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Nov 03 2019 Madars Razma won the PDCNB Pro Tour overall

Madars Razma is the overall winner of the PDCNB Pro Tour after the weekend in Latvia. The weekend in Latvia has ended, and so there

Nov 01 2019 Statement about Dennis Nilsson

Dennis Nilsson will not participate this weekend in Riga. As some may have noticed, Dennis Nilsson is not participating this weekend in Riga. The Swede

Nov 01 2019 Last weekend at the PDCNB Pro Tour – Who will go to Ally Pally?

It is time for last two events on the PDC Nordic & Baltic Pro Tour this weekend in Riga. In less than an hour, the

Oct 17 2019 Remember to book your room at Hotel Bellevue for the last Pro Tour weekend

In about two weeks the last PDCNB Pro Tour weekend will be held. The Hotel Bellevue has reserved about 30 rooms for PDCNB players, but

Oct 15 2019 Darius Labanauskas concludes fantastic first year on the PDC Pro Tour

After the last two Players Championships, Darius Labanauskas has qualified for the World Championship and Players Championship Finals. The last two Players Championships were played

Oct 14 2019 Domination from Madars Razma and Darius Labanauskas in Finland

The two Pro Tour finals were settled between Madars Razma and Darius Labanauskas both times this weekend. The Pro Tour 7 was won by Darius

Oct 11 2019 Another weekend on the PDCNB Pro Tour

The Pro Tour 7 and Pro Tour 8 will be held this weekend in Finland. Another Pro Tour weekend will be held this weekend. As

Oct 07 2019 Madars Razma with good result at Players Championship

Madars Razma was the best player from the PDC Nordic & Baltic this weekend at Players Championship. Because of the World Grand Prix starting yesterday,

Sep 30 2019 Danish trio with mixed success on the Challenge Tour

Ivan Springborg, Niels Heinsøe and Niels-Jørgen Hansen all participated at the last for Challenge Tours this weekend. The Challenge Tour is complete. All twenty events

Sep 30 2019 Ratajski the first Polish player to win on the Euro Tour

Krzysztof Ratajski wrote himself into the history books when he won the Gibraltar Darts Trophy on Sunday. Never before has a polish player won on