Gerwyn Price is the International Darts Open champion

Gerwyn Price has won his first title ever on the European Tour.

There were probably not many who had Gerwyn Price as winner of this year’s International Darts Open, but he has done it.

Gerwyn Price has had a terrible 2018 so far, but this evening have changed that.

The Welsh started the day by beating Daryl Gurney by 6-5. Price came easy ahead by 5-1, but Gurney nevertheless got up 5-5 before Price could pull out of the match with the victory.

In the quarterfinal he beat Ryan Searle, who had otherwise played a good tournament until then. In the semifinal there was again a need for the final and crucial leg when Price won 7-6 against Steve West.

In the final, Price then faced Simon Whitlock. Before the match, the position was 6-3 in Whitlock’s favor, compared to mutual matches, but obviously not something that Gerwyn Price had in mind.

The Australian did not get many chances in the final, as Gerwyn Price won 8-3.

It was otherwise a fairly close start to the game, where Whitlock even came in front by 3-2, but then Gerwyn Price won 6 legs in a row and hence he could be called the International Darts Open 2018 winner.

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