Danish Darts Open was a great succes

People have been very pleased about the Danish Darts Open.

It has now been a little more than a week since we were allowed to see the big stars on the Danish stage. Now it’s time to sum it all up and people have almost only positive things to say about the event.

“It was a really good event, especially when you know it was the first time Denmark held a PDC-event,” says Jannie Andersen, who was a spectator at the event.

Nicolai Lolk Hansen was also on the floor and agrees with Jannie Andersen.

“It was way beyond expectation. I have been in Danish darts for over 20 years and I feared that it would be a tame atmosphere of a party. I feared, that we could not hit the level we see on the television, but It was well done to shame. Fantastic experience, “says Nicolai Lolk Hansen.

Both, however, agreed that the prices for beer and the like could have been a bit lower, but they are also aware that such an event need money to run around. For Jannie Andersen, the selection was too small as she did not drink beer or wine. She missed a cider or something similar. However, they agreed that it was child diseases, which will always appear when something is being held for the first time.

“I also think it was a bit bad that people who had bought tickets to the stands were allowed to come down to the floor on Friday, as there was not sold that much floor-places. When prices are different, I think it’s bad, but it’s more principle, it did not spoil the experience, “says Jannie Andersen.

New dart players

Many of the spectators were not dart players, therefore, it was very new to many, but people have been very excited and more may have wanted to play themselves.

“It was way above what you would expect on Danish grounds, I think. It was world class, both the level of the players and the whole event. I had some friends in there who had never played darts before and they have started to buy darts now, “says Nicolai Lolk Hansen.

Jannie Andersen and Nicolai Lolk Hansen are also not in doubt, they will come back when the event lands in Denmark again.

“It was not the last time that I came to this event,” says Jannie Andersen.

“I will definitely come again. As soon as there are tickets for sale, I’m there,” says Nicolai Lolk Hansen.

Good experience for stewards

A group of Danes had made themselves available as stewards during the tournament. One of them was Karina Østergaard Bille.

Karina Østergaard Bille was very positive about the experience.

“I stood by the stage, out at the back where all the sound and music were. There I had to make sure people did not come in. There were of course also guards, but we had to keep an eye and report to the guards if we discovered some, who made trouble, “says Karina Østergaard Bille.

“You could still watch some of the darts, even though you had to keep an eye on the spectators. It was a really hard job, because your back was hurting, your legs and feet were sore, after standing up for so many hours, but at the same time it was an experience, “continues Karina Østergaard Bille.

Karina was very pleased with the cooperation that existed between the German organizers and the Danish volunteers. In fact, the cooperation was so good that Jannie Andersen had noticed it and that only improved the experience.

The son came on stage

On Saturday, Karina Østergaard Bille had no duties as a steward, and therefore, with her husband and son, she had bought tickets for the event.

Before each session throughout the weekend, there was a rehearsal in which a spectator was allowed to go on stage together with the beautiful walk-on girls. Before one session on Saturday, it was Jonas, son of Karina, who got the opportunity when Jann Hoffmann had asked if Jonas would be interested and he was more than ready.

“It was a huge experience for Jonas and I think the other juniors he knows, they were totally jealous that it was not them who got up there”, says Karina Østergaard Bille.

In the evening they saw Michael van Gerwen play his first match during the event, and here Jonas got another good experience.

“Michael van Gerwen saw Jonas among the spectators and told one of the others, that Jonas should have his flights because he had been on stage earlier,” says Karina.

So all in all, it must be concluded that this tournament was given the best possible birth and people are excited about whether the tournament again hits Denmark in the near future.

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