The season starts today in Sweden

The PDC Nordic & Baltic Pro Tour 2019 starts this weekend.

We are ready for the Pro Tour of 2019, and it all starts in Gothenburg Sweden. The first Pro Tour event will be held tomorrow, but first there will be two European qualification events today.

At Saturday there will be another qualification event after the Pro Tour Event.

At Sunday the last event of the weekend will be held, as we will see Pro Tour 2 take off.

ET 4  Friday 1/2, 16:00 Qualification for
26/4 – 28/4, Saarbrucken, Germany
 ET 5  Friday 1/2, 19:00* Qualification for
3/5 – 5/5, Graz, Austria
 PT 1  Saturday 2/2, 11:00 PDC Nordic & Baltic
Pro Tour 1
 ET 6  Saturday 2/2, 18:00* Qualification for
10/5 – 12/5 Sindelfingen, Germany
 PT 2  Sunday 3/2, 11:00 PDC Nordic & Baltic
Pro Tour 2

59 players have registered for the weekend, some will play all five events, and some will only play the two Pro Tour events.

Denmark is the country with most entries, as 22 Danes have registrered for the weekend. The most prominent name of the Danish players is Per Laursen, who ended as number 10 on the PDCNB ranking last season.

The Swedes will be almost as many as the Danes, as 21 Swedes have registrered for the weekend. Among the Swedes we find Daniel Larsson and Dennis Nilsson. But it is also worth to mention, that Magnus Caris has not registrered for the weekend.

The three PDC Tour Card holders Darius Labanauskas, Madars Razma and Marko Kantele is also ready for the weekend. Common for all three players are the fact, that they have only registrered for the two Pro Tour events.

Last weekend also saw six PDCNB-players participating on the Challenge Tour. Besides Dennis Nilsson, the five were Aegir Björnsson, Ivan Springborg, Mindaugas Barauskas, Niels Heinsøe, Niels J Hansen and Pauli Finnilä, and all of them have also registrered for this weekend.

Other interesting names for the weekend are Kim Viljanen, Cor Dekker, Ulf Ceder, Johan Engström and the Portuguese Icelander Vitor Charrua, who just won the Icelandic Premier League.

The battle about the two tickets for the World Championship 2020 starts this weekend. Game on!

Remember you can follow all the matches on Live Darts Iceland will also livestream from the events on our and their own facebook page.


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