Baltic dominance on the Pro Tour

Madars Razma and Darius Labanauskas won the two Pro Tour events this weekend.

The PDCNB Pro Tour visited Gothenburg this weekend, and as always, there were two Pro Tour events and three Europe Tour qualification events.

The first Pro Tour event was won by Madars Razma, who averaged 94,30 throughout the tournament. It all started very well for Madars, as he beat Andreas Toft Jørgensen by 6-2 in the first match. After that he managed to beat Andreas Harrysson, Edwin Torbjörnsson and Johan Engström before going up against Ulf Ceder in the final.
Madars then demolished Ulf Ceder, as he won 6-0 and averaged 92 gainst Ulf Ceder´s 86,80.

The second Pro Tour event was won by another Baltic player, as Darius Labanauskas managed to win all of his five matches. He started by beating Cor Dekker with the numbers 6-1, before going into an absolute thriller against Ricky Nauman. Even though Ricky Nauman was up by 3-0 and also averaged impressing 103,10, which was the highest average of the weekend, Darius still managed to win by 6-5. The Lithuanian then beat Oskar Lukasiak and Daniel Larsson, before beating Marko Kantele by 6-5 in the final.

The results of the two Pro Tour events also means, that the three Tour Card holders Darius Labanauskas, Madars Razma and Marko Kantele occupies the top three on the PDCNB Ranking, and even in the following order.

The three Europe Tour qualifications were won by three different players.

Thus Dennis Nilsson won the first qualification event of the weekend by beating Niels-Jørgen Hansen by 6-1 in the final.

Johan Engström won the second qualification, as he beat Dennis Nilsson by 6-2 in the final. And thus Johan Engström will be participating in his only second Europe Tour event.

The last qualification of the weekend was won by Kim Viljanen. The Finn impressed with an average of 100,4 in the final, in which he beat Pauli Finnilä by 6-2.

You can get a full overview below, and remember, that if you want to see more statistics from the weekend, you can check

  • Europe Tour qualification (ET 4) – Dennis Nilsson
  • Europe Tour qualification (ET 5) – Johan Engström
  • PDCNB Pro Tour 1 – Madars Razma
  • Europe Tour qualification (ET 6) – Kim Viljanen
  • PDCNB Pro Tour 2 – Darius Labanauskas
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