Double up for Sweden at day one

Photo by: Mads Magnussen/PDC Nordic & Baltic

The first day of the weekend is done. It means Dennis Nilsson and Daniel Larsson will be up for European Tour.

Two qualifications for the European Tour were played today and they were won by Dennis Nilsson and Daniel Larsson.

Dennis Nilsson started the first tournament by winning against Jesper Skovgaard with the numbers 6-0. After that he won against Andreas Harrysson and Pauli Finnilä, before going up against Ivan Springborg in the final.

Ivan did bring himself up by 4-0 before Dennis won his first leg. Afterwards Ivan did not win a single leg, and therefore Dennis Nilsson won the final by 6-4.

That means Dennis Nilsson will be participating at Dutch Darts Masters in Zwolle.

Daniel Larsson won the secound qualifier, even though he played the tournament without his own darts. Due to a security-issue the personal at Kastrup Airport would not open in to the bagage because of the heavy wind. Therefore a group of Swedish players had to play without own darts, nor shirts.

Photo by: Mads Magnussen/PDC Nordic & Baltic

But that was obviously not a problem for Daniel Larsson, who started by beating Mindaugas Barauskas 6-2 in the first round. Then he won against Andreas Toft Jørgensen, before averaging impressive 102,9 in his victory against Jesper Skovgaard.

He then won against Niels Jørgen Hansen in the semi-final, before winning the final by 6-3 against Johan Engström with impressive 101,8 in average.

Photo by: Mads Magnussen/PDC Nordic & Baltic

Daniel Larsson will therefore be participating at Czech Darts Open in June.


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