taferner. Unfortunately he did not get that much of a chance in the round of 64, as he lost 5-0 against David Evans.

Nick Fullwell ended up as the winner of the event, after he beat Cody Harris in the semi-final.

Sunday was by far the best day for the PDC Nordic & Baltic region, as the five players managed to get £450 overall.

Only Niels-Jørgen Hansen managed to get prize money in the Challenge Tour 11, as he reached the round of 32. He won his first two matches by 5-3 before striking out against Paul Rowley with a 5-4 loss.

The young Dutchman Berry van Peer won the event after a 5-2 win against Cameron Menzies in the final.

At the Challenge Tour 12 Mindaugas Barauskas won his first ever prize money on the Challenge Tour, as he reached the round of 64 and secured himself £50.

Also Dennis Nilsson managed to get some more prize money to the ranking, as he reached the round of 32. Meaning he got himself another £100.

But the best result came from Niels-Jørgen Hansen, who reached the round of 16. The best result for the Dane ever in the Challenge Tour, and the third best result for a player from the PDC Nordic & Baltic region this season.

He won his first two matches by 5-1, before battling a bit more in the round of 32 against Dale Everett. Fortunately he got himself out of that match with a 5-4 win. In the round of 16 he lost by 5-3 against Simon Preston.

Andy Jenkins ended up winning the event, and that concluded this Challenge Tour weekend.

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Qualification for the Youth World Darts Championship

Qualification for the Youth World Darts Championship will be held in Finland in October.

The PDC will have to find a new Youth World Dart Champion, as the reigning champion, Dimitri van den Bergh, has become to old for the tournament.

As always the PDC Nordic & Baltic will be represented at the tournament with two players. We just have to find out who it is going to be.

Therefore we will hold the qualification in October, when we are going to Finland for the fourth PDCNB-weekend. More precisely it will be held at Friday October 11 at 19:00 at the Hotel Tallukka.

The entry-fee will be 30€.

If you want to participate, you have to be at least 16 years old at the 4. November, and you cannot be older than 23 at the same date.

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Jamie Hughes is the Czech Darts Open champion

Jamie Hughes has won the Czech Darts Open this evening when he beat Stephen Bunting in the final.

The Czech Darts Open has found its first winner ever. English Jamie Hughes has just won his first ever PDC-title.

Jamie Hughes started the day by beating Ron Meulenkamp by 6-3 in the third round. In the quarter-finals he beat Ian White by 6-5, before winning the semi-final by 7-3 against Simon Whitlock.

In the final, he faced Stephen Bunting, which he ended up beating by 8-3.

Stephen Bunting had otherwise played good during the day, winning against Chris Dobey, Daryl Gurney and Keegan Brown. Unfortunately for the former BDO world champion, he could not deliver in the final when Jamie Hughes moved up at the position 4-3.

The title also means that Jamie Hughes has secured a place at this year’s World Matchplay.

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Last day at the Czech Darts Open

The winner must be found at this year’s Czech Darts Open and it is already certain that it will not be another title for Michael van Gerwen.

It has become Sunday and thus it has also become time for the last day of this year’s Czech Darts Open. It also means that we will have find the winner, and it may not be quite easy to identify the real favorite after the fall of the favorites yesterday.

Yesterday, names such as Michael van Gerwen, Peter Wright, James Wade, Adrian Lewis and Michael Smith all lost.

This means that Michael van Gerwen does not get his fifth victory on the European tour, at least not this time. On the other hand, Ian White can still race for victory and thus secure his third Europe Tour title this year.

If he must succeed in doing so, he must start beating Andrew Gilding this afternoon.

Before this match, however, there have already been a lot of matches on the program, where it all starts with Keegan Brown, who is going up against Danny Noppert. It was the same Keegan Brown who yesterday sent Michael van Gerwen out of the tournament with a 6-5 win.

Mensur Suljovic will face Ted Evetts, before Stephen Bunting, who beat Peter Wright yesterday, will try against Chris Dobey.

Daryl Gurney, who won the German Darts Championship earlier this year, is up against Jermaine Wattimena, and then Ian White will be on stage.

After that match, there are still three games on the program, the first of which is Jamie Hughes, who is up against Ron Meulenkamp, ​​before the two kings, Mervyn King and Corey “King” Cadby will fight for the throne.

The last match of the afternoon will also be a thriller when Gerwyn Price is up against Simon Whitlock. Gerwyn Price was very good yesterday when he beat Glen Durrant by 6-4. With an average of 100.70 and a 9-darter in the last leg, Price seems incredibly hot at the time.

The evening’s program will, as always, consist of quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final.

All matches can be seen on from one o’clock, and you can always create an overview below:

Sunday June 30
Afternoon Session (13.00)
Third Round

Keegan Brown v Danny Noppert
Mensur Suljovic v Ted Evetts
Stephen Bunting v Chris Dobey
Daryl Gurney v Jermaine Wattimena
Ian White v Andrew Gilding
Jamie Hughes v Ron Meulenkamp
Mervyn King v Corey Cadby
Gerwyn Price v Simon Whitlock

Evening Session (19.15)

Brown/Noppert v Suljovic/Evetts
Bunting/Dobey v Gurney/Wattimena
White/Gilding v Hughes/Meulenkamp
King/Cadby v Price/Whitlock


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Czech Darts Open continues without Razma and Larsson

It is time for the second day at the Czech Darts Open and thus time for the seeded players.

As always, the seeded players enter at the second day of a European tour, and this is no different at the Czech Darts Open. Maybe the difference is that the day today offers a lot of good games.

The afternoon starts with Jonny Clayton against Jermaine Wattimena, after which Darren Webster will go up against Danny Noppert.

In addition, the afternoon will also feature matches between Simon Whitlock and Justin Pipe, Daryl Gurney and William O’Connor, and James Wade against Mervyn King in the last match of the afternoon.

Justin Pipe won by 6-4 against Madars Razma yesterday.

Tonight, it all starts with Ricky Evans against Ted Evetts before Joe Cullen faces Chris Dobey. Peter Wright will then take the stage in the capital of the Czech Republic where he will face Stephen Bunting.

Their match will be followed by Michael van Gerwen, who is back on the European tour. He is up against English Keegan Brown.

Mensur Suljovic will then play against John Henderson before Gerwyn Price faces Glen Durrant, who impressed with a fantastic average of 110.12 yesterday when he beat Swedish Daniel Larsson with 6-1.

Adrian Lewis will be up against Jamie Hughes in tonight’s penultimate game before the evening is shut down with a treat of a match when Michael Smith is heading up against Corey Cadby.

The matches can be seen on from one o’clock. In addition, you can create an overview of today’s matches below:

Second Round
Afternoon Session (13.00)

Jonny Clayton v Jermaine Wattimena
Darren Webster v Danny Noppert
Simon Whitlock v Justin Pipe
Nathan Aspinall v Andrew Gilding
Daryl Gurney v William O’Connor
Ian White v Karel Sedlacek
Steve Beaton v Ron Meulenkamp
James Wade v Mervyn King

Evening Session (19.15)
Ricky Evans v Ted Evetts
Joe Cullen v Chris Dobey
Peter Wright v Stephen Bunting
Michael van Gerwen v Keegan Brown
Mensur Suljovic v John Henderson
Gerwyn Price v Glen Durrant
Adrian Lewis v Jamie Hughes
Michael Smith v Corey Cadby

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Razma and Larsson are ready in Prague

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

It’s time for the ninth European Tour, this time in the Czech Republic.

Today is the day, that the Czech Republic will have their first European Tour ever, as the Czech Darts Opens starts today.

The PDC Nordic & Baltic region will be represented by no less than two players, as both Madars Razma and Daniel Larsson will be in action.

Madars Razma will play Justin Pipe in the second match of the afternoon, and Daniel Larsson will face Glen Durrant in the first match of the evening session. Should Madars Razma win against Justin Pipe, he will have to face Simon Whitlock tomorrow. Daniel Larsson will go up against Gerwyn Price, if the can beat the three time BDO World Champion.

Other than the Latvian and the Swede, we will also see Corey Cadby making his European Tour debut, as he will face Wessel Nijman in the afternoon.

The afternoon will also give us names as Danny Noppert, Jermaine Wattimena, John Henderson and Brendan Dolan.
Brendan Dolan will go up against the home favorite Karel Sedlacek.

In the evening, we will see a couple of big clashes, as Mervyn King takes on Steve West. Krzysztof Ratajski will take on Ted Evetts, and Stephen Bunting will have to go up against Robert Thornton.

As always the program starts at one o’clock and you can see all the matches on You can also get an overview of the program below:

First Round
Afternoon Session (13.00)

Danny Noppert v Stefan Bellmont
Madars Razma v Justin Pipe
Jermaine Wattimena v Kevin Garcia
Karel Sedlacek v Brendan Dolan
Wessel Nijman v Corey Cadby
William Borland v John Henderson
Ondrej Pisek v Keegan Brown
Andrew Gilding v Rowby-John Rodriguez

Evening Session (19.15)
Glen Durrant v Daniel Larsson
Mervyn King v Steve West
Vaclav Shieferdecker v William O’Connor
Krzysztof Ratajski v Ted Evetts
Chris Dobey v Sebastian Steyer
Ron Meulenkamp v Jan Hlavacek
Stephen Bunting v Robert Thornton
Jamie Hughes v Devon Petersen


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Fine weekend for Marko Kantele and Madars Razma

Photo: Mads Magnussen/PDC Nordic & Baltic

Another two Players Championship & ET Qualifying events were played this weekend in Wigan.

On Saturday the Players Championship 17 was held. For Marko Kantele it was quite a good day at the office. He started the day by beating Andrew Gilding 6-4 in the first round.
He then won by the same score against Shaun Carroll in the second round, before winning with the exact same score once again in the third round against Kyle Anderson.

In the last 16 he was up against Krzysztof Ratajski. After a really close match, and a 94.6 average for the Finn, Marko Kantele unfortunately lost by 6-5. Krzystof Ratajski then went on and won the entire tournament, beating Nathan Aspinall by 8-3 in the final.

Darius Labanauskas managed to reach the round of the last 64 before losing 6-1 to William O’Connor. Madars Razma lost in the first round, he was up against the World Youth Champion, Dimitri van den Bergh who played exceptionally well . He lost that game by 6-3.

Today things were a lot better for Madars Razma as he reached the last 16. The Latvian started by beating Carl Wilkinson by 6-2 in the first round, followed up by beating Mickey Mansell by 6-1 in the second.
In the third round he won by 6-3 against Joe Cullen, before William O’Connor became too much in the fourth round. The Irishman won by 6-0.
Madars Razma averaged impressive 93,52 throughout the four matches.

Just as yesterday, Darius Labanauskas reached the last 64, in which he lost 6-4 against James Richardson. In the first round he had won by 6-5 against Christan Bunse.

Marko Kantele lost in the first round by 6-3 to Luke Woodhouse.

The tournament was won by James Wade. He won 8-5 against Jose De Sousa in the final. James Wade has now won four Players Champioonships this year.

To add, the European qualifications for the Czech Darts Open (ET9) and the Austrian Darts Championship (ET10), were held on Friday. Madars Razma managed to qualify for the Czech Darts Open and will be joining Daniel Larsson in Prague. The Latvian impressed with his first ever 9-darter in the PDC, he hit the perfect leg against Cristo Reyes.

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Dave Chisnall wins the Danish Darts Open 2019

The Danish Darts Open 2019 has found its champion, as Dave Chisnall won the final this evening.

Dave Chisnall is the Danish Darts Open champion after he won 8-3 against Chris Dobey in the final.

The day started with a 6-2 victory against Kirk Shepherd in the third round for Chris Dobey. In the quarter-final he had to go up against the European Tour-debutant, Jose De Sousa.

The match started quite well for Chris Dobey, who got himself in front by 2-1 and later 4-2. Jose De Sousa fought his way back into the game and even got ahead by 5-4, before Chris Dobey took the last two legs to secure the victory.

In the semi-final Gerwyn Price waited. Gerwyn Price showed an incredible level in both the third round and the quarter-final, but against Chris Dobey, he looked a bit more human, even though he averaged 99.08, and lost by 7-4.

And then Chris Dobey was ready for his first ever European final.

Dave Chisnall started the day with a tough match against Mensur Suljovic. ‘Chizzy’ got up by 3-0, but Mensur got himself back in the match, but never ahead. And after a lot of legs, where none of the two made a break of throw, Dave Chisnall could secure the victory in the last and deciding leg.

In the quarter-final he was up against Jermaine Wattimena. Unfortunately for the Dutchman, he could not do anything against Dave Chisnall and lost by 6-1.

In the semi-final Dave Chisnall started with a really high level and got himself in front by 5-2. Jonny Clayton then began hitting his targets, and suddenly the score was 5-5. Dave Chisnall continued with a really high level after this and once again, he had to secure the victory in the last and deciding leg.

In the final Chris Dobey got himself in front by 2-0, even with a 146 checkout in the first leg, before Dave Chisnall got on 2-1 and 2-2 afterwards. With a 40 checkout Dave Chisnall then got himself in front by 2-3, before going up by 2-4 with a 32 checkout.

Chris Dobey then made the score 3-4, before Dave Chisnall got up by 3-5. In the ninth leg Dave Chisnall missed two darts for a 60 checkout. Chris Dobey also missed two darts for 56 checkout, and therefore Dave Chisnall had another chance, took advantage, and got himself up by 3-6. ‘Chizzy’ then took another step towards the title checking out 32, just after Chris Dobey missed a dart for a 140 checkout.

In the 11th leg Dave Chisnall secured the European title with an 115 checkout.

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Final day of the Danish Darts Open 2019

It is time to find the Danish Darts Open 2019 champion. Who will it be?

We have reached the final day of the Danish Darts Open 2019. Unfortunately we will not see any players from the PDC Nordic & Baltic region.

So it was that Per Laursen lost 6-5 against Jonny Clayton in a nail-biting match. Per Laursen was up by 0-2, 1-3 and even 4-5. Eventually he had a go at the double 20 for an 80 checkout and for the match, but unfortunately it was not to be and then Jonny Clayton checked out 20 on the first dart.

Per Laursen just missed the double 20 for the match. Photo: Mads Magnussen/PDC Nordic & Baltic

Dennis Nilsson also had to say goodbye, as he lost 6-3 against James Wade, even though he was 1-3 up. Dennis Nilsson still averaged a fine 89,87.

Today we have to find the new champion of the Danish Darts Open, and the day starts with Gerwyn Price against Stephen Bunting. Gerwyn Price had some trouble against Ryan Harrington yesterday, but eventually won the match by 6-4.

Peter Wright will also get on stage once again after he won 6-2 against William O’Connor yesterday. ‘Snakebite’ will go up against Joe Cullen.

Then Kirk Shepherd, who made the biggest surprise yesterday by beating Rob Cross, will go up against Chris Dobey, before Daryl Gurney takes on Jose De Sousa.

Afterwards the two who eliminated Dennis Nilsson and Per Laursen, James Wade and Jonny Clayton will take on the stage, before Adrian Lewis takes on another Australian. He won 6-4 against Kyle Anderson yesterday and will now face Simon Whitlock.

The last two matches of the afternoon will be between defending champion Mensur Suljovic and Dave Chisnall, and Ian White against Jermaine Wattimena, who won 6-4 against Michael Smith in the last match yesterday.

Third Round
Afternoon Session (13.00)

Gerwyn Price v Stephen Bunting
Peter Wright v Joe Cullen
Kirk Shepherd v Chris Dobey
Daryl Gurney v Jose de Sousa
James Wade v Jonny Clayton
Adrian Lewis v Simon Whitlock
Mensur Suljovic v Dave Chisnall
Ian White v Jermaine Wattimena

Evening Session (19.15)

All games up to and including the quarter-finals are the best of 11 legs, with the semi-finals the best of 13 legs and the final the best of 15 legs.

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Second day at the Danish Darts Open – Per Laursen and Dennis Nilsson in action

It’s time for the second day at the Danish Darts Open, with Per Laursen and Dennis Nilsson in action.

The first day at the Danish Darts Open was without many big surprises. Kevin Burness’ victory against Glen Durrant was the only big surprise, but according to the bookies, it was also a surpise, that Per Laursen won against Reece Robinson and that Dennis Nilsson won against Steve Lennon.

As for the rest players from the PDC Nordic & Baltic region, Teuvo Haverinen lost by 6-1 against Cody Harris, Kim Viljanen had some double-trouble against Martin Schindler and lost 6-0 and Niels-Jørgen Hansen had his opportunities against Ryan Harrington, but eventually lost by 6-4.

This means, that we will only see Per Laursen and Dennis Nilsson today. Per Laursen will play the third match of the afternoon, going up against Jonny Clayton.

Per Laursen after his victory against Reece Robinson. Photo: Mads Magnussen/PDC Nordic & Baltic

Before that Stephen Bunting will start the afternoon against Cody Harris, with Darren Webster against Jose De Sousa just afterwards.

The finalist from last year, Simon Whitlock, will also participate in the afternoon session, as he will go up against Nathan Aspinall.

The afternoon will be shut down by Ricky Evans and Chris Dobey.

After the break Gerwyn Price will start the show against Ryan Harrington, before former World Champion Rob Cross will go up against Kirk Shepherd, who won against Vincent van der Voort yesterday..

Peter Wright will also go on stage, as he will face William O’Connor. A rematch for William O’Connor after the World Cup final.

Dennis Nilsson will take on the stage afterwards, when he will go up against James Wade. After his impressive 6-0 win against Steve Lennon yesterday, the Swede told, that he feared no one, not even James Wade.

Dennis Nilsson showed all his emotions after the win yesterday. Photo: Mads Magnussen/PDC Nordic & Baltic

The defending champion, Mensur Suljovic, will go up against Gabriel Clemens, who won 6-3 against Mervyn King in the afternoon yesterday.

The last match of the day is between Jermaine Wattimena and Michael Smith.

All matches can be streamed at from one’clock. As always you can get an overview below:

Second Round
Afternoon Session (13.00)
Stephen Bunting v Cody Harris
Darren Webster v Jose De Sousa
Jonny Clayton v Per Laursen
Dave Chisnall v Krzysztof Ratajski
Simon Whitlock v Nathan Aspinall
Joe Cullen v Kevin Burness
Daryl Gurney v Ryan Joyce
Ricky Evans v Chris Dobey

Evening Session (19.15)
Gerwyn Price v Ryan Harrington
Rob Cross v Kirk Shepherd
Peter Wright v William O’Connor
James Wade v Dennis Nilsson
Adrian Lewis v Kyle Anderson
Mensur Suljovic v Gabriel Clemens
Ian White v Martin Schindler
Jermaine Wattimena v Michael Smith

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