Ian White won Dutch Darts Championship

Last night, the winner of the Dutch Darts Championship was found and it became Ian White.

It is rare for people to shoot at Ian White when they are to make their bid for a tournament winner. Nevertheless, it was the experienced English who won the Dutch Darts Championship yesterday.

Ian White started the day in great style when he scored just over 99 average against Mervyn King and won by 6-2. In the quarterfinals it went even better, where it became a 6-1 win over Adrian Lewis.

In the semifinal, White was up against Peter Wright, who quickly put himself ahead by 3-0. That did not beat White, and with great play, White fought back in the match and eventually he could go from there with a win by 7-4.

In the final, White stood opposite the young Ricky Evans, who had played a nice tournament until then. However, the final was not as high a level as the rest of the day, in fact White played with the lowest average he had played throughout the day.

However, there was never the great doubt about the outcome. The only time Evans was in front, was when he brought himself up by 2-1. White ended up winning the match by 8-5 and could therefore call himself the winner of the Dutch Darts Championship 2018.

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