Month: March 2017

World Cup of Darts

Every year PDC invites countries to participate with a team in Betway World Cup of Darts. In 2017 the event will be held in Frankfurt, Germany from 1/6 to 4/6 2017. In cooperation with PDC the following teams will be

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Unstoppable mr. Viljanen

PDC Nordic & Baltic Pro Tour At the events in Gothenburg, Kim Viljanen once again establish himself as a top-class player and, leaves no doubt that he is currently the best player in the PDCNB Pro Tour. Viljanen shows no mercy winning

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Pro Tour 4, Gothenburg

PDC Nordic & Baltic Pro tour 4 PRELIM ROUND Matss Naversjò – Lennart Efraimsson 1-6 Aegir Bjornsson – Pasi Hyttinen 6-0 Flemming Mogensen – Joe Noven 6-3 Niels Heinsøe – Carl H. Hansen 6-4 Daniel Jensen – Birgit Juhola 6-0

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ET 6 qualification

Euroepan Qualification 6 – 9-11 June, Inselparkhalle, Hamburg Germany PRELIM ROUND Lennart Efraimsson – Per Laursen Madars Razma – Mika Wennersten 6-1 Mats Naversjò – Hallgrimur Egillsson 6-5 Robert Wagner – Kenneth Ljungars 6-2 Veijo Viinikka – Niels Heinsøe 6-1

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Pro Tour 3, Gothenburg

PDC Nordic & Baltic Pro-Tour 3 PRELIM ROUND Daniel Jensen – Atle Berger 6-2 Flemming Mogensen – Andreas Harryson 2-6 Bjòrn Isaksson – Robert Wagner 4-6 Patrick Kask – Michael Lindstròm 0-6 Ricky Nauman – J.P. Sjògren 6-2 Søren Hedegaard

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ET 5 qualification

Euroepan Qualification 5 – 12-14 Maj, Victoria Stadium, Gibraltar PRELIM Ulf Ceder – Aegir Bjornsson 6-1 Janne Hermansson – Vitor Charrua 6-1 Richard Johansson – Roland Lenngren 0-6 Robert Wagner – Per Laursen 6-3 Hampus Norrstròm – Andreas Harryson 3-6

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ET 4 qualification

Euroepan Qualification 4 – 5-7 Maj – Glasplast, Sindelfingen Germany PRELIM ROUND Janne Hermansson – Niels Heinsøe 5-6 Veijo Viinikka – Michael Oscarsson 6-3 Lennart Efraimsson – Daniel Jensen 3-6 ROUND 1 Kim Viljanen – Kenneth Ljungars 6-1 Pasi Hyttinen

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2017 Pro Tour Oslo

Registration By entering the events players comply with the tournament rules Entry deadline wednesday 17/5 2017 See registration page for information Schedule This weekend will hold the following events: Europe Tour qualification (ET 7) Europe Tour qualification (ET 8) PDCNB Pro

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First visit to Norway

PDC Nordic & Baltic have made an agreement with Comfort Hotel Runway in Gardermoen, Oslo for the first PDCNB event in Norway. The original dates has been moved one week. The new dates will be May 19th to May 21st 2017.

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