Who will progress to the final?

Tonight, it is on for the semi-finals, where Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson take the headlines.

We are closer to the ending of the tournament. So it is on for the semi-finals tonight, where the biggest match is undoubtedly Michael van Gerwen against Gary Anderson.

However, before that match, the second semi-final must be settled and it stands between Michael Smith and Nathan Aspinall.

Since there are only these two matches on today’s program, it is thus only tonight the matches will be played.


Michael Smith v Nathan Aspinall
Neither Michael Smith nor Nathan Aspinall had the big difficulty in reaching this semi-final, as in yesterday’s matches they both won 5-1 against Luke Humphries and Brendan Dolan respectively. Nathan Aspinall impressed by averaging 99.72, which is also the highest average that he has ever made on television. Michael Smith, in turn, averaged ​​103 in his match against Luke Humphries.
The two players have met each other four times in their career, and here it has become 3 victories for Michael Smith. Nathan Aspinall’s one victory was back in 2016, during a Players Championship-event, in which he won by the numbers 6-5. It may be a difficult match for Aspinall tonight, but that has been said about most of his matches so far, and now he has reached the semi-final after all.
However, one thing is certain, and that is the fact that there will be an English player in the final.

Michael van Gerwen v Gary Anderson
The match, which almost everyone have been waiting for since the draw that decided, that the two would run into each other in the semi-final. Michael van Gerwen played yesterday against Ryan Joyce, where he did not have any trouble winning. He thus won 5-1, and at the same time he averaged 101,12, which means he still has not averaged below 100 in this tournament. Gary Anderson also averaged above 100 in yesterday’s match when, with an average of 103.03, he beat Dave Chisnall by 5-2. It was the first time Anderson averaged above 100 in this tournament, but it is after all two players who go into this match with great form.
Previously, they have met each other 56 times in their careers. Here, Michael van Gerwen is in the lead by 36-18, while two draws have been played. However, in the last two matches it has become a victory for each of them. Gary Anderson won 16-12 in the semi-final at the Grand Slam of Darts. In the semi-final at the Players Championship Finals, it was an 11-9 win for Gerwen. So it is impossible to know, what will happen in this match.

Both games will be played best by 11 sets. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the darts takes a break tomorrow, as it is New Year’s Eve. In return, the final is played the day after tomorrow.

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