James Wade is the new European champion









The European Championship has reached its end of this year, but the final never became that much of a firework.

James Wade is the new European Championship champion. Thus, James Wade has won his first Major since 2014.

The road to the final was secured by beating Gerwyn Price by 10-9 in the quarter-finals and by winning 11-10 in the semi-finals against Max Hopp.

In the final, he beat Simon Whitlock, who had won 10-7 in the quarter-finals against Steve West, followed up by a victory against Joe Cullen by 11-10 in the semi-final.

However, the final was never quite the final that most had hoped for. James Wade who won, played with an average of just over 91, whereas Simon Whitlock played with an average just under 89.

Simon Whitlock had a nice start to the game and without the big problems, the Australian was ahead by 3-1. Then James Wade came in front by 4-3 before Whitlcok would win a leg again. Then the two followed each other, and we had to go to the eighteenth leg before Wade broke Whitlock and came in front by 10-8. Then there was not much left in Whitlock and therefore Wade could secure victory and the 100,000 pounds without the hassle.

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