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Andreas Harrysson

"Dirty Harrysson" Sweden
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n&b 1
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  • Black Rose - Volbeat
  • June 3 1975
  • Målilla
  • 21g One80 Sword Edge
  • didden75

Andreas Harrysson is among the best darts players in Sweden. He has been playing in the PDCNB tournaments since 2014.

In 2014 Andreas Harrysson made his PDCNB debut, as he participated in the 6th Pro Tour event that year. He managed to reach the quarter-finals at this event.

Besides 2015 he has participated in a handfull of Pro Tour events each year ever since and won his first ever Pro Tour in 2022 in Denmark.

In 2020 “Dirty Harrysson” managed to qualify for two events on the European Tour. Unfortunately covid-19 happened, which shortened the European Tour, meaning the Swede only participated in one event, as he reached the second round at the International Darts Open.

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