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Kim Viljanen

"Babyface" Finland
rank 3
n&b 16
pdc 0
challenge tour 0

  • Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
  • December 4 1981
  • Vantaa
  • 21g Cosmo
  • @ViljanenKim

Kim Viljanen is by far the most successful player on the PDC Nordic & Baltic Pro Tour. He has won no less than 16 events and has ended up as number one on the ranking three times.

Kim Viljanen won his first Pro Tour event on the SDC Tour in 2014, as he won one of the events in Denmark. After this he has won yet another 15 events on the SDC and PDCNB Pro Tour.

His best year was in 2017, when he won no less than seven of the ten events throughout the year. He is the only player, who was won more than two events in one season. In 2016 he also won more than two events, as he won three. At that time, there were only eight events throughout a season.

Yet another record that Kim Viljanen has on his resume, is the fact, that he is the only one, who has ended up as number one on the ranking more than once, as he has done it three times.

Kim Viljanen has also participated at the World Championships four times, and at the World Cup of Darts five times. Even though he has never reached the second round in Alexandre Palace, he has done so at the World Cup in 2018, when he teamed up with Marko Kantele on the Finnish team.

  • SDC Pro Tour 2015
    SDC Pro Tour 2016
    PDCNB Pro Tour 2017
  • SDC Denmark 2014, 2015 (x2), 2016
    SDC Russia 2015
    SDC Finland 2016
    SDC Sweden 2016
    PDCNB Latvia 2017 (x2)
    PDCNB Sweden 2017 (x2)
    PDCNB Finland 2017, 2020
    PDCNB Denmark 2017 (x2), 2018
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