Can Marko Kantele make a result in Germany?

The first European Tour event starts today and it is in Leverkusen.

European Darts Open sets off in about two hours. A lot of interesting names will compete in Leverkusen today, amongst them we see our very own Marko Kantele.

After his victory in the qualifying event in Copenhagen, he will start the competition against Vincent van der Voort.

If he wins and continue in the tournament, he can face names as Dimitri van den Bergh, Adrian Lewis, James Wade and Jeffrey de Zwaan.

See the full program of day one below:

2018 European Darts Open
Friday March 23

First Round
Afternoon Session (1pm local time, 12pm GMT)
Luke Woodhouse v Ryan Meikle
Martin Atkins v Richard North
Mark Wilson v Cameron Menzies
Jan Dekker v Tytus Kanik
Jamie Hughes v Max Hopp
Luke Humphries v Darren Johnson
Michael Rasztovits v Justin Pipe
Maik Langendorf v John Henderson

Evening Session (7.15pm local time, 6.15pm GMT)
Marko Kantele v Vincent van der Voort
Ron Meulenkamp v Dimitri Van den Bergh
Wayne Jones v Chris Dobey
Danny Noppert v Jeffrey de Zwaan
Jonny Clayton v Jermaine Wattimena
Thomas Junghans v Gabriel Clemens
Adrian Lewis v Ritchie Edhouse
James Wade v Steve Beaton

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Premier League is going to Scotland

It’s time for the seventh round of the Premier League.

The Premier League is back and this time we are going to Glasgow.

The scottish fans will without a doubt look forward to cheer when Gary Anderson and Peter Wright will take on the stage.

And what a program the crowd can look forward to. We have Gary Anderson against Simon Whitlock, Peter Wright against Raymond van Barneveld and the most interesting match of the night, the match about the firstplace, Michael van Gerwen against Michael Smith.

The tension tonight will be ecstatic.

See the full program of tonight below and the table below:

Unibet Premier League
Night Seven – March 22
The SSE Hydro, Glasgow

Daryl Gurney v Mensur Suljovic
Michael van Gerwen v Michael Smith
Gary Anderson v Simon Whitlock
Peter Wright v Raymond van Barneveld
Rob Cross v Gerwyn Price

League Table

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Night Six of the Premier League

We have reached the sixth round of the Premier League, with a giant match in front of us.

Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham is the place to be tonight. The Premier League will have a lot of treats for us tonight, among other we have Raymond van Barnevel against Gary Anderson. The match between the two former world champions will hopefully be fantastic.

“I scraped the point last week and I’ve had no consistency in the Premier League so far,” admitted Anderson. “I’ve had a good couple of weeks and I want to keep that going because there’s still a long way to go.

We will also see Peter Wright trying to refind the form against Michael Smith. Shockingly Snakebite was demolished last week by Mensur Suljovic. It is also worth to mention, that Michael Smith lost his first match of this seasons Premier League last week against Rob Cross. An interesting match.

Besides the matches above, we also have Mensur Suljovic against Rob Cross, Gerwyn Price against Michael van Gerwen and last but not least, we have a repeat of the World Grand Prix Final in 2017 with Simon Whitlock against Daryl Gurney.

See the full program and league table below:

Michael Smith v Peter Wright
Simon Whitlock v Daryl Gurney
Mensur Suljovic v Rob Cross
Gerwyn Price v Michael van Gerwen
Raymond van Barneveld v Gary Anderson

League Table

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World Cup of Darts – player selection

PDC Nordic & Baltic

Betway World Cup of Darts 2018

The following nations from the PDC Nordic & Baltic region have been invited to participate in the 2018 PDCs, Betway World Cup of Darts.

As there are no further PDC Nordic & Baltic events before the cut off date of 30th April we are also pleased to confirm the players that have been invited to represent their respective countries in Frankfurt. Early announcement has also been possible as results from Euro Tour events before deadline will have no effect on current player selection


  • Marko Kantele
  • Kim Viljanen
  • Reserve: Ulf Ceder


  • Daniel Larsson
  • Dennis Nilsson
  • Reserve: Magnus Caris 


  • Per Laursen
  • Henrik Primdal
  • Reserve: Steen Lysen

The tournament will be held in Frankfurt from 31st May until the 3rd of June. Tickets available through PDC Europe

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World Cup of Darts

PDC Nordic & Baltic

Selection procedure – World Cup of Darts.

Due to yearly variations in PDCNB tournament schedules and individual country selection deadlines it has been decided, after consultation with the PDC, to implement a uniform annual cut-off date for all Nordic and Baltic countries with regards to World Cup of Darts player selection.

The annual Cut-off date has been set as the 30th April.

The selection process used to determine which players will be invited to represent their country (if and when their country is chosen to be part of the tournament) is as follows:

  1. Highest placed PDC Tour Card Holders* and/or PDPA associate Members** on PDC Order of Merit.
  2. Highest placed PDC Tour Card Holders* and/or PDPA associate Members** on PDC European Tour Order of Merit.
  3. Highest placed non PDPA members on PDC or PDC European Tour Order of Merit.
  4. Players with highest total amount of points accumulated from competing in at least 6 PDCNB & Euro Tour events combined during previous 12 months (1st May & 30th April),

* Full PDPA Member
** Q-School entrants that did not achieve full tour status.

The selection process is built on preserving the integrity of the tournaments organised by the PDC and PDC Nordic & Baltic. Not only does it prioritise and reward players already committed to the PDC and PDPA, it also rewards players that have shown sustained commitment to the PDC Nordic & Baltic tour but as yet have not entered Q-School. The PDCNB tour is an excellent gateway to the world of professional Darts for all Nordic and Baltic players.


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Premier League is back – The snow will not be a problem

We have reached the sixth night of the Premier League. This time in Leeds.

Beacuse of the cancellation last week, we still find Gerwyn Price and Daryl Gurney on the eliminationseats.

The two of them really needs points at this point of the tournament.

Daryl Gurney will face the new UK Open champion, Gary Anderson. It seems like a big task for Daryl Gurney, who did not look confident in his match against Kim Huybrechts in the UK Open.

Gerwyn Price had an acceptable UK Open, so maybe he will give Barney a great fight for the two points.


The most interesting match of the night is undoubtely the match between Rob Cross and Michael Smith. Smith has not last a match yet in this years Premier League, but Rob Cross looks like a man, who was refound the good form.

Besides the matches above we will also see Michael van Gerwen against the great surprise Simon Whitlock and last but not least we have Peter Wright against Mensur Suljovic.

See the full program of the night and the league table below:

Unibet Premier League
Night Six – March 8
First Direct Arena, Leeds

Michael van Gerwen v Simon Whitlock
Gerwyn Price v Raymond van Barneveld
Peter Wright v Mensur Suljovic
Gary Anderson v Daryl Gurney
Rob Cross v Michael Smith

League Table

P W D L +/- LWAT Pts
Michael Smith 4 4 0 0 +14 13 8
Michael van Gerwen 4 3 0 1 +12 9 6
Simon Whitlock 4 3 0 1 +7 9 6
Peter Wright 4 1 2 1 -1 9 4
Rob Cross 4 2 0 2 -4 7 4
Gary Anderson 4 1 1 2 -2 7 3
Raymond van Barneveld 4 1 1 2 -5 6 3
Mensur Suljovic 4 1 0 3 -5 6 2
Daryl Gurney 4 0 2 2 -8 8 2
Gerwyn Price 4 0 2 2 -8 6 2
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Gary Anderson finally won the UK Open

Gary Anderson is the new UK Open champion, for the first time ever.

Before the UK Open of 2018, Gary Anderson had never won it. That did change yesterday evening, when he beat Corey Cadby 11-7.

“It’s fantastic for me,” said Anderson to ITV Sports. “I’ve come here to win the tournament and managed to do it, and it’s great.

“I played well on Friday and Saturday and I was very happy with my game but I struggled in the last three games. My scoring wasn’t there but my doubles went in when I needed them to.

“In the last three games I’ve been lucky – it’s been a struggle. Corey is good and I’ve got a lot of time for him, he’s a class act.

“I knew exactly what to expect and he’s going to be about for a long, long time. It’s getting harder every year with all the youngsters coming through and they’ll take it in their stride.”

The reporter from ITV Sports also asked Gary Anderson about if Gary actually considered retirement. Then Gary gave quite a mysterious answer, but let’s hope we will see a lot to him over the next couple of years.

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The final day of the UK Open

It is the last day of the UK Open. Who will win it?

We have reached the last day of the UK Open. Some new surprises occurred yesterday, so some big names as Daryl Gurney, Michael Smith and Ian White are no longer to find in the tournament.

Today we will start with the quarter-finals and there are a big one amongst them. The last quarter-final of the day will be between Gary Anderson and Rob Cross.

Besides that we have David Pallett against Steve West, John Part will be up against Robert Owen and the Aussie Corey Cadby will compete against Gerwyn Price.

See the program below.

2018 Coral UK Open
Sunday March 4
Afternoon Session (12.45pm)

David Pallett v Steve West
John Part v Robert Owen
Corey Cadby v Gerwyn Price
Gary Anderson v Rob Cross
Best of 19 legs

Evening Session (7pm)

Best of 21 legs

Best of 21 legs

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Second day of the UK Open – A lot of surprises yesterday

We are ready for sceond day of the UK Open and we can look forward to some great games.

We already know, that the UK Open will have a new champion. Sensationally Peter Wright was thrown out of the tournament yesterday, when he lost 10-9 to the 18 year old Nathan Rafferty.

We also know, that the new champion will not be Michael van Gerwen. He was also eliminated yesterday because of his defeat against Jeffrey de Zwaan.

Besides that we could also wave goodbye to Raymond van Barneveld, Adrian Lewis, Dave Chisnall og Simon Whitlock.

So now Gary Anderson and Rob Cross is being referred to as the two favorites. But we cannot forget Daryl Gurney, Corey Cadby and Michael Smith.

But UK Open, the FA Cup of darts, have always been known as the tournament with many surprises. So none of the big guys can feel safe.

And last but not least, John Part is still in the tournament after his three victories yesterday.

See the full program for the day down below.

2018 Coral UK Open
Afternoon Session (12.30pm)
Fourth Round

Main Stage – Red’s
Daryl Gurney v Kim Huybrechts
Gary Anderson v Ricky Evans
Rob Cross v Kyle Anderson
Corey Cadby v Martin Schindler

Board Three
Chris Dobey v Jason Lowe
Mervyn King v Jonny Clayton
Ryan Meikle v Michael Smith

Board Four
John Part v Ron Meulenkamp
Robert Owen v Nathan Rafferty
David Pallett v James Wade

Board Five
Steve West v Matthew Edgar
Keegan Brown v Krzysztof Ratajski
Dirk van Duijvenbode v Gerwyn Price

Board Six
Jamie Hughes v Ian White
Stephen Bunting v Jermaine Wattimena
Paul Hogan v Jeffrey de Zwaan

Best of 19 legs

Evening Session (7pm)
Fifth Round

Draw to be made at conclusion of Fourth Round

Best of 19 legs

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UK Open starts today – already seven men short

It’s time for one of the big ones, it’s time for UK Open. 

UK Open starts today and it will be interesting to see, if Peter Wright can defend his title from last year. The only major he has ever won.

Also for the first time ever, we will not see retired Phil Taylor participate in the tournament, luckily some of the other old guys will participate. Most interesting is the fact that we will see former World Champion John Part take part in the tournament. He have not participated in the tournament since 2015.

Besides that we can also look forward to see Paul Nicholson and Terry Jenkins.

And of course we have all the other big guys, such as Michael van Gerwen, Raymond van Barneveld, Adrian Lewis and Stephen Bunting.

Unfortunately the tournament is already seven men short because of all the snow in the southern England. The men we are missing are:

Rene Berndt
Andrew Davidson
John Goldie
Maik Langendorf
Mick McGowan
William O’Connor
Scott Robertson

But no worries, we can expect a great tournament anyway.

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