Gary Anderson finally won the UK Open

Gary Anderson is the new UK Open champion, for the first time ever.

Before the UK Open of 2018, Gary Anderson had never won it. That did change yesterday evening, when he beat Corey Cadby 11-7.

“It’s fantastic for me,” said Anderson to ITV Sports. “I’ve come here to win the tournament and managed to do it, and it’s great.

“I played well on Friday and Saturday and I was very happy with my game but I struggled in the last three games. My scoring wasn’t there but my doubles went in when I needed them to.

“In the last three games I’ve been lucky – it’s been a struggle. Corey is good and I’ve got a lot of time for him, he’s a class act.

“I knew exactly what to expect and he’s going to be about for a long, long time. It’s getting harder every year with all the youngsters coming through and they’ll take it in their stride.”

The reporter from ITV Sports also asked Gary Anderson about if Gary actually considered retirement. Then Gary gave quite a mysterious answer, but let’s hope we will see a lot to him over the next couple of years.

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