The secret formula of the draw yesterday

If you have ever wondered about the draw, then you have to read this.

Yesterday the PDCNB-players had the chance to qualify for the Danish Darts Open. Before it all took off yesterday, we had to make the draw and here you can see how it is done.

First we have a list with all the players, they have been given a number. In this case they were set up alphabetical.

Then we have three pieces of paper and on them, we have all the numbers in three different orders. One of them is picked out and then we have the order. The numbers on the three different papers, is being choosed by a website called

So let’s say, that the first four numbers on the paper is 4, 25, 17 and 32. Then number 4 will play against number 25 in the first match and 17 will play against number 32.

So there you have it. It is as simple as that.

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Danish Darts Open is upon us

It’s time for the first Danish Darts Open ever.

Today the first ever Danish Darts Open takes off. Yesterday the PDCNB held their qualification and after the long tournament it was Dennis Nilsson, Darius Labanauskas, Brian Løkken and Per Laursen who had qualified.

Before the qualification, it was already known, that Madars Razma was qualified, because he is the best PDCNB-player on the PDC’s Order of Merit.

And now the draw has been made and we know the opponents for our PDCNB-players. Darius Labanauskas will be the first. He will play against Richard North at 3 o’clock local time. Then Madars Razma will face off against Jeffrey de Zwaan as the last game of the afternoon.

“I try to win every game. I’m happy i’m still in for tomorrow”, Darius Labanauskas said yesterday to PDCNB.

His good friend Madars Razma is also confident about today.

“You have to think you can win. You will not be a champion, if you think about the opportunity of loosing. Of course I can beat him.”

In the evening Per Laursen will have to beat Steve West, Dennis Nilsson against Ricky Evans and Brian Løkken will go up against Cristo Reyes.

Dennis Nilsson is more than ready. He is full of confidence after his games yesterday.

“I think I have a good chance. I’m playing good now and I’ve practiced a lot. I have a good experience about being on the stage, so I think I can play a good game, but I know he is a good player, so I have bring my best game. I hope the Danish will people give me some energy and get loud to get me through.”

Brian Løkken and Per Laursen had to play a little longer yesterday, because of the many Danish players, but they are also confident about today.

” I’ve played really good today, just not the last game. It’s also eleven in the evening and I’ve been to work before I came, so maybe I was the loss of effort, I felt that way. But I’ve played well up to the last game and the last was just pure will I think”, said Brian Løkken yesterday.

“I think the shape has been good today, I’ve been a bit lucky in a single match, but I’ve played well too. My form is upward, so it was fine”, said Per Laursen.

Thus, Per and Brian face Steve West and Cristo Reyes they believe in their own skills.

“I believe I can win,” says Brian, who is followed by Per:

“Of course we can win.”

See the full program of the day below:

Friday June 22
First Round
Afternoon Session (1pm local time, 12pm BST)    
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez v William O’Connor
Ryan Joyce v Krzysztof Ratajski
Martin Schindler v Brendan Dolan
Jermaine Wattimena v Wayne Jones
Richard North v Darius Labanauskas
Steve Beaton v Adam Huckvale
Barry Lynn v Chris Dobey
Jeffrey de Zwaan v Madars Razma

Evening Session (7.15pm local time, 6.15pm BST)
Mickey Mansell v Jelle Klaasen
Robert Thornton v Scott Taylor
Per Laursen v Steve West
Paul Nicholson v Peter Jacques
Ricky Evans v Dennis Nilsson
Adrian Lewis v Ted Evetts
Brian Lokken v Cristo Reyes
Max Hopp v Dragutin Horvat

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Qualification for Danish Darts Open

Qualification for
PDC Europe Tour 8, Danish Darts Open

****** PDCNB qualifiers (except danish) ******


Piotr Krol 6 – 4 Philip Blenk


Ulf Ceder 3 – 6 Andreas Harrysson
Oskar Lukasiak 5 – 6 Dennis Nilsson
Darius Labanauskas 6 – 3 Asko Niskala
Marko Kantele 6 – 4 Piotr Krol


Andreas Harrysson 5 – 6 Dennis Nilsson
Darius Labanauskas 6 – 4 Marko Kantele


****** Danish qualifiers ******

Palle Madsen 5 – 6 Uni Arting
Niels Heinsøe 6 – 2 Ivan Springborg
Henrik Primdal 6 – 3 Rene Johansen
Jimmy Wawazonek 6 – 1 Henrik Hansen
Jesper Pedersen 6 – 3 Søren Vittarp
Tom Veje Christensen 5 – 6 Justin Thurley
Brian Løkken 6 – 3 Ulrich Meyn

Glenn Honore 2 – 6 Brian Buur
Bent Lambertsen 6 – 3 Mikkel Knudsen
Ole Nissen 2 – 6 Jørgen Ejlertsen
Vladimir Andersen 6 – 2 Uni Arting
Benjamin Drue Reuss 6 – 0 Brian S Andersen
Sebastian Folsach 1 – 6 Nicolai Rasmussen
Allan Rask 2 – 6 Per Laursen
Niels Heinsøe 4 – 6 Henrik Primdal
Dan Jensen 3 – 6 Thomas Hesteng
Niels J Hansen 5 – 6 Nicolai Olsen
Kim Knudsen 6 – 3 Marcus Holm
Jimmy Wawazonek 6 – 5 Jesper Pedersen
Winfried Küchel 6 – 2 Jesper Skovgaard
Kenneth Byø 6 – 2 Daniel J H Reuss
Ole Jørgensen 6 – 5 Daniel Jensen
Justin Thurley 3 – 6 Brian Løkken

Brian Buur 2 – 6 Bent Lambertsen
Jørgen Ejlertsen 1 – 6 Vladimir Andersen
Benjamin Drue Reuss 6 – 3 Nicolai Rasmussen
Per Laursen 6 – 2 Henrik Primdal
Thomas Hesteng 6 – 3 Nicolai Olsen
Kim Knudsen 6 – 3 Jimmy Wawazonek
Winfried Küchel 2 – 6 Kenneth Byø
Ole Jørgensen 2 – 6 Brian Løkken


Bent Lambertsen 1 – 6 Vladimir Andersen
Benjamin Drue Reuss 5 – 6 Per Laursen
Thomas Hesteng 1 – 6 Kim Knudsen
Kenneth Byø – Brian Løkken

Vladimir Andersen 4 – 6 Per Laursen
Kim Knudsen

Per Laursen

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The Netherlands won the World Cup once again

The Netherlands defended their World Cup from 2017. Holland has now won as many World Cups as England.

The Netherlands started the day by beating Germany 2-0 in the quarter-finals, in which Scotland won 2-0 over Japan. In the semi-finals, Holland did not have major problems against Belgium, while Scotland fought a little more against Australia.

In the final, Michael van Gerwen started against Peter Wright. Michael van Gerwen could exploit the fact that Peter Wright did not hit anything and thus won the Dutchman with 4-2.

In the next single between Gary Anderson and Raymond van Barneveld, it became a 4-1 win for Gary Anderson.

In doubles, Raymond van Barneveld stepped up and showed high level, among other things with a 135-checkout.

Thus, the match would at least one more single, this time between Gary Anderson and Michael van Gerwen. However, the Scotsman never really got into the game and Michael van Gerwen could make the Dutch world champions once again with a 4-0 win.

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It’s time for World Cup – We took a talk with the Nordic players

We are ready for World Cup of Darts 2018.
It is that time of the year. The World Cup is upon us and the Nordic is being represented by Denmark, Finland and Sweden.
Number two at the PDCNB ranking, Daniel Larsson will be participating with Dennis Nilsson at the swedish team. A team in great form, but they have to beat Germany in the first round. That will undoubtedly be a tough match, especially beacuse Max Hopp and Martin Schindler will have the advantage of a home crowd.
Denmark will be represented by Per Laursen and Henrik Primdal. Henrik showed some good form in the weekend in Finland, so maybe they can beat Brasil and Diogo Portela.
The Finns will have to face Greece in their first match, a good draw for Marko Kantele and Kim Viljanen. But you never now in the World Cup, surprising elements is a big part of it.
We took some time, to hear from some of the guys about their expectations, check it below.
Marko Kantele says:
Hows the form?
Feeling good and confident
What do you expect of your first match?
A tough and steady match with a win for Finland
What is the goal for you and Kim this year?
The first goal is to win the first game and go to the second round and so on…
Who do you see as the big favourites this year?
The Netherlands
Is there a country you would like to meet in the tournament?
Daniel Larsson says:

Hows the form?
The form is good, I have been playing good for the last 12 months and getting more and more steady at higher averages.

What do you expect of your first match?
A great atmosphere as we play the home nation Germany.

What is the goal for you and Dennis this year?
We haven´t really set a goal, but we know that we can go far in the tournament if we play our top game.

Who do you see as the big favourites this year?
I would pick the Netherlands and Scotland as favourites, with Sweden as an outsider 😉

Is there a country you would like to meet in the tournament?
There are a lot of good teams in the tournament. But I think it´s going to be nice to meet Germany with a big crowd and it would be cool to meet the Netherlands as well and beat them of course 😉

Per Laursen says:

Hows the form?
Henrik´s form was really good here last weekend in Finland, my was barely good. I hope that I will be ready for Thursday. I’m confident, but Henrik seems to be in good shape.

What do you expect of your first match?
My expectations are that it is a 50/50 match. They have Diogo Portela who is a very good dart player, more or less prof now, he lives in England and gives it a shot. The other one I have no knowledge of, so I do not even know how he stands. So immediately I will say a 50/50 match.

What is the goal for you and Henrik?
It is definitely to come in and be part of the second round, so we can Scotland in two singles, if they beat USA. Our goal is certainly to come in and meet Scotland.

Who do you see as the big favourites this year?
Scotland if they survive this first round. They are not used to playing doubles, so that’s why they lost last year. If they come into their format and play two singles against us or Brazil on Saturday, then they are in their zone. They are favorites together with the Netherlands. I do not believe in England. But they will probably reach a semifinal anyway.

Is there a country you would like to meet in the tournament?
No not really. Shall we meet other teams, then we have to beat Scotland and it may be more than difficult. There are no special teams I would like to meet. We are interested in getting as far as possible.

You can see the program of the tournament below:

2018 Betway World Cup of Darts
Schedule of Play
Thursday May 31 (7pm local time, 6pm BST)

First Round
Italy v Canada
Russia v Spain
Switzerland v China
Denmark v Brazil
Wales v Thailand
Australia v Hong Kong
Scotland v United States of America
Austria v Japan

Friday June 1 (7pm local time, 6pm BST)
First Round
New Zealand v Singapore
Greece v Finland
Northern Ireland v Poland
Hungary v South Africa
Belgium v Republic of Ireland
England v Czech Republic
Sweden v Germany
Netherlands v Gibraltar

Saturday June 2
Afternoon Session (1.30pm local time, 12.30pm BST)

Second Round
Wales/Thailand v Switzerland/China
Australia/Hong Kong v Russia/Spain
Austria/Japan v Italy/Canada
Scotland/USA v Denmark/Brazil

Evening Session (7pm local time, 6pm BST)
Second Round
Belgium/Republic of Ireland v Greece/Finland
England/Czech Republic v New Zealand/Singapore
Northern Ireland/Poland v Sweden/Germany
Netherlands/Gibraltar v Hungary/South Africa

Sunday June 3
Afternoon Session (1pm local time, 12pm BST)


Evening Session (7pm local time, 6pm BST)

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2018 PDCNB Pro Tour 6, Finland

PDCNB Pro Tour 6 at Hotel Tallukka, Finland

This page will show the results live as each match is updated

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2018 PDCNB European qualifier 10, Finland

PDCNB European qualifier 10 at Hotel Tallukka, Finland

This page will show the results live as each match is updated

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2018 PDCNB Pro Tour 5, Finland

PDCNB Pro Tour 5 at Hotel Tallukka, Finland

This page will show the results live as each match is updated

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Darius wins qualifiers

Darius Labanauskas is ranked on top of the PDC Nordic & Baltic Order of Merit and yesterday he showed that he aims to stay there. Darius wins both European Tour qualifiers 7 & 9. Darius will represent PDCNB in Gibraltar (8/6-10/6 2018) and Hamburg (29/6-1/7 2018).

In the first qualifier  he defeated Madars Razma 6-1 in the final and in the second it was Magnus Caris who found him self beaten 6-4 by Darius.

Today Darius will defend his lead on the PDCNB OoM.


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2018 PDCNB European qualifier 9, Finland

PDCNB European qualifier 9 at Hotel Tallukka, Finland

This page will show the results live as each match is updated

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