Changes in Scandinavia

Expanding terrority & name change

During the last months of 2016 a negotiation with PDC on how to evolve darts across the Scandinavian terrorties we have decided to start 2017 with a name change. Scandinavian Darts Corporation will change name to




Professional Darts Corporation Nordic & Baltic (PDCNB)

At the same time we change our website – the new website can be found on
The change of name is to signal a tight coherence with Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) and to expand the territory to cover the Baltic countries. This is done as a natural in our common interest in offering professional dart at a global level.

PDCNB Pro Tour 2017

From 2017 there will be additional 2 events in the PDCNB Pro Tour giving a total of 10 events in 5 weekends and at the same time the prize pool is increased with 10.000 € to a total of 50.000 €. The extra two events will be held on 26/5 – 28/5. Venue and country to be announced. Participation in all PDCNB events is restricted to passport holders or residents (min. 2 years) in one of the following countries: Denmark, Faeroe Islands, Estonia, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

The two players ranking at the PDCNB Order of Merit after all 10 events will receive invitation to PDC World Darts Championship preliminary round and the top five players will receive free Q-School.

Europa Tour

Starting 2017 the PDCNB players will be able to qualify for PDC Europe Tour events. Combined with the PDCNB Pro Tour events there will be qualification tournaments – one for each of the twelve Europa Tour events. The winners of these tournaments will then be able to play against the best players in Europe giving them an opportunity to raise the level of their game. Each Europe Tour event has a prize pool of more than 100.000 £.

We are planning for a Europe Tour event in Copenhagen in 2018 – more information about this will come medio 2017.

Happy New Year

Michael Frydendahl

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