More prize money for the young lads at the Development Tour

Viktor Tingström was the main character from the PDC Nordic & Baltic region in the Development Tour 3. The young Swede won his first two matches and reached the round of the last 64. Unfortunately he ran into later quarter-finalist Ciaran Teehan and lost 4-0.
But still a really good result for Viktor, who, just like Anton Resell and Oskar Vagberg, is at the Development Tour for the very first time.

About being at the Development Tour for the first time, Viktor says:

It was great. It was a different kind of tournament and you noticed that already when you walked through the door.”

Making it to the last 64 is really pleasing. Making it that far with players of that caliber is something to be proud of,” Viktor Tingström concludes.

Anton Resell lost his first game 4-1, but Oskar Vagberg managed to win his first game, and then losing his second, even though he averaged acceptable 72,1.

Hampus Norrström won his first match, just as Oskar Vagberg. Unfortunately he had to go op against Bradley Brooks in the second round and lost 4-0.

The two Danes Nicolai Rasmussen and Daniel Jensen both did good in their games. Nicolai actually lost his first game, but he averaged 78,4. An average he did not reach yesterday.

Daniel Jensen did even better averaging 79,1 in his 4-0 victory in the first round. In the second round he lost 4-1, even though he averaged impressing 88,5.

The tournament was won by Ryan Meikle, who won the final by 5-2.

The second tournament of the day, Development Tour 4, was quite successful for the two Danes.

Daniel Jensen and Nicolai Rasmussen both reached the round of the last 64, and therefore they can add another £50 to the Order of Merit.

In the round of the last 128, Nicolai Rasmussen actually was up against Hampus Norrström and won that match by 4-3.

Viktor Tingström also started quite well, as he averaged 71,6 in the first match and won 4-0. Unfortunately his average fell a bit in the second round, resulting in a 4-1 defeat.

Oskar Vagberg also won his first game, but he met his superior in the second round, as Philipp Hagemann averaged impressing 85,9.

Unfortunately it just was not the day for Anton Resell, as he once again lost his first match. But he will undoubtedly come back stronger, as this was his first ever Development Tour weekend.

The tournament was won by Ted Evetts who averaged 90.10 troughout the entire tournament. This was the second tournament win for Ted Evetts this weekend.

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