World Cup of Darts

Due to yearly variations in PDCNB tournament schedules and individual country selection deadlines it has been decided, after consultation with the PDC, to implement a uniform annual cut-off date for all Nordic and Baltic countries with regards to World Cup of Darts player selection.

The annual Cut-off date has been set as the 30 th April.

The selection process used to determine which players will be invited to represent their country (if and when their country is chosen to be part of the tournament) is as follows:

  1.  Highest placed PDC Tour Card Holders* and/or PDPA associate Members** on PDC Order of Merit.
  2. Highest placed PDC Tour Card Holders* and/or PDPA associate Members** on PDC European Tour Order of Merit.
  3. Highest placed non PDPA members on PDC or PDC European Tour Order of Merit.
  4. Players with highest total amount of points accumulated from competing in at least 6 PDCNB & Euro Tour events combined during previous 12 months (1 st May – 30 th April),
    * Full PDPA Member
    ** Q-School entrants that did not achieve full tour status.

The selection process is built on preserving the integrity of the tournaments organised by the PDC and PDC Nordic & Baltic. Not only does it prioritise and reward players already committed to the PDC and PDPA, it also rewards players that have shown sustained commitment to the PDC Nordic & Baltic tour but as yet have not entered Q-School. The PDCNB tour is an excellent gateway to the world of professional Darts for all Scandinavian and Baltic players.