The secret formula of the draw yesterday

If you have ever wondered about the draw, then you have to read this.

Yesterday the PDCNB-players had the chance to qualify for the Danish Darts Open. Before it all took off yesterday, we had to make the draw and here you can see how it is done.

First we have a list with all the players, they have been given a number. In this case they were set up alphabetical.

Then we have three pieces of paper and on them, we have all the numbers in three different orders. One of them is picked out and then we have the order. The numbers on the three different papers, is being choosed by a website called

So let’s say, that the first four numbers on the paper is 4, 25, 17 and 32. Then number 4 will play against number 25 in the first match and 17 will play against number 32.

So there you have it. It is as simple as that.

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