Rollercoaster weekend for Darius Labanauskas

Darius Labanauskas reached the final at yesterday’s Players Championship, but lost in first round today.

Players Championship 15 and Players Championship 16 were being held this weekend. Especially Players Championship 15 was good, if you look at it with PDCNB-glasses.

Darius Labanauskas reached the final, in which he unfortunately lost 8-1 against Glen Durrant. Before the final, the Lithuanian beat Gabriel Clemens, Bradley Brooks, Cristo Reyes, Steve Beaton, Ryan Meikle and Ron Meulenkamp.

Throughout the entire tournament, Darius Labanauskas played with an average of 91,15.

Marko Kantele reached the second round, as he won 6-4 against Jonathan Worsley. In the second round he met Max Hopp and lost 6-4.

Madars Razma lost already in the first round, as he lost 6-4 against Ian White who averaged 101,3.

Today it was a bit different for Darius Labanauskas, as he lost already in the first round against Ross Smith by 6-3.

Marko Kantele also lost 6-3 in the first round, as he met Ricky Evans.

Madars Ramza though reached the second round. In the first round he won 6-3 against Joe Cullen. Unfortunately his average fell to much in the second round as he lost 6-2 against Harry Ward.

Harry Ward did not stop winning after that and therefore he won Players Championship 16.

The results of the weekend sees Darius Labanauskas as number 25 on the Players Championship Order of Merit. The top 64 qualify for the Players Championship Finals in November.

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Tough draw for Denmark and Finland at the World Cup of Darts

The draw for the World Cup of Darts has been made.

Two days ago the draw for the World Cup of Darts was made. And so we now know, that Denmark will go up against Scotland and Finland will go up against Australia.

Lithuania and Sweden were not as unlucky, as they drew New Zealand and Brazil respectively.

The program for the first round has also been made, and therefor we know, that Lithuania, Sweden and Denmark will play Thursday June 6. Denmark’s match against Scotland will be the last match on Thursday.

Finland will have to wait until Friday June 7 before they will go up against Australia. That match will be the second to last at Friday.

As always the World Cup of Darts will be held in Hamburg, so if you wanna go and cheer for some of the PDCNB nations, you can get your tickets for the event by clicking here.

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Ian White won European Darts Grand Prix

Ian White won the European Darts Grand Prix by an 8-7 victory against Peter Wright.

Most had expected another tournament victory for Michael van Gerwen, as today’s program started at one o’clock.

That’s not how it went. On the other hand, it became only the second victory on the European Tour for Ian White, who won the Dutch Darts Championship in 2018.

Ian White started the day by winning 6-3 against Keegan Brown in the third round. In the quarter-finals he faced Jeffrey de Zwaan, who did not give any big problems when Ian White won the match by 6-1.

In the semi-finals he won 7-5 against Steve Beaton, and was thus ready to meet Peter Wright in the final. Peter Wright had beaten Jonny Clayton, Michael van Gerwen and Jamie Hughes before reaching the final.

In the final, Ian White got off to a good start and came ahead by 3-1. However, Peter Wright equalized to 3-3 and then the two followed until 6-6.

In the thirteenth leg, Peter Wright broke and took the lead by 7-6. So suddenly it looked like the final was close to settled. But Ian White broke back at 7-7, and when Peter Wright did not hit the level in the decisive set, Ian White could celebrate his first tournament victory in 2019.

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Final day at the European Darts Grand Prix

The European Darts Grand Prix will be ​​decided today and Michael van Gerwen can still regain the title.

It’s time to settle the European Darts Grand Prix. Michael van Gerwen is still part of the field, and therefore he can still regain his title from 2018.

However, there are still many who will certainly try to kick the Dutchman off the throne, so we must see if one can succeed with it.

The afternoon starts with Ian White, who is up against Keegan Brown. Then Jeffrey de Zwaan, who won 6-3 against Rob Cross yesterday, will play against Michael Smith.

Ryan Searle, who wasn’t in action yesterday, is up against Steve Beaton in today’s third game before Gerwyn Price is up against Darren Webster.

Daryl Gurney did not resemble a man who would qualify for today. He was down by 5-2 against Chris Dobey yesterday, as it looked the worst. However, the Northern Irishman turned it all upside down and won 6-5, and therefore he is ready for today’s round, where he will meet Nathan Aspinall.

Jamie Hughes is subsequently facing Mark McGeeney. Jamie Hughes impressed yesterday when he averaged 103.97 against Adrian Lewis in a match he won 6-3.

Peter Wright will meet Jonny Clayton. The two have not met each other since 2017, and here it became a victory for Peter Wright. In fact, the two have only met each other three times in their careers, and Peter Wright has won all three showdowns.

Michael van Gerwen shuts down the afternoon when he meets James Richardson. The Dutch had a little trouble finding the level when he just beat Brendan Dolan by 6-5 yesterday. On the other hand, James Richardson impressed with a nice average of 102.19 when he beat Mervyn King by 6-3.

The evening’s program will consist of quarter-finals, where Michael van Gerwen may risk meeting Peter Wright, semi-finals and the final.

All matches can be followed on from one o’clock, and as always you can create an overview of the program below:

2019 European Darts Grand Prix
Sunday May 12
Afternoon Session (13.00)

Third Round
Ian White v Keegan Brown
Jeffrey de Zwaan v Michael Smith
Steve Beaton v Ryan Searle
Gerwyn Price v Darren Webster
Daryl Gurney v Nathan Aspinall
Jamie Hughes v Mark McGeeney
Peter Wright v Jonny Clayton
Michael van Gerwen v James Richardson

Evening Session (19.15)
White/Brown v De Zwaan/Smith
Beaton/Searle v Price/Webster
Gurney/Aspinall v Hughes/McGeeney
Wright/Clayton v Van Gerwen/Richardson



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European Darts Grand Prix without Razma and Viljanen

The second day starts today at the European Darts Grand Prix, which means that the seeded players enter the tournament.

According to the bookmakers, there were not many surprises yesterday. So it was only Mark McGeeney’s victory against Josh Payne, and Ryan Searle’s victory against Glen Durrant who didn’t go as the bookmakers had expected.

This meant that people like Krzysztof Ratajski, Keegan Browen, Dimitri van den Bergh and other players promoted themself to today’s round where the resistance undeniably gets a little harder.

Unfortunately this also means, that Kim Viljanen lost 6-1 against Nathan Aspinall and Madars Razma lost 6-0 against Chris Dobey.

Already now, though, Ryan Searle has qualified for the third round tomorrow. The Englishman had thus drawn James Wade in the second round, but as James Wade has withdrawn himself from the tournament, Searle received a BYE in today’s round. It also means that the afternoon program only consists of seven games, instead of the usual eight.

The afternoon starts as usual at 13.00 and there are some interesting matches from the start. So Michael Smith is up against Krzysztof Ratajski in today’s first game. Subsequently, Joe Cullen will face Mark McGeeney.

Ian White will also face Dimitri van den Bergh later in the day before Gerwyn Price finishes the afternoon against Gavin Carlin.

The evening’s program starts with a match between Rob Cross and Jeffrey de Zwaan. Then Darren Webster faces Vincent van der Voort before Daryl Gurney meets Chris Dobey.

Later in the evening, the two young players Max Hopp and Nathan Aspinall will face each other before Michael van Gerwen will defend his title against Brendan Dolan.

The evening’s program ends with Peter Wright, who is going up against Niels Zonneveld.

All matches of the day can be seen at from one o’clock, and as always you can create an overview of today’s matches below:

2019 European Darts Grand Prix
Saturday May 11
Second Round

Afternoon Session (13.00)
Michael Smith v Krzysztof Ratajski
Joe Cullen v Mark McGeeney
Jonny Clayton v Ross Smith
Mervyn King v James Richardson
Ricky Evans v Keegan Brown
Ian White v Dimitri Van den Bergh
Gerwyn Price v Gavin Carlin

Evening Session (19.15)
Rob Cross v Jeffrey de Zwaan
Darren Webster v Vincent van der Voort
Daryl Gurney v Chris Dobey
Mensur Suljovic v Steve Beaton
Adrian Lewis v Jamie Hughes
Max Hopp v Nathan Aspinall
Michael van Gerwen v Brendan Dolan
Peter Wright v Niels Zonneveld

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Madars Razma and Kim Viljanen ready to fight in Europe

Photo: PDC

The European Tour does not stand still and today the European Darts Grand Prix starts in Sindelfingen.

Michael van Gerwen has won the two latest European Tours in the form of the Austrian Darts Open and the German Darts Open. Today, the European Darts Grand Prix starts, which he won last year, so it will be exciting to see if he can get three in a row.

The Dutchman must not, however, take action until tomorrow, as the seeded players as always enter the tournament in the second round. We already know that he must face the winner of the match between Brendan Dolan and Michael Rosenauer.

The match is played in the afternoon’s program, which starts at 1 pm with Pero Ljubic against Ross Smith. Then names like James Richardson, Krzysztof Ratajski and Nathan Aspinall will be in action. The UK Open winner will face one of two PDC Nordic & Baltic representatives, Kim Viljanen.

Then Mark McGeeney will face Josh Payne in what will be Mark McGeeney’s debut on the European Tour.

Then the match between Brendan Dolan and Michael Rosenauer will air, just before Michael Rasztovits and Dimitri van den Bergh play the last match of the afternoon.

The evening’s program starts with Vincent van der Voort against Dave Prins. Subsequently, the second PDCNB representative will be in action when Madars Razma faces Chris Dobey.

During the evening, names like Jeffrey de Zwaan, Keegan Brown, Stephen Bunting and Jamie Hughes will be on stage before the evening ends with Ryan Searle, who is going up against Glen Durrant.

All matches can be followed on from one o’clock, and as always you can form an overview of the matches below:

Schedule of Play
Friday May 10

First Round
Afternoon Session (13.00)    
Pero Ljubic v Ross Smith
Matthew Edgar v James Richardson
Robert Owen v Krzysztof Ratajski
Niels Zonneveld v Michael Hurtz
Kim Viljanen v Nathan Aspinall
Mark McGeeney v Josh Payne
Brendan Dolan v Michael Rosenauer
Michael Rasztovits v Dimitri Van den Bergh

Evening Session (19.15)
Vincent van der Voort v Dave Prins
Chris Dobey v Madars Razma
Dragutin Horvat v Gavin Carlin
Stefan Bellmont v Jeffrey de Zwaan
Daniel Klose v Keegan Brown
Steve Beaton v Stephen Bunting
Ricardo Pietreczko v Jamie Hughes
Ryan Searle v Glen Durrant

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Lithuania included in the World Cup of Darts

Photo: PDC

Darius Labanauskas and Mindaugas Barauskas will represent Lithuania at the World Cup of Darts.

As we confirmed one week ago, we now know who will represent Denmark, Finland and Sweden at the World Cup of Darts in June.

The PDC Nordic & Baltic region will now be represented by one more nation, as Lithuania has been included at the World Cup of Darts, as they will replace Switzerland.

They will be represented by Darius Labanauskas and Mindaugas Barauskas.

This will be the first time ever for Lithuania at the World Cup of Darts.

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Michael van Gerwen won his fourth European Tour

Photo: Kais Bodensieck/PDC Europe

Michael van Gerwen won Austrian Darts Open, and therefor brings his European total up to four.

Michael van Gerwen won the Austrian Darts Open on an evening where Ian White did not make it easy for the Dutchman.

Michael van Gerwen otherwise started the day in convincing style, beating Stephen Bunting by 6-1 in the third round, then beating Peter Wright by 6-5 in the quarter-final.

In the semi-final, there was never really the big doubt when the Dutchman beat Daryl Gurney, thus stopping the Northern Irishman’s streak of three victories against Michael van Gerwen.

In the final, Michael van Gerwen stood against Ian White, who had beaten Keegan Brown, Steve Beaton and James Wade on his way to the final.

The experienced Englishman started good and got ahead by 3-1. Van Gerwen, however, got up on 3-3 shortly after, after which the two followed to position 5-5. Michael van Gerwen suddenly looked like the victor when he got ahead by 7-5. However, Ian White did not go without a fight and equalized to 7-7 before the Dutchman finally took the victory.

Thus Michael van Gerwen has now won four out of five European Tours this season.

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Third day at the Austrian Darts Open

Photo: PDC

The Austrian Darts Open will have a new champion and he will be found today.

It’s been time for the last and crucial day at the Austrian Darts Open. Yesterday, most of the favorites advantaged to today, where the biggest surprise was that defending champion Jonny Clayton lost 6-2 against Tytus Kanik.

At the same time, it means that the day today offers many matches with big names already in the third round.

Michael van Gerwen faces Stephen Bunting before Peter Wright will try to beat Jonny Clayton’s superior Tytus Kanik.

Adrian Lewis is up against Nathan Aspinall. The two met on Tuesday during the Players Championship 13, where Nathan Aspinall won by 7-4. It was the UK Open winner’s first victory against Adrian Lewis.

Daryl Gurney faces Mark Webster, before Darius Labanauskas, who again impressed with an average above 100 yesterday, will face Gerwyn Price.

The afternoon’s last three games stand between Mensur Suljovic against James Wade, Rob Cross against Steve Beaton and Ian White against Keegan Brown.

This evening, it will then be on for quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final.

It all starts at one o’clock and it can be followed on In addition, you can create an overview of all matches below:

Sunday May 5
Afternoon Session (13.00)

Third Round
Michael van Gerwen v Stephen Bunting
Peter Wright v Tytus Kanik
Adrian Lewis v Nathan Aspinall
Daryl Gurney v Mark Webster
Gerwyn Price v Darius Labanauskas
Mensur Suljovic v James Wade
Rob Cross v Steve Beaton
Ian White v Keegan Brown

Evening Session (19.15)

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Labanauskas continues his run in Austria

Photo: PDC/Lawrence Lustig

It is time for the seeded players to enter the tournament and it gives us some exciting matches.

The matches yesterday did not give us the big surprises. This means that the biggest names from yesterday went on to today and thus must meet the seeded players today. It has given us some interesting showdowns.

The first match of the day is between Ricky Evans and Darius Labanauskas, who was one of the great experiences yesterday when he averaged 103.93 against Michael Rasztovits and won 6-1.

Then Joe Cullen will face Mark Webster before Michael Smith will meet Steve Beaton.

Daryl Gurney is up against Boris Koltsov, who had major problems with the doubles in yesterday’s match against Johan Engström, but who nevertheless got victorious and won 6-5.

Nathan Aspinall, who beat Kim Huybrechts without the biggest level, will then face Dave Chisnall. The two have previously met each other four times, where it has become two victories for each.

Jonny Clayton and Adrian Lewis will also be in action before Darren Webster closes down the afternoon against Stephen Bunting.

After the break, even more delights come. First, Gerwyn Price is up against John Henderson, before Rob Cross faces Jeffrey de Zwaan.

Peter Wright will also be in action when he meets Chris Dobey.

Michael van Gerwen will meet Steve Lennon, who got through from the first round without any big problems, and then James Wade will face Mervyn King.

Mensur Suljovic is up against Raymond van Barneveld, who is still struggling to maintain his World Championship-giving place in the top 32.

Ian White will also be in action when he meets Jamie Hughes before Max Hopp and Keegan Brown plays the last match of the evening.

All matches can be seen on from one o’clock. As always, you can create an overview below:

Saturday May 4
Second Round
Afternoon Session (13.00)

Ricky Evans v Darius Labanauskas
Joe Cullen v Mark Webster
Michael Smith v Steve Beaton
Daryl Gurney v Boris Koltsov
Dave Chisnall v Nathan Aspinall
Jonny Clayton v Tytus Kanik
Adrian Lewis v Ryan Searle
Darren Webster v Stephen Bunting

Evening Session (19.15)
Gerwyn Price v John Henderson
Rob Cross v Jefffrey De Zwaan
Peter Wright v Chris Dobey
Michael van Gerwen v Steve Lennon
James Wade v Mervyn King
Mensur Suljovic v Raymond Van Barneveld
Ian White v Jamie Hughes
Max Hopp v Keegan Brown

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