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Dennis Nilsson

"Ironman" Sweden
rank 0
n&b 2
pdc 0
challenge tour 1

  • Live is Life - Opus
  • March 21 1976
  • Vålberg
  • 24 g Superdarts Ironman

Other than being a former strongman, Dennis Nilsson is the only Swedish player who has ever won a Challenge Tour.

Dennis Nilsson’s first ever meeting with the PDC was in 2012, when he qualified for the World Championship. He lost 4-2 in the preliminary round against Haruki Muramatsu. Later that year he also represented Sweden alongside Magnus Caris at the World Cup of Darts.

It was not until 2014 he participated on the SDC Pro Tour and it was not until 2016 he participated in every event of the year.

In 2017 he won his first event on the PDCNB Pro Tour, as he won the first event in Norway.

He tried to secure himself a Tour Card in 2018 at Q-School, unfortunately without any luck. However, he did so good on the Challenge Tour throughout the year, that he managed to participate in a handful of Players Championship events. He also won the Challenge Tour 7 that year, and made a nine darter at the Challenge Tour 10.

In 2019 he once again won a PDCNB Pro Tour, as he won the second event in Denmark.

  • N/A
  • PDCNB Norway 2017
    PDCNB Denmark 2019
  • N/A
  • Challenge Tour 7 2018
  • 2018 beat Kevin Dowling 5-4 Challenge Tour 10