Who will join Gary Anderson and MvG in the quarter-finals?

The fourth round ends today when six matches are to be settled.

The fourth round will end today so we can find out who will be joining Gary Anderson and Michael van Gerwen for the quarter-finals.

If we can expect equally great dramas today, as Gary Anderson once again gave us yesterday, is not to say, but there are some interesting matches in between.


Nathan Aspinall v Devon Petersen
This fourth round match, no one had predicted before the tournament started. Both players have far exceeded expectations, and one of them will perform even better, in that it will be a quarter-final for the winner. Nathan Aspinall’s level has only improved during the tournament, with his average rising by about four for each match. In those games, it has, among other things, become victories against Gerwyn Price and Kyle Anderson. Devon Petersen was not left many chances in his first game against Wayne Jones. He won that fight as we know, and since then he has also won against Ian White and Steve West. It is not at all to say who wins this match.

Benito van de Pas v Brendan Dolan
Brendan Dolan has had a somewhat difficult road to this fourth round than today’s opponent has. He has thus had to go up against Joe Cullen and Mervyn King along the way. Joe Cullen never hit the level, however, but Mervyn King made a vigorous attempt. Benito van de Pas won as late as yesterday against Toni Alcinas in a match where the level never became quite impressive. However, Benito van de Pas showed glimpses of the talent that he has not shown much of in recent years. He thus impressed with a 160-checkout, a 149-checkout and a 151-checkout along the way. The bookmakers have Brendan Dolan as their favorite, the question is then whether he can live up to this later today? At least he has shown fine level so far.

Ryan Joyce v James Wade
Ryan Joyce started the tournament by beating Anastasia Dobromyslova, then it became a victory against Simon Whitlock, and most recently it became a victory against Alan Norris. So it’s not some bad players he has beaten through the tournament. Today he is up against James Wade, who had a hard time against Keegan Brown, perhaps especially because the audience had turned against him. They will probably do that again today, but no matter how much the crowd are against Wade, he should be a better player than Ryan Joyce at any time. If Wade wins the match, he can look forward to a quarter-final against Michael van Gerwen.


Ryan Searle v Michael Smith
Ryan Searle was not predicted many chances for a place in the fourth round, but it has not stopped the Englishman, who has beaten Mensur Suljovic and William O’Connor, among others, to reach it. Today he will meet Michael Smith, who goes into this match with a solid performance in the back. He averaged just over 100 in yesterday’s victory against John Henderson. A level that Ryan Searle has not yet met in this tournament. It was only Mensur Suljovic who initially averaged ​​so high in the first set of their match. Ryan Searle and Michael Smith have never played against each other, but Michael Smith should have the upper hand as he should be a better player.

Jamie Lewis v Dave Chisnall
If there is something that both players have in common in this match, then it is the fact that they make many 180’s when they play. Jamie Lewis made, among other things, 12 when he beat Daryl Gurney by 4-3 in the previous round. Here, Dave Chisnall only made six. However, part of this can be attributed to the fact that he won 4-0 against Kim Huybrechts, a somewhat shorter match. The two players have previously met each other six times, and here it has become victories for Dave Chisnall every time. However, it is far from certain that this will be the case today, because Jamie Lewis has played really well so far in this tournament. This fight could easily become one of the high-dramatic.

Rob Cross v Luke Humphries
Luke Humphries hardly gave Dimitri van den Bergh a chance when he yesterday beat the Belgian by 4-1. However, the match was not played with the highest averages, so if Luke Humphries is to make a similar performance today, he probably needs to rise the average a bit. Rob Cross has not yet played with an average below 100 in this tournament. Most recently Cristo Reyes felt it, when Rob Cross won by 4-0. Rob Cross looks like the big favorite for this match, but Luke Humphries may be able to tease the defending world champion if he can find the level from the match against Stephen Bunting.

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