Danish Darts Open was a great succes

People have been very pleased about the Danish Darts Open.

It has now been a little more than a week since we were allowed to see the big stars on the Danish stage. Now it’s time to sum it all up and people have almost only positive things to say about the event.

“It was a really good event, especially when you know it was the first time Denmark held a PDC-event,” says Jannie Andersen, who was a spectator at the event.

Nicolai Lolk Hansen was also on the floor and agrees with Jannie Andersen.

“It was way beyond expectation. I have been in Danish darts for over 20 years and I feared that it would be a tame atmosphere of a party. I feared, that we could not hit the level we see on the television, but It was well done to shame. Fantastic experience, “says Nicolai Lolk Hansen.

Both, however, agreed that the prices for beer and the like could have been a bit lower, but they are also aware that such an event need money to run around. For Jannie Andersen, the selection was too small as she did not drink beer or wine. She missed a cider or something similar. However, they agreed that it was child diseases, which will always appear when something is being held for the first time.

“I also think it was a bit bad that people who had bought tickets to the stands were allowed to come down to the floor on Friday, as there was not sold that much floor-places. When prices are different, I think it’s bad, but it’s more principle, it did not spoil the experience, “says Jannie Andersen.

New dart players

Many of the spectators were not dart players, therefore, it was very new to many, but people have been very excited and more may have wanted to play themselves.

“It was way above what you would expect on Danish grounds, I think. It was world class, both the level of the players and the whole event. I had some friends in there who had never played darts before and they have started to buy darts now, “says Nicolai Lolk Hansen.

Jannie Andersen and Nicolai Lolk Hansen are also not in doubt, they will come back when the event lands in Denmark again.

“It was not the last time that I came to this event,” says Jannie Andersen.

“I will definitely come again. As soon as there are tickets for sale, I’m there,” says Nicolai Lolk Hansen.

Good experience for stewards

A group of Danes had made themselves available as stewards during the tournament. One of them was Karina Østergaard Bille.

Karina Østergaard Bille was very positive about the experience.

“I stood by the stage, out at the back where all the sound and music were. There I had to make sure people did not come in. There were of course also guards, but we had to keep an eye and report to the guards if we discovered some, who made trouble, “says Karina Østergaard Bille.

“You could still watch some of the darts, even though you had to keep an eye on the spectators. It was a really hard job, because your back was hurting, your legs and feet were sore, after standing up for so many hours, but at the same time it was an experience, “continues Karina Østergaard Bille.

Karina was very pleased with the cooperation that existed between the German organizers and the Danish volunteers. In fact, the cooperation was so good that Jannie Andersen had noticed it and that only improved the experience.

The son came on stage

On Saturday, Karina Østergaard Bille had no duties as a steward, and therefore, with her husband and son, she had bought tickets for the event.

Before each session throughout the weekend, there was a rehearsal in which a spectator was allowed to go on stage together with the beautiful walk-on girls. Before one session on Saturday, it was Jonas, son of Karina, who got the opportunity when Jann Hoffmann had asked if Jonas would be interested and he was more than ready.

“It was a huge experience for Jonas and I think the other juniors he knows, they were totally jealous that it was not them who got up there”, says Karina Østergaard Bille.

In the evening they saw Michael van Gerwen play his first match during the event, and here Jonas got another good experience.

“Michael van Gerwen saw Jonas among the spectators and told one of the others, that Jonas should have his flights because he had been on stage earlier,” says Karina.

So all in all, it must be concluded that this tournament was given the best possible birth and people are excited about whether the tournament again hits Denmark in the near future.

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A memorable weekend on the European Tour for Michael van Gerwen

Michael van Gerwen won the European Darts Matchplay.

Once again it was time for the European Tour in this weekend. This time it was in Germany, where the European Darts Matchplay was being held.

At the first day there was some smaller surprises and Darius Labanauskas got safely through with a 6-2 victory.

Labanauskas then had to face Stephen Bunting at the evening session at saturday. Despite being ahead a couple of times, Stephen took advantage of his routine and seccured the victory by 6-5. Saturday also saw players as Rob Cross and Michael Smith being eliminated.

But the biggest story at Saturday was made by Michael van Gerwen. After five years and one day, the European Tour saw it’s first nine darter, since Ross Smith made a perfect leg in 2013.

On Sunday one favourite after another got eliminated, so it came as a surprise, that William O’Connor was ready for the final against Michael van Gerwen. MvG, as always, proved to strong for the Irishman and won the game by 8-2.

Michael van Gerwen has now won 15 titles in the 2018.

If you missed the historic nine darter, you can see it below:

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Sweden 10/8 – 12/8 2018


By entering the events players comply with the tournament rules

Entry deadline Wednesday 8/8 2018

See registration page for information


This weekend will hold the following events:

  • Europe Tour qualification (ET 11)
  • Europe Tour qualification (ET 12)
  • PDCNB Pro Tour 7
  • Europe Tour qualification (ET 13)
  • PDCNB Pro Tour 8
ET 11  Friday 10/8, 16:00 Qualification for
Dutch Darts Championship
7/9 – 9/9, Maastrict, Holland
 14:00 – 15:00
 ET 12  Friday 10/8, 20:00* Qualification for
International Darts Open
14/9 – 16/9, Riesa, Germany
 14:00 – 15:00 & 18:00 – 19:00
 PT 7  Saturday 11/8, 11:00 PDC Nordic & Baltic
Pro Tour 7
 09:00 – 10:00
 ET 13  Saturday 11/8, 20:00 Qualification for
European Darts Trophy ’18
12/10 – 14/10, Göttingen, Germany
 09:00 – 10:00 & 18:00 – 19:00
 PT 8  Sunday 12/8, 11:00 PDC Nordic & Baltic
Pro Tour 8
 09:00 – 10:00


Apple Hotel & Konferens
Torpavallsgaten 6
416 73 Göteborg

  • King single: 795 SEK
  • King double: 950 SEK
  • Twin: 1150 SEK
  • Triple: 1350 SEK

All participants shall book their rooms through this link

Use this booking code: DART2018


Per AnisdahlSWExxx
Thor Helmer JohansenSWExxx
Viktor TingströmSWExxxxx
Marko KanteleFINxxxxxx
Roland LenngrenSWExxxxx
Christian JohansenNORxx
Madars RazmaLATxxxxxx
Tellej MjeldeNORxx
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Mensur Suljovic is the champion of the Danish Darts Open

Mensur Suljovic is the cahmpion of the first ever Danish Darts Open. 

The last day of the Danish Darts Open has ended and at the end it was Mensur Suljovic who won the first ever Danish Darts Open.

The day started with Peter Wright beating Gerwyn Price in impressive style. Then Mensur Suljovic, Joe Cullen and Adrian Lewis secured their spots in the quarter-finals, before Mervyn King surprised us all and eliminated Rob Cross. A win that really touched King.

Then we saw Simon Whitlock eliminate Ricky Evans after a tight game. And then it was time for the last PDCNB-player in the tournament, Darius Labanauskas. He would face Steve West, who sent out Danish Per Laursen in the first round.

Darius started absolutely fantastic. After the three first legs he had got made five consecutive perfect darts, a 103-checkout and got in front by 3-0. But then Steve West started hitting the trebles and maybe that affected Darius, because his average fell after this. Suddenly West were in front by 4-3.
Steve West then tried to put in the death blow with a 180 to start the eighth leg, but Darius just followed up with another 180 and ended up winning the leg. They each won a leg after this and for the third time in a row, Darius was in a deciding leg match.
Steve West took advantage of his outlay in that leg and made a 86-checkout for the match.

When you thought it could not be anymore exciting, Brendan Dolan took out Michael van Gerwen. Gerwen was far away from his toplevel in that match.

After the break it was time for the quarterfinals.

Mensur Suljovic started by eliminating Peter Wright, then Adrian Lewis took out Joe Cullen before Simon Whitlock could send Mervyn King out of the tuornament.

In the last quarterfinal Steve West won by 6-3 against Brendan Dolan.

The first semi-final was between Mensur Suljovic and Adrian Lewis, and what a game that was. Suljovic started by going in front by 3-1, then Adrian Lewis found some form and came up bu 4-3. After this the two players followed eachother alle the way to the deciding leg, in which Mensur Suljovic hit the double.

In the second semi-final Steve West tried his best to follow up with Simon Whitlock, but the Australian proved to strong and won 7-4.

So the final was between Mensur Suljovic and Simon Whitlock. Before the game the two of them had met eachother twelve times and had won six each. Mensur had the outlay and quickly won the first leg. Whitlock then won the second leg. Mensur checked out amazing 114 in the third leg and then he did not look back. Mensur quickly got up by 5-2 before Whitlock made it 5-3 with a 140-checkout. That should turn out to be the last leg Whitlock would win in the final, because Mensur won the three next and secured the title as champion of the first ever Danish Darts Open.

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Final day of the Danish Darts Open

It is the final day of the Danish Darts Open and we are ready for some baltic action.

It is the last day of the first ever Danish tournament in the PDC history. So far it has been an amazing weekend, with a fantastic crowd and some great games.

Today the hall might go mental already at the first game. It is Peter Wright and Gerwyn Price. Especially Peter “Snakebite” Wright made it a party yesterday and the crowd was loving it.

Then we also have a good game between Joe Cullen and James Wade. Cullen played absolutely phenomenal yesterday, when he bashed out Madars Razma.

Adrian Lewis will face Stephen Bunting and also Rob Cross and Simon Whitlock will be in for a game before Darius Labanauskas will take the stage.

What a drama it has been for Darius so far. Two victories, both with a score of 6-5. Today he will face the superior of Per Laursen, the Englishman Steve West.

Then Michael van Gerwen and Brendan Dolan will finish the afternoon and then we will know, who will be playing in the evening session.

See the full program of the day below:

Sunday June 24
Afternoon Session
Peter Wright v Gerwyn Price
Mensur Suljovic v Darren Webster
Joe Cullen v James Wade
Adrian Lewis v Stephen Bunting
Rob Cross v Mervyn King
Ricky Evans v Simon Whitlock
Darius Labanauskas v Steve West
Michael van Gerwen v Brendan Dolan

Evening Session

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Darius Labanauskas is still in the race

The second day of the Danish Darts Open 2018 is over and PDCNB will still be represented tomorrow.

The second round is over and what a day it has been. The crowd has been massive and full of noice.

The first match they got to watch was between John Henderson and Brendan Dolan. Despite of a slow start, Brendan Dolan won that game by 6-4.

Then it was time for Madars Razma, the man with the highest average at day one. Unfortunately for him, he ran into an absolute fantastic performance from Joe Cullen. Madars did all he could to follow the Englishman, but at the score 3-3 Joe Cullen just found an extra gear and suddenly he had won by 6-3.

Then Gerwyn Price won 6-3 against Jelle Klaasen, even though it was quite clear, that the crowd was rooting for the Dutchman.

Then the second PDCNB-player was ready for action. Darius Labanauskas should face Jonny Clayton and what a game. Darius started by winning the first leg when Clayton missed incredibly six darts at the double. But Clayton found the form and started hitting the doubles and got in front with a score of 2-1. An incredible 126-checkout got Darius right back in the game. Then Clayton suddenly started hitting even more trebles and he came up by 5-3. Just when it all looked like a done deal for Clayton, Darius found a fantastic level and with a checkout on five, consisting of a double one, one and then double one, the score suddenly was 5-5. Clayton started the deciding leg by hitting a 100, Darius hit 140. Then Clayton hit 140, Darius just went up to 180. And just when Clayton missed the double at 24 remaining, Darius only needed two darts to checkout 80 and secured the victory.

Then Rusty-Jake Rodriguez should try to keep up the good game from yesterday, but James Wade was just too good.

The last three matches of the afternoon ended with victories for the three favourites Darren Webster, Simon Whitlock and Stephen Bunting.

After the break Mervyn King eliminated Max Hopp in a thrilling 6-5 match. Then Suljovic wwon 6-1 and then Peter Wright did the same, with a massive support from the crowd.

Adrian Lewis really showed, that he is on his way back to the top with a 6-5 win against Michael Smith in an unbelievably tight game.

Rob Cross did also pool the victory home against Steve Beaton, even though Beaton was up by 5-3.

Ricky Evans then made an absolute shocker when he eliminated Daryl Gurney by 6-3.

Michael van Gerwen was not playing at his best tonight, but it was still good enough to win 6-2 over Scott Taylor.

The night got shut off by a win for Steve West against Ian White.


Saturday June 23
Second Round
Afternoon Session 
Brendan Dolan 6-4 John Henderson
Joe Cullen 6-3 Madars Razma
Gerwyn Price 6-3 Jelle Klaasen
Darius Labanauskas 6-5 Jonny Clayton
James Wade 6-4 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Darren Webster 6-5 Cristo Reyes
Simon Whitlock 6-3 Jermaine Wattimena
Stephen Bunting 6-3 Peter Jacques

Evening Session 
Mervyn King 6-5 Max Hopp
Mensur Suljovic 6-1 Ryan Joyce
Peter Wright 6-1 Barry Lynn
Adrian Lewis 6-5 Michael Smith
Rob Cross 6-5 Steve Beaton
Daryl Gurney 3-6 Ricky Evans
Michael van Gerwen 6-2 Scott Taylor
Ian White 4-6 Steve West

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Second day of the Danish Darts Open – Can Madars keep up the pace?

We are ready for the second day of the Danish Darts Open. The Baltics are still with us.

It was a magnificent first day of the Danish Darts Open. The crowd was absolutely amazing, especially when Per Laursen entered the stage. Unfortunately Per Laursen, Dennis Nilsson and Brian Løkken lost their games.

Per Laursen did the best he could and the crowd really tried to help him, but it was not enough. Steve West found that extra gear and secured af 6-4 victory.

I’m glad I was not in the head of Dennis Nilsson yesterday. He played fantastic dart against Ricky Evans and by no time, he was ahead with a 4-0 score. But suddenly, the darts did not hit the trebles and Ricky Evans took advantage of that. Suddenly the Swede was out with a 6-4 defeat.

Lastely Brian Løkken just met his superior. He made a decent effort, but Cristo Reyes was too good, even though the crowd got him out of focus a couple of times. The man from Tenerife won 6-2.

But luckily PDCNB had some succes after all. Darius Labanauskas fought very well against Richard North. And despite Richard North looking like the winner a lot of times, Darius used his strength and secured af 6-5 victory. Today he will face Jonny Clayton from Wales.

And then there is the boss of the first day, Madars Razma. He played absolutely magnificent. It was almost like a dream, he just kept hitting the treble twenty and even had six perfect darts, with the seventh to bounce out of the treble. Madars absolutely destroyed Jeffrey de Zwaan with the digits 6-0 and the highest average at the day, with 104,86.

“It’s unbelievable, I feel like it is home, it is Scandinavia”, Madars said after the game. Let’s hope the danish crowd will carry on supporting the great player from Latvia. Today he will face Joe Cullen.

You can see the full program down here:

Saturday June 23
Second Round
Afternoon Session 
John Henderson v Brendan Dolan
Joe Cullen v Madars Razma
Gerwyn Price v Jelle Klaasen
Jonny Clayton v Darius Labanauskas
James Wade v Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Darren Webster v Cristo Reyes
Simon Whitlock v Jermaine Wattimena
Stephen Bunting v Peter Jacques

Evening Session 
Mervyn King v Max Hopp
Mensur Suljovic v Ryan Joyce
Peter Wright v Barry Lynn
Michael Smith v Adrian Lewis
Rob Cross v Steve Beaton
Daryl Gurney v Ricky Evans
Michael van Gerwen v Scott Taylor
Ian White v Steve West


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The secret formula of the draw yesterday

If you have ever wondered about the draw, then you have to read this.

Yesterday the PDCNB-players had the chance to qualify for the Danish Darts Open. Before it all took off yesterday, we had to make the draw and here you can see how it is done.

First we have a list with all the players, they have been given a number. In this case they were set up alphabetical.

Then we have three pieces of paper and on them, we have all the numbers in three different orders. One of them is picked out and then we have the order. The numbers on the three different papers, is being choosed by a website called random.com.

So let’s say, that the first four numbers on the paper is 4, 25, 17 and 32. Then number 4 will play against number 25 in the first match and 17 will play against number 32.

So there you have it. It is as simple as that.

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Danish Darts Open is upon us

It’s time for the first Danish Darts Open ever.

Today the first ever Danish Darts Open takes off. Yesterday the PDCNB held their qualification and after the long tournament it was Dennis Nilsson, Darius Labanauskas, Brian Løkken and Per Laursen who had qualified.

Before the qualification, it was already known, that Madars Razma was qualified, because he is the best PDCNB-player on the PDC’s Order of Merit.

And now the draw has been made and we know the opponents for our PDCNB-players. Darius Labanauskas will be the first. He will play against Richard North at 3 o’clock local time. Then Madars Razma will face off against Jeffrey de Zwaan as the last game of the afternoon.

“I try to win every game. I’m happy i’m still in for tomorrow”, Darius Labanauskas said yesterday to PDCNB.

His good friend Madars Razma is also confident about today.

“You have to think you can win. You will not be a champion, if you think about the opportunity of loosing. Of course I can beat him.”

In the evening Per Laursen will have to beat Steve West, Dennis Nilsson against Ricky Evans and Brian Løkken will go up against Cristo Reyes.

Dennis Nilsson is more than ready. He is full of confidence after his games yesterday.

“I think I have a good chance. I’m playing good now and I’ve practiced a lot. I have a good experience about being on the stage, so I think I can play a good game, but I know he is a good player, so I have bring my best game. I hope the Danish will people give me some energy and get loud to get me through.”

Brian Løkken and Per Laursen had to play a little longer yesterday, because of the many Danish players, but they are also confident about today.

” I’ve played really good today, just not the last game. It’s also eleven in the evening and I’ve been to work before I came, so maybe I was the loss of effort, I felt that way. But I’ve played well up to the last game and the last was just pure will I think”, said Brian Løkken yesterday.

“I think the shape has been good today, I’ve been a bit lucky in a single match, but I’ve played well too. My form is upward, so it was fine”, said Per Laursen.

Thus, Per and Brian face Steve West and Cristo Reyes they believe in their own skills.

“I believe I can win,” says Brian, who is followed by Per:

“Of course we can win.”

See the full program of the day below:

Friday June 22
First Round
Afternoon Session (1pm local time, 12pm BST)    
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez v William O’Connor
Ryan Joyce v Krzysztof Ratajski
Martin Schindler v Brendan Dolan
Jermaine Wattimena v Wayne Jones
Richard North v Darius Labanauskas
Steve Beaton v Adam Huckvale
Barry Lynn v Chris Dobey
Jeffrey de Zwaan v Madars Razma

Evening Session (7.15pm local time, 6.15pm BST)
Mickey Mansell v Jelle Klaasen
Robert Thornton v Scott Taylor
Per Laursen v Steve West
Paul Nicholson v Peter Jacques
Ricky Evans v Dennis Nilsson
Adrian Lewis v Ted Evetts
Brian Lokken v Cristo Reyes
Max Hopp v Dragutin Horvat

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Qualification for Danish Darts Open

Qualification for
PDC Europe Tour 8, Danish Darts Open

****** PDCNB qualifiers (except danish) ******


Piotr Krol 6 – 4 Philip Blenk


Ulf Ceder 3 – 6 Andreas Harrysson
Oskar Lukasiak 5 – 6 Dennis Nilsson
Darius Labanauskas 6 – 3 Asko Niskala
Marko Kantele 6 – 4 Piotr Krol


Andreas Harrysson 5 – 6 Dennis Nilsson
Darius Labanauskas 6 – 4 Marko Kantele


****** Danish qualifiers ******

Palle Madsen 5 – 6 Uni Arting
Niels Heinsøe 6 – 2 Ivan Springborg
Henrik Primdal 6 – 3 Rene Johansen
Jimmy Wawazonek 6 – 1 Henrik Hansen
Jesper Pedersen 6 – 3 Søren Vittarp
Tom Veje Christensen 5 – 6 Justin Thurley
Brian Løkken 6 – 3 Ulrich Meyn

Glenn Honore 2 – 6 Brian Buur
Bent Lambertsen 6 – 3 Mikkel Knudsen
Ole Nissen 2 – 6 Jørgen Ejlertsen
Vladimir Andersen 6 – 2 Uni Arting
Benjamin Drue Reuss 6 – 0 Brian S Andersen
Sebastian Folsach 1 – 6 Nicolai Rasmussen
Allan Rask 2 – 6 Per Laursen
Niels Heinsøe 4 – 6 Henrik Primdal
Dan Jensen 3 – 6 Thomas Hesteng
Niels J Hansen 5 – 6 Nicolai Olsen
Kim Knudsen 6 – 3 Marcus Holm
Jimmy Wawazonek 6 – 5 Jesper Pedersen
Winfried Küchel 6 – 2 Jesper Skovgaard
Kenneth Byø 6 – 2 Daniel J H Reuss
Ole Jørgensen 6 – 5 Daniel Jensen
Justin Thurley 3 – 6 Brian Løkken

Brian Buur 2 – 6 Bent Lambertsen
Jørgen Ejlertsen 1 – 6 Vladimir Andersen
Benjamin Drue Reuss 6 – 3 Nicolai Rasmussen
Per Laursen 6 – 2 Henrik Primdal
Thomas Hesteng 6 – 3 Nicolai Olsen
Kim Knudsen 6 – 3 Jimmy Wawazonek
Winfried Küchel 2 – 6 Kenneth Byø
Ole Jørgensen 2 – 6 Brian Løkken


Bent Lambertsen 1 – 6 Vladimir Andersen
Benjamin Drue Reuss 5 – 6 Per Laursen
Thomas Hesteng 1 – 6 Kim Knudsen
Kenneth Byø – Brian Løkken

Vladimir Andersen 4 – 6 Per Laursen
Kim Knudsen

Per Laursen

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